Loathsome Oligarch Leaves Russia

Putin's climate change tsar with links to Sputnik V

Claim to fame: Steals everything he touches

Source: Edward Slavsquat

Today is a wonderful day; it’s the day Anatoly Chubais—arguably Russia’s #1 Biggest Parasite—resigned his post as Putin’s Sustainability Guru and left the country. For Turkey, of all places. Or at least this is what is being reported. Bloomberg, citing sourcessaid Chubais was displeased with the “special operation” in Ukraine.

Chubais is a veteran clot-shot profiteer who has been robbing Russia blind for three decades. Your humble Moscow correspondent has highlighted Anatoly’s depraved exploits as part of our ongoing investigation into the space lizards infesting Russia.

Is this permanent self-exile? A source told RBK that Chubais will eventually return to Russia. But when? Maybe he went to Turkey to use a SWIFT-connected ATM, and will return to Moscow tomorrow? Maybe. But hopefully not.

Goodbye, Chubais. And please don’t come back.

It would have been better to arrest him thirty years ago. But you know, you can’t be picky. It’s 2022.

  1. SteveK9 says

    Another good day for Russia.

  2. XSFRGR says

    Let’s hope that many more take the same road to the West that this clown is following.

  3. fresnoman4man says

    I hope this relocation by Chubais means that Putin has come to realize the colossal scam and damage the injections with toxic Big Pharma drugs have wrought on the people of Russia.

    1. Mr. Evans says

      Absolutely, Which Must Be Stopped Immediately And Completely . . . :-0

  4. kkk says

    What do you expect from Jew traitor

  5. guest says

    >>> “Chubais is a veteran clot-shot profiteer”
    Wasn’t he also the one who helped Vladimir Putin get into the Kremlin in 1999 ?
    He was the father of “privatization” and the establishment of oligarchy in Russia.
    Wasn’t he also a Nazi ? Didn’t he start “Sputnik & Pogrom” and spread the concept that Russia should belong to the Russians only ?

    Biden is fascist, declares babushka:

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