Lockdown Fanatics Scare Me Far More Than Covid-19

"Covid is just a virus. It spreads to survive. But the lockdown fanatics are conscious human beings. They know...the destructiveness of the path they are carving out...yet they carry on"

I know I’m meant to be scared of Covid-19. But I’m far more fearful of the lockdown fanatics. These people who are so blase about the halting of economic life, and who bristle at any suggestion that the lockdown should be eased, pose a graver threat to the future of the UK than coronavirus does. They are a menace to liberty, reason and people’s livelihoods. Our society is taking steps to tackle Covid – now we need a huge collective effort to face down lockdown fanaticism.

The lockdown fanatics were out in force yesterday. No sooner had there been hints from Downing St that the lockdown might be mildly eased than they had taken to their computers and media platforms to condemn such reckless talk of restoring a small amount of everyday liberty. #KeepTheLockdown trended on Twitter. Labour Party people insisted the lockdown must stay. Labour has effortlessly moved from being the party that wanted to keep us in the EU against the will of the largest democratic vote in history to being the party that wants to keep us all in our homes despite expert predictions of the largest economic contraction on record if we don’t get back to work.

Piers Morgan burst yet another blood vessel, fretting that people might go outside to enjoy the sunny bank holiday weather. The horror. Meanwhile, the TUC has spent the past week insisting that it is unsafe to allow working people to go back to their jobs. Yes, we now live in a country where a Tory government wants people to have the right to return to work and the TUC wants us not to. It doesn’t get more surreal than this.

And of course social media was awash with lockdown-loving leftists and millennial media types, at home making their sourdough bread and watching Normal People, fuming against any suggestion that the government’s cute experiment in dystopian welfarist living should be ended anytime soon. These people who can work from home – doing their public-sector stuff or making their ironic podcasts – insist that anyone who calls for a return to work is elevating the economy over lives. As if the economy isn’t lives, too. As if work, production and creating the wealth that funds health, schools and housing isn’t also about life.

It is testament to how distant the publicly employed or knowledge-economy middle classes have become from the sphere of production, from meaningful and useful economic life, that they can brush aside ‘the economy’ as a mere abstract phenomenon as they pop their latest Instagrammable attempt at banana bread, full of ingredients made, transported and sold by ‘the economy’, into the oven.

Sadly, the government seems increasingly incapable of withstanding pressure from the fearmongers in the media and cultural elites. And so it backed down. The lockdown will stay. Don’t break it or we will drag it out for even longer, Dominic Raab said, as if he is the headmaster and we his pupils. ‘Brits were told not to sunbathe in parks this bank holiday weekend or any new freedoms could be lost’, as the Sun summed it up. Go outside and lie down in a park at a safe distance from anyone else and you will have your liberty rescinded – this is the world we live in now; this is the awful reality lockdown fanaticism has birthed.

Here’s why lockdown fanaticism unnerves me more than Covid-19. The coronavirus pandemic is clearly a very serious health challenge. It is right that we take it seriously and that we devote as many of society’s resources as possible to ensuring that it doesn’t impact on the populace too harshly. It is right to propose social-distancing measures, which is what we had before the lockdown was imposed. But where Covid is proving to be less lethal than we first feared, lockdown fanaticism is proving to be more lethal.

The Covid threat is not the apocalypse we were warned about. Its death rate is low. Its impact on younger people is negligent. Just 0.75 per cent of deaths in the UK have been among under-40s, and the majority of those were people with underlying health conditions. And yet most under-40s – fit, healthy workers – remain locked at home, denied the right to work and play and keep society going.

The horror stories that were spread about Covid-19 by government officials and media fearmongers have been exposed as inaccurate, and in some cases hysterical. As the government adviser Professor Robert Dingwall says, the government has ‘effectively terrorised’ us into ‘believing that this is a disease that is going to kill you’. When in the vast majority of cases that simply isn’t true. As Professor Dingwall points out, 80 per cent of people who get the virus never have to go to a hospital, and of those who do, ‘most of them will come out alive – even those who go into intensive care’.

So, coronavirus is proving manageable. It has not overwhelmed our health systems. It is not the plague. It is mild or even asymptomatic in most people. Society can handle it. What society can’t handle much more of, though, is lockdown fanaticism. This is a more destructive force than Covid-19.

Covid is just a virus. It doesn’t know what it is doing. It spreads to survive. But the lockdown fanatics are conscious human beings. They know – or ought to – the destructiveness of the path they are carving out for Britain and other nations. They know the economic calamity and anti-social culture of fear they are foisting upon society, with all the mass unemployment, denigration of public services, and even death that this will cause. And yet they carry on.

Britain is on the brink of the worst recession since the Great Frost of 1709, according to the Bank of England. Others are predicting an utterly unprecedented 13 per cent contraction in national output. Millions will lose their jobs. And that’s just the UK. More than 100million Indians have lost their jobs as a result of the global contagion of lockdown. Many will be plunged into hunger, and worse. The International Labor Organization says 1.5 billion people around the world are at risk of losing their livelihoods. The halting of economic life and production and transportation could lead to a global ‘hunger catastrophe’, says the UN. I hope the lockdown fanatics think about that next time they post a pic of their latest loaf of sourdough.

But they don’t think about it. Not seriously. They treat it as incidental. The economic devastation being wrought in the US, the UK and elsewhere gets a few column inches here and there or is an afterthought in the nightly news. But it is rarely the story. Lockdown fanatics are so convinced of their moral rectitude, so bound up in anti-Covid zealotry, so enjoying their part in the culture of fear and the culture of condemnation against anyone who breaks lockdown, that they just zone out the terrible things that they are helping to bring about.

Or, worse, they engage in a political sleight of hand. They say job losses, rising mental-health problems, lack of money and a global downturn that will hit the poor severely are also down to Covid. ‘Covid-19 is giving rise to economic problems, too’, they occasionally say. No. We cannot allow this. It is not Covid that is destroying livelihoods and liberties – it is our societies’ historically unprecedented, ill-thought-through, contagion-like authoritarian response to Covid; it is lockdown fanaticism.

They need to take some responsibility. Covid can be excused; it’s a virus. The lockdown fanatics cannot be excused. Their extremism is hampering sensible government action, stymieing open public debate, and nurturing economic catastrophe. They must be held to account. More than that, they must be opposed. We need a return to reason, freedom and productivity.

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  1. mijj says

    hysteria comes in all shapes and forms .. including anti-hysteria hysteria

    1. ke4ram says

      There is a difference between someone yelling fire in a theater when in fact there is no fire and another yelling there is no fire to the idiots screaming and trampling over one another to get to safety.

      1. Jozo Magoc says

        You’re conspirator who need NHS respirator!

      2. voza0db says

        It seems clear that what you described is too simple for mijj to understand!

  2. ke4ram says

    “The coronavirus pandemic is clearly a very serious health challenge.”

    B u l l s h * t!

    The alleged virus has a better than 99% recovery rate. It only is dangerous to the elderly, those with other problems and the fatties. And even then it’s no worse than the flu. Notice the low numbers of the flu? Well, guess where all them numbers fled to. This is not conspiracy theory,,, these are their numbers! Are people so stupid they can no longer add, subtract, divide and multiply. That is all it takes.

    I am sorry,,, had to stop reading there. That damned ‘alleged’ virus is no worse than the flu, a bad cold, TB, pneumonia and many others. The virus has not been isolated scientifically so it may not exist,,, only in our little minds. The PCR tests are junk science, never proven and error 70% of the time positive. The antibody test are even more junk as any corona virus (the common cold) will cause their presence. The hospitals are nearly empty. In the States over 20 million have been shed from the health sectors. Hospitals are begging guvment ‘officials’ to restart elective surgeries.

    Keeping you out of the sun will make your immune system weaker as you will be vitamin D deficient. What!!!! You don’t think they know that!? JHC!

    A couple of hours on the net will show most that the whole thing is a scam. 279,000 out of……. 7.7 Billion and a damn good portion of those are other diseases coded as Covid 19. 1.5 million died of TB in 2018. It’s just plain ridiculous. When they have to massage the numbers, a ‘thinking’ person has to know it’s a scam.

    So while you complain of their lockdown you simultaneously say the disease is bad. Any disease is bad but I don’t see them shutting down the economy and risking mass starvation over the flu.

    So go ahead,,, complain (but be sure to be politically correct) and see how far this gets you.

    Even the 20 minutes writing this is useless. People are so gullible they would believe the moon is made of blue cheese if the CDC and governments told them so.

    1. voza0db says

      If you take into account:

      the BS RT-qPCR tests…


      The guidelines followed almost in the entire Planet…

      “Deaths with confirmed or presumed COVID-19″

      The absence of tests for other VIRUSES and BACTERIA…

      The real number of deaths that can be DIRECTLY linked to VERY WEAK RNA “SARS-CoV-2” must be around 5,000 – 15,000 (and I’m being generous!)

    2. Jozo Magoc says

      You are out of the oficial guidelines , you need to be eutanised! Bill Gates…

    3. sabateur says

      it’s a ”novel” way of ushering in global corporate fascism/police state/total surveillance/eugenics.

  3. stevek9 says

    Excellent and to the point. Especially the last two paragraphs. You do read more and more articles with ‘economic destruction wrought by the pandemic’ … NO it is not the pandemic, it is the irrational response, the lockdown.

    1. voza0db says

      If you want to use the word pandemic (which is clearly just being used for PROPAGANDA and SCARE tactics) then we must start using it every single year…

  4. voza0db says

    Being scared of a very weak RNA particle is equivalent of being scared to Breathe…

    Even before this weak RNA flu particle left China it was ALREADY CLEAR – one just had to read the online and easy accessible reports/papers – that it could only cause the death of people with already compromised immune systems.

    But since the VAST MAJORITY of the Uman Herd is not able of performing the ancient Art of Analytical and Critical Thought… they believe in what the Main S h i t Media tells them. It’s like a religion!

    Another recent report show us AGAIN what can be expected from INVASIVE MECHANICAL VENTILATION! And that is MORE DEATH!

    (B&U by me!)

    Outcomes for Patients Who Were Discharged or Died Among the 2634 patients who were discharged or had died at the study end point, during hospitalization, 373 (14.2%) were treated in the ICU, 320 (12.2%) received invasive mechanical ventilation, 81 (3.2%) were treated with kidney replacement therapy, and 553 (21%) died (Table 5). As of April 4, 2020, for patients requiring mechanical ventilation (n=1151, 20.2%), 38 (3.3%) were discharged alive, 282 (24.5%) died, and 831 (72.2%) remained in hospital. Mortality rates for those who received mechanical ventilation in the 18-to-65 and older-than-65 age groups were 76.4% and 97.2%, respectively. Mortality rates for those in the 18-to-65 and older-than-65 age groups who did not receive mechanical ventilation were 19.8% and 26.6%, respectively. There were no deaths in the younger-than-18 age group. The overall length of stay was 4.1 days (IQR, 2.3-6.8). The median postdischarge follow-up time was 4.4 days (IQR, 2.2-9.3). A total of 45 patients (2.2%) were readmitted during the study period. The median time to readmission was 3 days (IQR, 1.0-4.5). Of the patients who were discharged or had died at the study end point, 436 (16.6%) were younger than age 50 with a score of 0 on the Charlson Comorbidity Index, of whom 9 died


    THIS WILL NOT BE SEEN ON MAIN S H I T MEDIA so, it deserves a reading… If your brains are able to perform such task!

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