Lukashenko: Russia May Return Its Missiles, I’ve Kept All the Nuclear Sites Intact — VIDEO

Says he defied US, Russian pressure to keep the sites intact. Will offer them to Russia if the US brings intermediate-range nukes to Poland

Lukashenko says if the US follows up its nuclear shield missiles in Poland with intermediate-range nuke missiles then Russia is welcome to bring back its own nukes to Belarus:

But here’s the bonus. Lukashenko says he defied Clinton and Yeltsin to keep the former nuclear sites that Russia evacuated intact:

The funniest part comes when he says he blew up one installation so he could claim that he did it. He is talking about sites for intercontinental Topol missiles.

Is he playing bad cop to Putin’s soft-spoken cop at a time when Russia is getting serious with NATO? Maybe. Or maybe it’s not even an act.

  1. Mark says

    A return to the Cold War! Brilliant! American military-industrial contractors will be coming in their pants. Especially with the Biden administration running the show; Biden’s grasp of finance seems to be when you need more money, just print it.

    Lukashenko is trying to make a broad conciliatory gesture to thank Putin for having Belarus’s back even while he was being an A-hole. But seriously, this is a really bad idea. The drawdown of nuclear weapons around the world, achieved by the START agreements, will never happen again if a buildup is restarted; the hawks underestimated the strength of public anti-nuke resolve, and it’s a mistake they would not make a second time. If there is once again broad basing of nuclear weapons around the world, they will be there to stay and an increase in numbers and locations means an increase in the likelihood they will be used.

    We are getting into the endgame for the American empire. Things seem to be drifting toward digital currencies, and Washington cannot allow that to happen until it is in a position to dominate and rule; the hitch there is that anybody who is really good with a computer can create digital wealth, and at least half the people in the world who are good with computers are criminals. The USA is getting itself into a position where the only country with more ludicrous levels of debt versus GDP is Japan, and if things stay the way they are the USA cannot afford to fund military dominance, not even by proxy states. So things cannot stay the way they are. Nobody really has a serious plan for the future, but Washington is trying on a series of distractions while it thinks of a way it can emerge on top. The chances of a rational outcome are greatly reduced by the fact that American policymakers have no idea what they would be confronting in taking on a Sino-Russian alliance. And that’s what it would be. China knows very well that it will be next if the USA decides to take on Russia. Personally I do not think NATO could beat the Russian Federation by itself; it has no chance at all of defeating Russia and China together. The question is how much of the world would be left.

  2. Helga Weber says

    What comes to my mind is, if Irak or Libya had had nuclear weapons, there would have been no invasion.

  3. guest says

    Luka Shenko the subhuman and his relatives must be gang-raped by coloured invaders whom he brought in to infest Europe.

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