Lavrov: Russia Is in a Life-and-Death Struggle for the Right to Be on the Political Map

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov called the West’s reaction to Russia’s actions in Ukraine “frenzied”. He believes that Russia is fighting to preserve itself as a country.

The West’s reaction to Russia’s actions in Ukraine is disproportionate and proves that Moscow needs to fight for its interests in the world. This was stated by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov at a press conference in Antalya after talks with Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba. The broadcast was conducted by RBC.

“Of course, the reaction of the West to our actions is so completely frenzied, I would say, forgive me for the rude word. It shows that there really is a life-and-death battle for Russia’s right to be on the political map of the world with full respect for its legitimate interests,” the Russian minister said.

Lavrov said that Moscow has always tried to resolve all disagreements and negotiate compliance with its interests, including security guarantees, through diplomatic means.

“We wanted to resolve the issue diplomatically until the last moment. We have presented detailed documents on our bilateral treaty with the United States and a draft Russia-NATO agreement on all key issues of European security,” the minister said.

Lavrov said that Moscow had submitted a draft agreement on security guarantees, which mentioned Ukraine, but received a negative response from the West, contained, according to the interpretation of the Foreign Minister, in the words “Ukraine is ours.”

Source: RBC

  1. Hostage (Raptar) Driver says

    Lurch is right!
    All the empire of illusion had to do was give them the security guarantees and there would have been no war.
    Apparently one has to fight for the right.

  2. Kointel Killah says

    Burisma Brandon is in a struggle to save the children.

    They will be sniffed, injected, and transformed.

    Putin will punish the kids that do not comply.

    Brandon will point out he’s a bad father.

    Custody battles are costly and mean.

  3. ken says

    Lavrov said that Moscow has always tried to resolve all disagreements and negotiate compliance with its interests, including security guarantees, through diplomatic means.

    That, was their problem… The West got so used to Russia whining about treaties and international law they simply don’t know how to handle a Russia that’s fighting albeit Russia is fighting a touchy feely war hoping not to hurt too many people,,, hoping the world will praise them for their humanity,,, the same world that would like to see every Russian on earth dead.

    1. Kev says

      Thanks Ken. you’re a voice in the wilderness.

    2. Steve Kastl says

      Whining is not the right word. Russia had tried to avoid conflict with the USA for over twenty years. Russia follows international law, so their calling attention to the infringement of the USA as whining should be seen as politely pointing out the obvious. Russia did not previously understand our elections are fixed and run for the benefit of billionaires. Voting doesn’t matter in the USA because every election is rigged to benefit Israeli billionaires.
      Our Israeli run State Department expected Russia to accept nuclear weapons on their borders. Sorry, but would we in the USA tolerate Russian nukes in Mexico? Canada? No, we would invade. Russia invaded because we, the USA, gave them no other option but thought they would acquiesce to Ukraine in NATO. They finally realized that they are dealing with USA sociopaths at every level.
      Russia invaded as its last option to maintain its sovereignty.
      Lavrov is totally correct. It is frightening how arrogant our Israeli run USA government is. They think they can erase Russia from the world because we can cover the world with printed paper that now has become worthless in the worlds eyes. By denying Russia their own oil money, ~$500,000,000,000 parked in the USA, the whole world will start heading for the dollar exits. The loss hurts Russia, but it also puts a noose around our USA neck. Apologies to Russia for the past and present. Hopefully the future will be brighter. Change is finally coming to the USA because hyperinflation is right around the corner.

  4. Tom says

    Putin would do well to replace Lavrov ???

    1. Eddy says

      WHY would Putin replace Lavrov when he’s doing such a stellar job ?

  5. Cooky says

    Launch the nukes. The idiots in the west can’t go even 5 yrs without a war somewhere. It’s what they do.

  6. guest says

    Mr. Lavrov is correct. It IS a do or die moment.

    NATO suckered Russia into this war, and unless Grand-Chess Wizard Putin has a strategy that beats them in their own game, the future of the people of Russia will be very different from the Pan-Slav dream.

    Ukraina is looking more and more like Afghanistan in 1980.
    In 1972 Leonid Breznev visited Richard Nixon in the White House. Richard Nixon invited him and the Soviet Union to join the New World Order (it was announced on the 7 o’clock morning news). Leonid politely declined.
    By 1979 Zbignew painted Russia and Leonid into a corner. The Red Army marched into Afghanistan and choked on it. Years later Mr. Gorbachov acknowledged that the Afghanistan debacle was one of the major causes of the demise (the other two being Chernobyl and the oil price —he left out the Trotsky-ites inside and outside of Russia)

    Zbignew is not here anymore, but his children are. The Russian Army is in Ukraine, and Ukraine is being transformed into a Partizan war-zone.

    It is also a do or die moment for NATO. If they don’t succeed against Pan-Slav-minded Russia, they are finished.

  7. anon says

    I think Lavrov (like most Russians, reserved and polite until they aren’t) has come to the realization that you can’t reason with mad dogs…(and englishmen or mad english dogs and unreasonable yankees et etc)…

    and furthermore, has had to come to the somewhat disturbing conclusion that this particularly untrustworthy pack of rabid and mangy dogs… with all their attendant and highly contagious ticks and fleas and parasites..

    and who, having thoroughly shat in their own den and made a right f*ucking mess of everything..

    eating all their chickens and all the little mice..

    are now coming for Big bears ‘things’…

  8. DannyWhite says

    If Russia loses this one its good bye Russia
    It will be broken up and balkanised.
    Never to exist again
    Then after that, they will hit china
    And do the same thing to China to. Regionalise it and set it to war against each other
    This is the last hope for humanity
    It can not fail
    Even if the Russians and chinese take it to full global nuke war
    Go the Ruskie

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