Saudi Arabia Just Bought $300 Million Worth of Spyware From Israel

Israeli friends kindly helping affable Prince Bonesaw track future troublesome Khashoggis

Gotta keep an eye on the Shia in the eastern oil region

Saudi Arabia has bought $300 million worth of spy software from Israel as part of a large scale military deal.

Senior Arab sources told [UAE-based] Al Khaleej Online that the deal was struck without a mediator, despite the fact that the two countries do not maintain formal diplomatic relations.

The sources stressed that the Saudi intelligence services have sought to obtain advanced spyware in order to trace the Kingdom’s citizens – both in the country and abroad – amidst increasing criticism of the Saudi royal family.

Saudi Arabia therefore reached out to the Israeli market and struck a deal worth $300 million with representatives of Israeli firms, the sources said, adding that both sides met and reached the deal in UK capital London.

According to the sources, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) know about the deal, which includes 1,000 small yet sophisticated tracking devices that can be placed in the target’s mobile phone.

The Israeli representatives received full payment for the deal before handing over the devices and, according to the sources, plan to hand over another 2,000 such devices by 2020.

Source: Middle East Monitor

  1. thomas malthaus says

    Mohammad Bone Saw (MBS): Has a “certain” notoriety. . .cachet.

  2. John C Carleton says

    I have the solution to this problem!

    ‘One on the Black Rock, One on Medina, One on Tel Aviv, and one on Jerusalem=Peace in the Middle East, and no Pedophile, Usury, International, Banker’s, World War 3’

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