Lockdown Rebels: 48 Percent of Russians Never Wore a Muzzle, 62 Percent Never “Socially Distanced”

As 30,000 flocked to the Formula 1 Russian Grand Prix over the weekend

Russia has far lower death rates from the virus than other countries. Moscow has denied that its official data undercount the number of infections and fatalities from the pandemic.

The sharp increases in infections were announced on Sunday just hours before the start of the Russian Formula One Grand Prix, where organisers have claimed to have sold all 30,000 tickets — the largest spectator crowd for a sporting event in Russia since lockdowns were first imposed.

Despite spot checks on retailers and other customer-facing industries, and constant announcements on public transport to wear face masks and gloves, Moscow’s buses, metro trains and shopping centres are still busy with many taking no precautions.

A survey by the state-owned pollster VCIOM found that just 52 per cent of Russians have worn a face mask in response to the pandemic and 38 per cent had observed social-distancing rules.

Source: Financial Times

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Mr. Evans
Mr. Evans
2 months ago

Good For Them . . . 😉

David Bedford
David Bedford
2 months ago
Reply to  Mr. Evans

Russia isn’t falling for America’s Coronavirus hoax!