Lockdown Nazis Shout ‘Defund the Police’

Is that right?

This is a very interesting tweet by Trump:

So then Gretchen Whitmer, Eric Garcetti, and Bill de Blasio have joined the call of “defund the police”.

That’s very interesting because Whitmer, Garcetti and de Blasio might as well be the lockdown Nazi triumvirate. (Lori “Haircut” Lightfoot of Chicago would have a strong claim as well).

So let me get this straight. So people who for three months have been at the vanguard of lawlessly using the police to crack down on the most normal human activities are now also in the vanguard of punishing these same police departments for…for something.

It’s almost as if the bunch that was at the forefront of catering to one Maoist mob is in the forefront of catering to another.

  1. cechas vodobenikov says

    the US liberals are worse than the gestapo; amerikans love their police state….as do all people that love their oppression

  2. disqus_3BrONUAJno says

    Our police departments will destroy themselves through declining credibility and affordability.
    My hopes for a return to the well-regulated militias the founders intended may well be realized.

  3. Undecider says

    “Taking a Knee” is a Masonic Gesture

  4. voza0db says

    moron mutTrump talks like that because the scoundrel NEVER had to deal with copigs!

  5. Inferior says

    US is financially broken and now its society is in fracture. The world is waiting for a Soviet style collapse with soda and popcorn. Long has this nation inflicted pain on so many countless lives across the globe, its only justice that this nation falls into oblivion.

    1. cechas vodobenikov says

      Many scholars consider that the USSR did not collapse, but disintegrated due to both external and internal antagonisms; Orlov considers that conditions in the USA Today are worse than in the USSR in the 1980’s, as do i….there are differences. USSR was comprised of national states with distinct languages cultures, values, religions etc—today there are 100 living languages in Russia, 35 official, whereas the USA is the most homogeneous monolingual nation on earth….while the empire will collapse the USA will remain, poverty and standard of living will decline…etc
      Rome had an empire—today Italy, the Ottomans, today Turkey, etc

    1. cechas vodobenikov says

      Escobar typically provides a trenchant analysis—he is wrong that this “crisis” forces anyone to address or recognize anything. Crisis reveals; it does not necessitate change. the parsonian sociologist, Philip Slater observed that no substantive change had ever occurred in USA–he described all responses as “gestures”….also observed by Marxists, and liberals such as Morris Berman: “America was a bad idea from the beginning” or as Freud famously remarked,”amerika is gigantic—a gigantic mistake”

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