Lockdown ‘Had No Effect’ on Coronavirus in Germany

Scientists at Munich University found German infection rates were already clearly falling before lockdown was imposed

Try as they might they couldn’t find a connection between crackdown and falling R

A new study by German scientists claims to have found evidence that lockdowns may have had little effect on controlling the coronavirus pandemic.

Statisticians at Munich University found “no direct connection” between the German lockdown and falling infection rates in the country.

Instead, the study found infection rates had already clearly begun to fall before a national lockdown was imposed last November.

It also found clear evidence the rate was already falling on the two occasions the lockdown was tightened, in December and April.

The study focused on the R number, which indicates how many people each infected person passes the virus to. The scientists argue it is less easily distorted by fluctuating test rates than the weekly infection rates used by the German government to decide lockdown restrictions.

The study found that on each occasion the R number was already under 1 before the new restrictions came into force, indicating that infections were falling. The lockdown has since been lifted across most of the country.

“The measures taken could have had a positive effect on the course of the infection, but are not solely responsible for the decline,” the study’s authors wrote.

The study was quickly seized on by lockdown opponents, but its authors were at pains to stress they were not making a political argument. [That they are pro-lockdown personally only gives these findings more weight.]

“You can’t tell from the data that the lockdown was unnecessary,” Prof Ralph Brinks, one of the study’s co-authors, told German television. [Well obviously you can’t prove a negative, but the burden of proof is on the Stalinists.]

“All that it shows is that the start of lockdown and the fall in infections do not coincide.” Germany went into “lockdown lite”, with restaurants and bars closed but non-essential shops open, on November 2.

It went into full lockdown on December 16, and restrictions were tightened on April 23 under Angela Merkel’s “emergency brake”.

While no one has disputed the study’s figures, other scientists argued the debate over lockdown may have contributed to the fall in infections.

Thorsten Lehr, professor of clinical pharmacy at Saarland University, told German television public discussions over impending lockdown measures may have influenced people to change their behaviour and meet others less.

Source: The Telegraph

  1. ken says

    The PCR cannot determine infection…. Kary Mullis. The inventor of the tool. One would think he would know!

  2. Ronnie says

    This is all a drill…a training exercise.
    For the coming civil war against Islam in the west.

    As predicted by that French dude..Nostradamus.
    “A green plague shall swarm over France, a 30 year war with Islam shall erupt at the end their shall be no Islam.’” ( I will look up the exact quote or hunt it down yourself.)

    Door to door street warfare. Everyone is on lock down folks for 4 weeks just like COVID19
    Free 💩 paper so no need to panic.👀
    No worries 4 weeks, 4 months or 4 years “does it really matter any more.”

    This is what happens when evil low IQ politicians swallow the Intel bait and go off script.

  3. Zackary Trainor says

    Dr. Reiner Fuellmich on Bannon’s War Room today nailed it! He said, “Basically, what happened was the anti Corona measures caused the real harm. . .Had politicians not interfered. . .this thing would have been over in April or maybe May. . .Whatever they did was counter productive, because if you keep people apart from each other, if you keep them in their homes through lockdowns, mask mandates, social distancing, the virus won’t spread – and that’s what happened.”

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