Lukashenko Forbids Publicly-Funded Hospitals From Ending Non-COVID Treatmens and Procedures

There will be no TikTok holidays while pensioners and cancer patients go unattended in Luka's Belarus

Russian regions are starting to make proclamations they are ending “routine” (which actually means ELECTIVE) medical care for anything not Covid. Kaliningrad and Mari El were the first, back in mid-October:

Routine treatment of patients has been stopped in Mari El, since all beds have been given to patients with COVID-19, said the head of the republic, Alexander Evstifeev.

“There are no more beds in the republic. We stopped planned treatment and gave all beds to coronavirus patients. We have nowhere else to expand. If we do not stop this trouble, we will have to be hospitalized in the corridors,” Yevstifeev said at a meeting of the regional headquarters on Tuesday.

Since the beginning of October, more than 60 cases of COVID-19 have been detected in Mari El every day. [The region has 650,000 inhabitants.]

When the health sector tried to give itself a TikTok holiday in Belarus, Lukashenko stepped in the very next day and ordered them to cut the crap:

Routine medical care should not be suspended, Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko said at the meeting to discuss the epidemiological situation and the COVID-19 response in Belarus on 19 October, BelTA has learned.

“There is a very important issue I would like to draw your attention to. The other day, the Healthcare Ministry announced suspension of regular health checks. So Mr Kosinets [Presidential Aide Aleksandr Kosinets], here is an assignment for you: you need, together with the Healthcare Ministry, to immediately prepare an action plan to retain all routine checks. I know from the first wave what such suspensions will lead to. Therefore, you are the first, Pinevich is the second. Doctors sitting here, health officials should go to polyclinics and treat people, proceed with regular health checks,” the president said.

According to Aleksandr Lukashenko, as far as rehabilitation is concerned, in the current conditions it can be done at home with the help of family members. “Routine consultations and routine surgeries should remain in place, I want to have a action plan on the table. There should be no cancellation of scheduled surgeries and consultations,” the head of state emphasized.

He followed it up a week later by visiting a hospital and reinforced the do-your-damn-job message in person. There will be no shutdowns which are even more deadly than any virus:

MINSK, 26 October (BelTA) – Routine medical care should not be suspended during the pandemic, Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko said as he visited Lida Central District Hospital on 26 October, BelTA has learned.

The head of state noted that the postponement of routine medical care can pose a risk for patients and be even more dangerous than the coronavirus itself. In addition, if routine medical care is put on hold, then healthcare facilities will face an overwhelming influx of patients when the pandemic is over.

“What if we face a surge in new cancer cases after COVID subsides? We will again have 500 people on the waiting list for cancer surgeries; the cancer care delivery system will be stretched thin again. Therefore, we should no way suspend treatment of other diseases,” Aleksandr Lukashenko said.

The president asked how are things on this front in Grodno Oblast. He noted that the region should keep providing the entire spectrum of medical care to patients.

“Nothing should be suspended – this is the task,” Aleksandr Lukashenko emphasized once again.

In Russia meanwhile, the Kremlin is putting hospital staffs on a pedestal and peddling touchy-feely narrative about the “excessive burden” the doctors are supposedly under which supposedly helps justify the lockdown and vaccine fascism:

Russian authorities said Monday that doctors were under “extraordinary” strain due to surging coronavirus cases in Europe’s worst-hit country, with Moscow shuttered during a nationwide holiday to curb infections.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters that doctors working in red zones were facing “extreme physical and emotional stress” with the recent rise in cases.

“Of course the situation is not straightforward. Beds are filled to a large extent, and these days the situation is not becoming easier,” Peskov said.

“This is an excessive and extraordinary burden on our doctors, who are demonstrating heroism with what is happening,” he added.

There is no comparable compassion from Peskov for victims of their Covid crackdowns and denials of service. (He would anyway blame that on the “irresponsible” unvaccinated majority of the Russian people.)

  1. ken says

    A case is not an infection. The inventor of the PCR,,, Kary Mullis,,, said the PCR could not determine infection. Poor guy died just before the fake covid virus made its debut. Convenient eh?

    Apparently there is a covid manual from the WEF that dictates the stages of the fake plandemic. Since the New USSR held off until Putin got whatever it was he was holding out for, apparently they have to follow the steps outlined in the manual no matter how stupid it makes them look.

    Since we have already a year of this bullshit under our belt it is common knowledge to us what will happen and when it will happen.

    Back in the USSR,,, Paul McCartney live in the Red Square. I’ll bet they’re singing “let freedom ring today!” while lining up for their required injections. Well they’re back alright,,, and enjoying all they been missing. Isn’t demockracy great. I believe Putin attended. I maintain, The best government is no government.

    1. Roger says

      Putin got Nordstream2

  2. Marshall Lentini says

    Russia has totally given up. It’s easy enough to see what happened:

    • Putin probably has some angst about getting sick and dying, so transmitted his fear downward
    • The Gamelaya Institute and other bodies are run by the usual ((kleptocrats))
    • Sobyanin and the Kremlin decided that instead of opposing the new religion, they would use it as a PR campaign to shore up international opinion of Russia (“Sputnik V”)
    • Technocrats like Mishustin saw an opportunity for the streamlining of control of the citizenry

    This doesn’t even require “corruption” as such. It’s a bunch of venal bullshit that snowballed into a modern form of tyranny.

    I don’t even think anyone on the Russian side was paid off by the WHO / Gates; it’s kind of a convergent evolution of coronamania based on Russia’s own characteristics — with the overarching purpose of increasing control by the state, of course.

    On the other hand, Gates bought the Moskva Hotel this year, opposite the Kremlin. As usual, we are bidden to view this as a benign “investment”, like everything Gates does.

    I’m glad Luka is still kicking. Hope he has another twenty years left in him to weather the worst of this plot to restructure civilization on the orders of the technocrats.

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