Local Man Nominated for Nobel Prize After Constantly Complaining About the Heat

"Has done nothing notable in its life except for substantial complaining about the temperature"

All it takes these days

Local resident Sam Bilkie has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize after consistent complaining about the heat this summer.

Bilkie, who runs a software firm out of an inadequately air conditioned office in Springfield, has done nothing notable in its life except for substantial complaining about the temperature.

“Man, is it hot out here or is it just me?” Bilkie has been asking rhetorically all summer long. “This has to be the hottest summer ever!”

Nobel Committee members mistook Bilkie’s complaining about the heat for climate change activism and now he’s the front runner in the vote for one of the world’s most prestigious honors.

“Man, it’s hot out here,” Bilkie complained. “I’m really looking forward some cooler weather. You don’t want to see me in 100° heat very long! I start to get the runs.”

Historical records indicate that temperatures have been about average in Bilkie’s area this year.

Source: Genesius Times

  1. ArcAngel says

    The Noble War Prize is an absolute Orwellian joke. A dark comedy at that.
    After the Obomba debacle, the War Monger Prize, has become a laughing stock around the world.
    The backlash against the Nobel Committee this year has been huge and quite funny to read.
    The Committee really screed themselves with the blood drenched, tranny loving, drone assassination loving, sociopathic, brain dead, sodomite Kenyan.

    But as with many worldwide demonic institutions, the demons involved in these anti-Human cabals do not care one iota what we Humans think or feel, especially in these last 19 years.

  2. JustPassingThrough says

    there is nothing noble about the nobel prize.

  3. Natural_Texan says

    If this is true it completely de-legitimizes the Nobel Prize Committee and process. On the other hand there are places in the world and America that did experience record heat, drought and more. Including most of South Texas.

    1. CHUCKMAN says

      You cannot de-legitimize something has long lost any real sense of legitimacy.

  4. thomas malthaus says

    With a recent life full of incompetency, how did Obama pull it off?

    1. CHUCKMAN says

      It was easy to understand at the time.

      After all, he did have a big boyish smile, and before he was President, he was even photographed wearing sandals once or twice. And there was that seemingly-brave business of his not wearing an idiotic American flag lapel pin during the campaign, something which became a nasty controversy. There were many little signs that here was someone who was going to be quite different

      Remember the huge crowd in Berlin welcoming him? Hundreds of thousands of people. Just overwhelming images of Obama elevated a bit from them, reaching out, smiling. It was quite moving.

      The world, briefly, was full of hope for better things towards the end of George Bush’s dreadful presidency. You could sense it in many things.

      That’s all Obama’s Nobel Prize was about. It was a “hopes for better things” prize. The Nobel people have done that before. The Committee hopes in such cases to arm the recipient with more authority and strength for the tasks they see him or her doing. It is a very poor practice. With that plus many unworthy political recipients, even killers, the Prize today in my view is close to meaningless.


      Meaningless, just as the Medal of Freedom is in the United States, given recipients such as Joe Biden and Madeleine Albright.

      And of course, the hopes for Obama were before very long dead. Obama proved a cold, rather ruthless man and carried right on where Bush left off. His Nobel Peace Prize began to look absurd.



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