Lockdown Effects Feared to Be Killing More People Than COVID in Britain

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“The country is facing a new silent health crisis linked to the pandemic response rather than to the virus itself”

Source: The Telegraph

The effects of lockdown may now be killing more people than are dying of Covid, official statistics suggest.

Figures for excess deaths from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) show that around 1,000 more people than usual are currently dying each week from conditions other than the virus.

The Telegraph understands that the Department of Health has ordered an investigation into the figures amid concern that the deaths are linked to delays to and deferment of treatment for conditions such as cancer, diabetes and heart disease.

Over the past two months, the number of excess deaths not from Covid dwarfs the number linked to the virus. It comes amid renewed calls for Covid measures such as compulsory face masks in the winter.

But the figures suggest the country is facing a new silent health crisis linked to the pandemic response rather than to the virus itself.

The British Heart Foundation said it was “deeply concerned” by the findings, while the Stroke Association said it had been anticipating a rise in deaths for a while.

Dr Charles Levinson, the chief executive of Doctorcall, a private GP service, said his company was seeing “far too many” cases of undetected cancers and cardiac problems, as well as “disturbing” numbers of mental health conditions.

“Hundreds and hundreds of people dying every week – what is going on?” he said. “Delays in seeking and receiving healthcare are no doubt the driving force, in my view.

“Daily Covid statistics demanded the nation’s attention, yet these terrifying figures barely get a look in. A full and urgent government investigation is required immediately.”

Figures released by the ONS on Tuesday showed that excess deaths are currently 14.4 per cent higher than the five-year average, equating to 1,350 more deaths than usual in the week ending Aug 5.

Although 469 deaths were because of Covid, the remaining 881 have not been explained and the ONS does not break down the remaining deaths by cause.

Since the beginning of June, the ONS has recorded nearly 10,000 more deaths than the five-year average – around 1,089 a week – none of which is linked to Covid. The figure is more than three times the number of people who died because of the virus over the same period, which stood at 2,811.

Even analysis that takes into account ageing population changes has identified a substantial ongoing excess.

There were 103 Covid deaths in England on August 11 and the seven-day average is currently around 111 fatalities per day.

Questioned by The Telegraph, the Department of Health admitted it had asked the Office for Health Improvement and Disparities to look into the figures and had discovered that the majority were linked to largely preventable heart and stroke and diabetes-related conditions.

Many appointments and treatments were cancelled as the NHS battled the pandemic throughout 2020 and last year, leading to a huge backlog that the health service is still struggling to bring down.

This week, an internal memo from the Royal Albert Edward Infirmary in Wigan, leaked to the Health Service Journal, warned it was becoming “increasingly common” for patients to die in A&E as they waited for treatment.

Dr Charmaine Griffiths, the British Heart Foundation chief executive, said: “We’re deeply concerned by the initial findings that excess deaths in recent months seem to be being driven by cardiovascular disease.

“Without significant help for the NHS from the Government now, this situation can only get worse.”

Last week, official England-wide statistics showed emergency care standards had hit an all-time low.

Juliet Bouvier, the Stroke Association chief executive, said: “We know people haven’t been having their routine appointments for the past few years now, so we’ve been anticipating a rise in strokes for quite a while now.

“This lack of opportunity to identify risk factors for stroke, coupled with increasing ambulance delays, is a recipe for increased stroke mortality and disability in those that survive.”

  1. YakovKedmi says

    The propaganda-sheet “Telegraph” and propaganda-writer Sarah K. Napton are working hard to reinforce and perpetuate the lie that there was some invisible deadly thing lurking among us; that the governments adopted the wrong policy while trying to do good in response to a deadly threat.

    In 2020, propaganda-sheets, propaganda-writers, doktors, experts, SCIENTISTS, prime ministers and not-so-prime ministers, class-room modelers, fisted each other and pulled out ideas and numbers. They used this complete falsehood to put together a premise, and on that false premise they built a public policy.

    Those were the facts, but Sarah or the Telegraph would never put that on paper.

    In January, February, March, 2020 there was nothing here !!! No one got sick, no one died, it wasn’t even an unusual flu season. (hundreds of planes were flying between China & San Francisco, China & Seattle, China & Vancouver —and not even a stuffy nose, even though those cities should have been the American epicenters of the Wuhan bat-flu outbreak and epidemic. In February 2020, in New York city “hug a Chinese for new year” concept was promoted by political leaders, to show you are not racist and not supporting Trump.

    The Wuhan bat-flu couldn’t kill a bat or a fly. You had a one-in-a-million chance of dying from it, but only if you were over 80 years old and nearly dead already.

    Against this absolutely nothing of a disease and threat, the governors of the planet (from Moskva to London, from Helsinki to Teheran, from Montreal to Los Angeles, from Vancouver to Houston) unleashed the most insane criminal policy we ever heard of in 6,000 years of written history.

    Then the killing of people started. In Quebec they killed 9,500 people in old-age homes; In New York they killed 35,000 people in old-age homes; in the U.S., in 2020, they killed 700,000 people in hospitals.

    Standing on this premise, should Sarah & her Telegraph start writing articles about the detrimental policies of Europe’s and America’s governments.

    Sputnik V vaccine
    Covid cases, August 7

    1. anon says

      You may very well be interested in this… although the author vs some CRT professor and a marxist…

      He seems pretty much spot on…


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