Lavrov: US Doesn’t Get to Cry Over Iran Stockpiling Uranium

Not when it has violated a UN resolution to make it impossible for Iran to sell it

This is something Checkpoint Asia pointed out several weeks ago. Trump pretends that Iran stockpiling more enriched uranium and enriching to somewhat higher levels (still not weapons grade) is tantamount to Iran making a nuclear threat against the US.

In reality even if Iran wanted to rid itself of the surplus uranium it could not do so because since May the US has threatened sanctions against anyone who would take off its hands.

Is Trump truly this dumb not to comprehend this? If so he’s not just dumb, he’s mentally retarded.

The US itself is making it harder and harder for Iran to have the means to comply with US demands even if it wanted to.

And it’s all the more absurd and illegal because that Europeans and Russians would take Iran’s excess enriched uranium was put into a UN Security Council Resolution that made the Iranian nuclear deal official.

Vesti TV:

Iran’s decision to exceed the limit for the reserves of low-enriched uranium is caused by the U.S.’s sanctions prohibiting the purchase of excess raw materials from Tehran. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov stated that.

According to him, in fact, by its actions, the U.S. prohibited every UN member to fulfill the UN Security Council resolution that approved the JCPOA.

Sergey Lavrov, Foreign Minister of Russia: “Not long ago, in May of this year, the U.S. adopted a new package of sanctions prohibiting anyone to buy excess low-enriched uranium and heavy water from Iran.Basically, the U.S. prohibited every UN state to fulfill the UN SC resolution, which approved the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action to deal with the Iranian nuclear program. That’s why, of course, we should see the picture as a whole and not simply focus on what Iran did today”.

At the same time, Sergey Lavrov called upon Iran to show prudence and stick to the key provisions of the treaty on guarantees with the IAEA. According to the minister, the European colleagues, for their part, should fulfill their promises concerning trade and economic relations with Iran. Otherwise, as Lavrov stated, constructive dialogue about the preservation of the JCPOA will be impossible.

Source: Vesti TV

  1. PK says

    EU lost their balls somewhere in WW2. The problem with Iran was never that difficult. It is the crazy geopolitics of oil, greed and money that is killing that whole region.

  2. Peter Jennings says

    The US intention is the containment of Iran, until they can get around to attacking it. Things haven’t gone well in neighbouring countries so US/neocon/nato plans are running a little late.

    In the meantime, Iran has been busy producing missiles, building bridges and sticking to promises.

    It does seem that EU countries would rather have trade than war with Iran, whilst the USadmin continues to make knowingly impossible demands it knows cannot be met, as an excuse for hostilities and sanctions.

  3. silver7 says

    the bad taste in peoples mouths over this American sanctions or economic war machine regime is getting worse by the day. The real American face is standing up.

  4. John C Carleton says

    Ya mean the whinny hypocrites and Rat’s minion pedophile political prostitutes from Sodom and Gomorrah on the Potomac, don’t get to eat their cake and have it too?

    They going to throw a real big hissy fit then!

  5. cap960 says

    It is not just Trump that is retarded… the whole bunch living in United Sanctions of America are. As American as retarded as fuk. No need to reply…only a retard would see this as wrong!

  6. Mary E says

    Well, if the rest of the Western ‘alliance’ is afraid to deal with Iran, therefore breaking the ‘Iran Deal’, they should be thrust into the deep pit of hell along with their overlord US.
    It is past time for the rest of the world (Western puppets excluded of course) to rise up and back Iran and do what they should be doing: continue to buy their oil as honorable men and women would…JUST DO IT! Do the honorable thing!

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