“Lukashenko Must Go” — Florida Narcissist Confuses Eastern Europe for His Coloring Book

Who must go?

I think it is very important that the extreme flimsiness of the arguments the Bird-Man rolls out in support of his demand that “Lukashenko must go” does not distract us from the sheer temerity, the chutzpah, and the narcissism of what is going on here.

Imagine that I wrote an article demanding the President of — let’s say — Mauretania “has to go”. What would be your reaction? Would it be to exclaim that I have finally gone insane?

What standing exactly do I have to demand the leader of this or that country that I don’t live in, be regime-changed?

None, whatsoever.

Now, I can write an analysis pointing out the negative aspects of, for example, MBS’s rule in Saudi Arabia. I can even conclude by saying that if someone (preferably his people) toppled him, that — depending on who they replaced him with — they would probably be doing the world and the Peninsula Arabs a favor. This is appropriate, and after all, a matter of subjective opinion. But to move on from this to the state of mind where you’re demanding that this or that foreign leader “must go” — what kind of a megalomaniac God complex is that?? Just how narcissist do you have to be to imagine whether a foreign leader deserves to stay or must be toppled properly hinges on the Great Arbiter—yourself?

It’s absolutely hilarious how this narcissist justifies his regime-change fatwa by referencing…his own feelings:

I have to repeat myself: I have exactly *zero* trust in Lukashenko who, in my opinion, cares only about himself and remaining in power.

But irrespective of how stupid EU politicians are, Belarus is in no condition to take on the entire EU by itself, so at the end of the day, it is Russia that will have to bail Belarus out (yet again!).  Personally, I find that unacceptable.

Who gives a flying fuck who you have “trust in” and what you “find unacceptable”? Who the fuck are you? Since when does the legitimacy of a Belarus president rest on the feelings of a Florida blogger?

Is this some new political system you have invented? One where whether a leader gets to stay or “must go” is determined solely by………how Saker feels about them on any given day.

Lukashenko can forget about maintaining effective support in Belarus, just give him the Bird-Man’s phone number so he can check in daily with Florida to see if he’s still legitimate and allowed to stay.

What we’re seeing here is Saker now fully embracing the narcissism and the God complex of his erstwhile liberal interventionist antagonists (now allies of convenience in Belarus).

They too imagine themselves the rightful arbiters of which foreign leaders get to stay and which “must go”. And they too issue their rulings based on…their feelings.

The liberal bombardiers like to issue their regime-change fatwas based on the feeling of pity. They like to come up with fantasizes of baby seals being clubbed by Nazis and then assign one side the baby seal role, and bomb and regime-change the other side. This makes them feel like big heroes who just liberated Auschwitz without having left their couch.

Saker’s source of aggravation against Lukashenko meanwhile is, shall we say, ‘unknown’. I say unknown because the case the Bird-Man lays out against the leader of the White Rus is — as will be shown — so incredibly retarded that it is very difficult to take it as being in good faith at all.

Somebody tell this clown Eastern Europe isn’t his coloring book. Toppling and raising up its leaders is not his job. Or his prerogative.

A permanent mini-exhibition in Lukashenko’s palace, or “better men have tried”
  1. Raptar Driver says

    Saker the CIA dis-info agent is just doing his job, give the poor guy a break?

  2. JSS says

    If Lukashenko just wanted power for powers sake he would have sold out Belarus to globohomo a long time ago.

  3. guest says

    Sub-human garbage, Luca Shenko, the enemy of humans, should be taken to Russia and treated with Sputnik V every week.

    1. Edward Slavsquat says

      Is this satire? because I lol’d pretty hard.

    2. JSS says

      Agreed, Lukashenko is no different than Assad and Hitler in that he is guilty of murdering his own people. There is no difference between killing your own people with chemical weapons like Assad and killing with science and Covid denial like Lukashenko. We have all seen the heartbreaking images of refugees trying to escape the anti QR code and anti coercive vaccination authoritarianism in Belarus. Hopefully Saker gets his wish and Russia doesn’t bale out Lukashenko like they have Assad. The Belarussian people have suffered enough with the overwhelmed health care system and overflowing hospitals, they deserve common sense protective measures like the concentration camps in Australia.

      1. Edward Slavsquat says

        This is a masterpiece.

        1. Mr Reynard says

          Yupp.. Nearly fell from my chair laughing, reading the above hasbara’s comment …..

      2. edwardi says

        wow. you are scary. only cia stooges think like that. your nonsense. you are like 180* wrong on every thought. that’s not by accident. that is cultivated. if it butters your bread, to heck with the rest of it ? heh ?

        1. Edward Slavsquat says

          he’s joking. the guy he is replying to though… pity him.

      3. Martillo says

        Please keep “boosting” that covaid$ “elixir until it works. Thank you for your $acrifice. You are truly an inspiration to the intellectually challenged already happily dying for their livestock owners.

      4. Pat says

        The Syrian government are not killing there own people – please wake up to reality !

    3. Adam says

      Guest, go and get a Fucking Life , preferably your own.Take a look in the mirror, you may just realise who the Sub -human is.

  4. Adam says

    A fascinating article/commentary. Someone obviously does not like the Lukashenka style mustache. Who the fuck is the Saker? Who ever this is he is obviously concealing his identity behind that “Saker COVID Mask” or two he is wearing.

    1. Maiasta says

      A Russian-American living in Florida, who does sometimes useful geopolitical analysis, but who is way too ideological to grasp some really obvious things (like Covid fascism, for example) :


      1. Salvatore says

        I don’t understand your point much here. What exactly do you want to express?
        bubble shooter

        1. Maiasta says

          I wasn’t making a point. I was answering Adam, who didn’t know who the Saker was.

  5. Martillo says

    That embarrassing, limited hangout and shill, the so-called Saker…the clipped vulture that imagines it’s an Eagle (bald USSAN of course) is about as credible as Edward Snowjob. As for Moonies in Alabamy…don’t get me started.

    stupid bird tricks


  6. Marcus says

    Send CIA/USAID agents to Belarus.

  7. John says

    Saker used to post well argued thoughts on his website but unfortunately he has shown over the last two years that he couldn’t stand being contradicted and lacked a critical quality, that of being able to listen to what other people have to say. It became apparent with the covid scam for which he fell and showed himself incapable of merely listining to the arguments, resorting to insulting his readers with a different opinion.
    Now he is taking on the brave President of Belarus, no doubt due at least partly, consciously or unconsciously, to the latter stand on the covid saga. This man is blinded by prejudice and the mistaken belief that he is knowledgeable.
    In his latest prose commenting the US led “summit of democraties” to be held next week, he managed to insult the whole leadership of the countries of Africa. As to the people of Africa, he sees them as ready to sell themselves to whoever will offer them a few crumps…
    This guy is now beyond the pale.

  8. Frodo says

    Thank you for the indication. From now on Bird-Man’s blog (now in Iceland!) will not be of any interest to me. Russia has to get rid of the ‘cinquième colonne’, especially those living in Florida.

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