Lukashenko Says Won’t Get Vaccinated Until There Is a Belarusian Vaccine

Has imported PutinVax but not for his consumption


Lukashenko had the infection in summer of 2020 so how he would benefit from an injection is a mystery indeed

MINSK, 20 October (BelTA) – I am ready to get vaccinated, but with the Belarusian vaccine, Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko said as he talked to employees of Minsk Oblast Clinical Hospital on 20 October, BelTA has learned.

The president said that Russian President Vladimir Putin was vaccinated with Sputnik V, while U.S. President Joe Biden got Pfizer vaccine.

“We agreed with Dmitry Pinevich that as soon as the Belarusian vaccine is ready, we will get jabbed. So, please, work on our vaccine. I am ready to get vaccinated, but only with our product, only with the Belarusian vaccine,” said Aleksandr Lukashenko.

The president added that the percentage of vaccinated people among severe COVID-19 patients in hospitals is very small. “We can see that vaccinated people are less likely to get infected, and even if they do catch COVID, they recover fast. This is a clinically confirmed fact,” said the head of state.

Source: Belta

  1. guest says

    >>> ” So, please, work on our vaccine.”

    A vaccine (is it really a vaccine, or a GMO agent ?) made in White Russia, against what ?

    >>>”clinically confirmed fact”
    Oh really ?!? everywhere else observation indicates the opposite

  2. Dale says

    Even the mighty Lukashenko bends over.

  3. RadioFan says

    “This is a clinically confirmed fact” is a commonly-asserted position. What is conveniently ignored/omitted is the data from a clinical trial/study of a longer term. For example, does it invite chronic diseases like asthma and eczema?

  4. Republic of Pineland says

    I would rather simply sign a waiver, get re-exposed to Covid in a clinical test environment, demonstrate at my risk that I am immune – and tell everyone else from that point on that they can do whatever they want, but I am not playing along with anymore of these games.

    The one cohort that appears to me to be missing from ALL of the vax testing ops are those of us who did not take any vax or other chemical treatments, but have recovered naturally.

    Anyone who wants to hide in the basement like Basement Biden the CFR/Rockefeller puppet, and put on decorative ceremonial masks for a few minutes as they walk up to some podium to give a dementia-ridden lecture to healthy people, can continue to ‘live action role play’ a pandemic for as long as they wish..

    People who are not willing to put themselves in harms way (the Afghan airforce turning US aircraft into uparmored Uber’s to fly to safety in Turkmenistan, for instance) do not deserve either freedom or safety, because they expect others to provide it to them.

    I am long since recovered and immune. I will walk into an exposure chamber willingly, flip traitors like Fauci/Rockefeller Foundation the bird on the way in, and claim my rights as a free human being.

    Instead of selecting which deleterious vax is preferable, lets identify anyone with direct linkage to Rockefeller / CFR and make certain that they are not allowed to direct public policy across nation states, because the later is what is causing out problems and merely dickering over vax choice is a win for the plots of these devious global schemers.

  5. Jerry Hood says

    There is no vaccine against this yiddish bioweapon! And the Mengele ” vaccines” from Pfizer+ Moderna+J&J , etc., is depopulation bioweapon for the stupid= dumbed down, Western goyim populace who are going like sheep to slaughter house!!!

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