Lukashenko: “Honestly Speaking, I Didn’t Expect the Operation to Drag On Like This”

Luka not in awe of the "special military operation"

Here is one intellectually honest person who hasn’t shifted his goalposts. Luka says this isn’t what he expected (probably because this isn’t what was sold to him).

“Honestly speaking, I didn’t expect the operation to drag on like this. But I am that not immersed in this problem to be able to say whether everything is proceeding according to plan, like the Russians say — or, the way I feel. I want to stress one more time, I feel like this operation is taking too long.” 

“Russia can not lose this war. We must proceed on this basis.”


“We are seeing it now: the United States of America wants to seize the moment – by linking with its allies to drown Russia in war in Ukraine. This is their goal: to deal with Russia, then with China.”

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  1. guest says

    What the Nazis in Russia want :
    “Dear Vladimir Vladimirovich, please decide, are we fighting a war or are we masturbating ?”
    “In short, the military now demands all-out war, including mobilization.”

    The only in-it-for-the-money crowd wants something different:

    Nurse Rached (Valentina Matvienko) and the siloviki enforcers

    “Due to the sanctions, Russia has a surplus of gold. You can only take $10,000 per person in cash out of the country, but you can take up to $70,000 worth of gold. So they buy gold bars and fly them to the Emirates. There a market of financial services is being developed to help clients avoid both the Russian Central Bank and Western sanctions.”

    “he found out that the millions he had invested were gone. Right now, they are completely gone. Maybe in time, they will give back 40% of what he invested, or maybe they won’t. And there are more than 7 million people like Kirill in the country, Putin’s middle and upper class.”

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