Liberals Praise DeBlasio for Barring 65% of Black NYC Residents From Society

It's the scientific thing to do!

Compassionate progressives across the country are praising New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio for his “bold, courageous” decision to bring segregation to New York. 

“Studies show that 65% of black New York residents are unvaccinated, so this will affect them disproportionately, and that’s actually a good thing,” said DeBlasio in a statement. “We just want everyone to be healthy, and anyone who refuses to get the vaccine should be considered less than human and be excluded from participating in society. It’s the compassionate—and scientific—thing to do!” 

The new “separate, but equal, for public health” policy will take effect next week.

The Mayor has also said he will be supporting increased police funding and presence in black communities to enforce vaccine segregation, which will definitely not have any side effects like increased deadly police encounters and brutality.

“Just to be clear, this is not Jim Crow. This is more like Jim Crow’s nicer, public health-defending cousin, John Crow. This is all about safety and science because we’re the government and we care,” said DeBlasio.

Experts say the new ordinance will actually have little effect since no one lives in New York anymore except Bill DeBlasio and Brian Stelter. Everyone else has moved to Florida.

Source: The Babylon Bee

Text may contain traces of satire.

  1. Mr Reynard says

    Quote:Text may contain traces of satire.
    Hmm didn’t read any satire there …

  2. Jerry Hood says

    BLM si s ním čoskoro poradí, vypália mu brloh,a bude z neho deBlaze…

    1. Jerry Hood says

      BLM takes care of him,burning out his den,and making him deBlaze!

  3. fresnoman4man says

    It is interesting how the satire echoes the reality of New York City partisan politics using every trick in the repertory of the Covid variant scam to inject as many victims with the various toxic formulas of the Big Pharma elites for their population reduction of what they regard as “useless” (poor, elderly, disabled, and those not useable to work as wage slaves.

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