Lukashenko Says Will Gladly Cut Gas to Europeans If Shenanigans Continue, Putin Lookin’ Kinda Sweaty!

Putin promises the EU he wouldn't dream of doing any of the manly stuff Luka is

“We should not stop at anything when defending our sovereignty and independence.”

Russian president Vladimir Putin on Saturday expressed disapproval of a threat by Belarus’ leader to cut off Russian gas supplies to the European Union.

“He can, I guess, it’s no good, though, and I’ll talk to him about it … in case he just said it out of anger,” Putin told Russian TV channel Rossiya 1 in response to Alexander Lukashenko’s threat to turn off the gas taps.

“This would be a violation of our transit contract and I hope it will not come to that,” Putin said, referring to agreements governing the flow of Russian gas along pipelines running through Belarus. Cutting off the gas “would not contribute to the development of our relations with Belarus as a transit country,” he warned.

The Russian president also claimed not to have heard Lukashenko’s gas threat which was relayed on Thursday by Belarussian state media. Lukashenko made the threat as the EU considered more sanctions on his regime in response to the migrant crisis on the Belarus-Poland border.

“To be honest, this is the first time I’ve heard about it, because I’ve talked to Alexander Grigorievich [Lukashenko] twice recently, and he has never told me about it, never even hinted at it,” Putin said.

On Friday, Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov said Russia will respect its gas contracts with Europe. “Russia has been, is and will remain a country that fulfills all obligations to provide European consumers with gas,” Peskov said, according to Deutsche Welle.

Putin blamed the EU for the crisis which has stranded thousands of migrants on the border between Belarus and Poland. “We should not forget where these migrant-related crises came from. Is Belarus the reason for these problems? No, the reasons were created by the Western countries, the European countries themselves,” he claimed in the Rossiya 1 interview.

“Russia has absolutely nothing to do with it,” Putin added.

He also denied Belarussian and Russian airlines’ involvement in flying migrants from the Middle East to Belarus.

“Our aviation companies do not carry these people. None of our companies transport them. By the way, Belavia, as [Lukashenko] told me, does not carry them, either. They book charters,” Putin said. Belarus’ state-owned airline Belavia is expected to be targeted next week in new sanctions under consideration by EU countries.

Source: Politico

Lukashenko to his ministers last week:

“They have started to intimidate us with the fifth package. With regard to this fifth package, the prime minister has been instructed to think of retaliatory measures.

Poland is threatening us with the border closure. They are welcome to do it. The fewer opposition-minded people will go there. But the point is not about that.

I have just heard what these brainless people have been babbling about. They are contemplating the closure of transit through Belarus. But it will not go through Ukraine as the Russian border is closed there. There are no routes through the Baltic states. But if it is us who will close it for Poles and, for example, Germans, what will happen then? We should not stop at anything when defending our sovereignty and independence.”

We provide heat to Europe, and they are threatening us with the border closure. What if we block natural gas transit? Therefore, I would recommend the leadership of Poland, Lithuanians and other brainless folk to think hard before opening mouth. But it is up to them. They are welcome to close the border.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs should warn everyone in Europe that if they impose additional sanctions, ‘indigestible’ and ‘unacceptable’ for us, we will hit back. We agreed with you six months ago on the way we would do it.”

  1. Chacko Kurian says

    Behind the scenes-Putin and the bankers drinking a toast to each other (Animal Farm).

  2. Jerry Hood says

    2025 the zionazis of the corrupted & degenerated West will provoke WW3= hard and settled date by the zionazi Globalist snakes..Next year, the zionazis will produce Holodomor= STARVATION!! Get ready for it! We are at the END TIMES and in 2033 is here Novus Ordo Seclorum!!!

    1. Raptar Driver says

      The Word will come soon and people like you will go into the lake of fire.
      Good times ahead.

  3. CindyElizondo says


    1. ken says


  4. guest says

    The sub-human Luca Shenko and his 15 minutes of fame. He needs to be gangraped by cultural enhancements to regain some brain function.

  5. ken says

    “Lukashenko made the threat as the EU considered more sanctions on his regime in response to the migrant crisis on the Belarus-Poland border.”

    Dontcha love it! Austria has locked down its unvaxxed miscreants,,, EU has kicked out legislators, Putin’s Russia has locked down the elders and beating the crap out of grannies for the crime of taking a trolley,,, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and certain states in the land of the free are out nazi-ing 1930s Germany but Lukashenko is a dictator and the government a regime.

    Lukashenko has not imposed any of the Wests (Schwabs, Gates and WEF) fascist Nazism upon his countrymen. Lukashenko is trying to keep Belarus as Belarus,,, not a conglomeration of woke, demented, Godless creeps

    Actually Nazism is too light of a term for what the West is doing. And as a topper, the West is doing everything possible to start wars and their dumbshit citizens are lining up for the slaughter. I can’t think of a more deserving group.

    In my 70+ years on this rock I have never,,, ever,,, witnessed hypocrisy at this level. It’s actually pegging out and bending the needles.

    Looks like we really are going to let creeps like this take over!

    1. GrossMisconduct says

      Well said sir!

  6. nnn says

    Cut gas to these EU bastards, let them freeze to death, Putin govno

  7. Mr Reynard says

    Tried to find one picture like above, but with Lukashenko ??
    No luck up to now ??

    1. Martillo says

      Ras Putin owned by the khazar mobsters from day one. What a hell of an actor obviously. Shame really.

      It’s a big club and they are ALL in it.

  8. Martillo says

    The EUSSR aka Natostan, the open seething sewer running through Urupp needs to be bitch slapped and Lukashenko is the man to do it now that it is painfully apparent that 7 dimensional che$$ player Ras Putin is nothing more than an NWO owned Russian pawn who had most of us fooled with his Syria gig at least until it became obvious that he was beholden to the khazar mobsters in apartheid, occupied Palestine.

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