Lindsey Graham Demands US Aircraft Carrier Sails Around the Caribbean to Scare Russians in Caracas

John McCain's trusty sidekick wants the US to dispatch 100,000 tons of diplomacy

Carriers are fast becoming Imperial City’s response to everything

No, it doesn’t appear to be mere hyperbole, considering it’s the well-known neocon uber-hawk senator from South Carolina, who like the late John McCain would never waste precious opportunity to put the USA firmly on the war path.

Addressing recent reports that Cuba and Russia have sent troops to Venezuela to prop up embattled President Nicolas Maduro, Sen. Lindsey Graham angrily tweeted Friday, “Where is our aircraft carrier?”

A spokesperson for Graham later explained the tweet was designed to express support for a “show of force,” according to the Washington Examiner.

It’s worth pausing to keep in perspective that a sitting senator is now calling for an aircraft carrier to lead what he would no doubt desire to be a full scale invasion, regime change, and occupation of a country that has never attacked nor substantially threatened the United States — but of course it does have lots of oiland refuses to install a US puppet leader (in the form of Juan Guaido).

Graham’s tweet was in response to national security adviser John Bolton’s latest somewhat dubious claim that between 20,000 to 25,000 Cuban soldiers have been sent to Venezuela to prop up Maduro, which Bolton offered as explanation for why this week’s Guaido-led coup attempt failed so miserably, barely even getting off the ground as it appears a mere handful of military members defected.

Some Congressional members have long accused Russia of interfering in Venezuelan affairs, for which apparently according to Graham’s logic, a US aircraft carrier deployment is warranted.

Source: Zero Hedge

  1. DarkEyes says

    Graham? She hasn’t changed a bit.
    She is still acting like girlfriend Insane McCain.

  2. chris chuba says

    Sure, let’s burn dollar bills just to feel better.

  3. Canosin says

    the United States of Hypocrisy is the world’s leading laughingstock followed very closely by the favored lapdog number one the UK with France in its track….. what else to expect from natural born idiots….

  4. John C Carleton says

    i am afraid show me to the kiddy park Graham, is much better lurking around places where children are found than understanding world events and military strategy.

  5. Mikhail says

    …I would wish to see “their aircraft carrier” at full steam to Venezuela.
    What a DELUSIONAL, ARROGANT and IMBECILE is this “man”, for God´s sake..!

    1. jm74 says

      Happens when you have an exceptional high opinion of yourself. Delusional mental eunuch.

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