LAWLESS: White House Tells Businesses to Proceed With Vaccine Coercion Despite Court-Ordered Pause

Coup government doing coup things

Editor’s note: OSHA was supposedly established to make sure your workplace is safe but now it’s being used to turn your workplace into a weapon against you, to humiliate you with muzzles and force you to take a preventive medical procedure with no long-term data. The claim that unvaccinated threaten their vaccinated co-workers doesn’t stand up. The vaccinated and the unvaccinated spread the virus at similar rates and asymptomatic spread is still unproven. Besides, working-age people are no more at risk from COVID than they are from the flu, so why not have testing for every disease out there?

The White House on Monday said businesses should move forward with President Joe Biden’s vaccine and testing requirements for private businesses, despite a federal appeals court ordering a temporary halt to the rules.

“People should not wait,” White House Deputy Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre told reporters during a briefing. “They should continue to move forward and make sure they’re getting their workplace vaccinated.”

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit, considered one of the most conservative appellate courts in the country, halted the requirements Saturday pending review, writing that “the petitions give cause to believe there are grave statutory and constitutional issues with the Mandate.”

The Republican attorneys general in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina and Utah, as well as several companies, requested the pause. They argued that the requirements exceed the authority of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, which will enforce the mandates, and amount to an unconstitutional delegation of power to the executive branch by Congress.

In its response Monday evening, the Biden administration asked the court to lift the pause, dismissing the states’ and companies’ claims of harm as “premature” given that the deadlines for vaccination and testing are not until January. The administration claimed that pausing the requirements “would likely cost dozens or even hundreds of lives per day” as the virus spreads. The Labor and Justice Departments also argued that OSHA acted within its authority as established by Congress.

The court-ordered pause came a day after the requirements went into effect, starting the countdown for businesses with 100 or more employees to ensure their staff have received the shots required for full vaccination by Jan. 4. After that date, unvaccinated workers must submit a negative Covid-19 test weekly to enter the workplace. All unvaccinated workers must start wearing face masks indoors at their workplaces starting Dec. 5.

Republican attorneys general in at least 26 states have challenged Biden’s vaccine and testing requirements in five different U.S. appeals courts since last Friday. The Republican National Committee said it has also challenged the requirements in the D.C. Court of Appeals.

It’s unclear which court will ultimately decide the case. When multiple petitions are filed in at least two courts, the cases are consolidated in one of those courts through a lottery system. The Justice Department said in a filing Monday that the lottery is expected take place on or around Nov. 16. The Biden administration, in its response Monday, said the courts should not rule until the jurisdiction for the consolidated case has been selected.

David Vladeck, a professor of law at Georgetown University, said there’s a “high probability” that the case will end up before the Supreme Court.

“There are justices on the court who want to rein in the administrative state and this is a case in which those concerns are likely to come to the fore,” Vladeck told CNBC.

Source: CNBC

  1. Raptar Driver says

    What is to be expected from a coup government?
    Lawless from beginning to end.

    1. ken says

      The US government has been lawless for well over 155 years. Actually since 1788 if you want to look at the elimination of the Articles of Confederation as a coup.

      Look what it did to the South during and after the war. Rape and pillage. No female of any color was safe. Its armed thugs robbed food and money.

      Apparently the only patriotic presidents were killed. Every war entered was from a false flag of some sort. The most recent being the 1/6 used to declare war on its population.

      The best government is no government. Spread it around!

      1. Raptar Driver says

        You maybe right.
        In my opinion we became an empire and stopped being a republic when Lincoln decided to declare war on the states.

      2. Rebel Forever says

        Amen and amen

  2. ken says

    This is wrong on several levels.

    The White House on Monday said businesses should move forward with President Joe Biden’s vaccine and testing requirements for private businesses, despite a federal appeals court ordering a temporary halt to the rules.”

    Here the executive are telling everyone to ignore the federal court.

    “The U.S. Department of Justice filed a lawsuit in federal court against Utah-based company Xlear on Oct. 28, saying it has deceptively advertised its nasal spray as a treatment and preventative of COVID-19.”

    Here the executive is using the court to stop a supposed treatment for covid.

    The DOJ filed the complaint on behalf of the Federal Trade Commission, which alleges the company has violated the Federal Trade Commission Act and the Consumer Protection Act by making false claims about the benefits.

    This has to be the mother of all hypocrisies yet no one is calling them on it.

    Reading the comments from ZH last night I did not see one that brought these matters up. As I have been banned (no reason why) by ZH I could not post. Maybe a ZH’er here can either repost this comment or bring it up themselves.

    This is laughable. If the DOJ is going to sue for false claims about the benefits then look no further than their killer vaccine! Over 18,000 deaths so far as of Nov 10 in VAERS. They changed the definition of vaccine because their poison did nothing to prevent the disease or stop the transmission.

    We (unvaxxed and still thought functional) thought that once they came after the kids the cult would ‘wake up’. Nope,,, their lining their little ones up like sheep in a slaughter chute especially now that many are offering money to these tots. Do you really think the parents will let the kiddies keep the money!

    Man,,, you’d think it doesn’t get much sicker than that. But wait!

    In Holland a brothel offering free sex to get the killshot.

    “Because there are so many illegal aliens in Europe, they are now offering free sex in return for getting vaccinated”

    It appears someone has sprinkled pixie dust that induces insanity for many all around the planet.

    1. PokeTheTruth says

      This entire scheme by the Biden Administration is not based on health science but in fact political science to implement communist control ideology over American freedom.

  3. Maria says

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  4. Eric the Red says

    Ignore court decisions when they’re against you, embrace them when they support you. That’s the hallmark of every caudillo who ever used government for his personal plaything.

    I think Stalin was onto this issue some time ago…
    “The people who write the laws decide nothing. The people who enforce the laws decide everything.” Stalin (paraphrased)

  5. Rebel Forever says

    Simple solution: tell Biden – go to hell; tell OSHA – go to hell; tell Fauci, Gates, Schwab, Zuckerberg, et al – go to hell

  6. PokeTheTruth says

    What follows is my analysis of the OSHA mandate.
    Nearly all types of employment from factory, warehousing, trucking and even administrative positions require employees to follow company standards for workplace safety to ensure the employee is protected from physical harm and to protect the company from lawsuits as well. These compliance measures are often documented in a company’s written HR (Human Resource) policies and procedures.
    OSHA regulates inside the workplace, not outside the workplace. For example; PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) is required in the workplace when working with dangerous tools or machines to prevent injury. There is no OSHA requirement for the employee to use PPE <b>when away from the company</b>, even though they could subject themselves to injury or even death when using certain types of equipment, chemicals, etc.
    If the employee fails to follow company rules, he/she’s employment can be justifiably terminated. Should the PPE <b>fail to protect the employee after following proper usage</b> (e.g., defective eye/ear protection, face shield, gloves, etc.), the employee has a lawful right to file a tort action in civil court against the employer as well as the PPE manufacturer.
    Concerning the COVID-19 mandate, OSHA cannot order an employee to receive an inoculation outside the workplace such as a clinic, hospital, doctor’s office, etc because that is beyond the scope of its regulatory authority. Therefore, it becomes the employer’s responsibility to <b>administer the COVID-19 drug to the employee on company premises</b> in order to fall within OSHA regulations.
    As with the PPE example, the employer assumes a shared liability due to its written HR policy that states the inoculation requirement as a condition of new or continued employment, is based upon OSHA mandates and it will administer one or more of these vaccines (e.g., Pfizer, Moderna, J & J, AstraZeneca, etc.) to the employee on the basis it is “safe to take.”
    If the federal courts rule in favor of OSHA then OSHA must be required to
    (1) pay for the cost, of proper storage and disposal of the vaccines upon expiry date and other medical devices that are necessary (e.g., syringes) in order to administer the vaccine
    (2) cover the employer’s cost to hire a State certified health care professional to administer the inoculation on company premises or cover the cost of training and certifying an employee to administer the inoculation on company premises
    (3) provide sufficient liability insurance to cover all legal expenses that it may incur should a civil lawsuit be filed against the employer due to any side effects of the inoculation that cause serious physical harm to the employee as well as financial compensation to the employee’s successors should the employee succumb as a direct result of the vaccine.

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