Lavrov: Russia Hopes Outsiders Will Not Push Ukraine Into a New War

As this could mean the destruction of the country "Those who will try to unleash a new war in Donbass will destroy Ukraine"

Machine translated from Russian.

Russia hopes that Ukraine will not be pushed from the outside to unleash a hot conflict in Donbass, this is fraught with the destruction of the country, said Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

“According to information, which is published in the media, for the most part, the military understands the harmfulness of any action to unleash a hot conflict. I very much hope that they will not be “encouraged” by politicians, who, in turn, will be “incited” by the West, led by the United States,” Lavrov said in an interview with the Big Game program on Channel One.

“The President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin said not so long ago, but this statement is still relevant today that those who will try to unleash a new war in Donbass will destroy Ukraine,” Lavrov stressed.

According to the minister, there is now a lot of speculation about the documents approved by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine and signed by the country’s President Volodymyr Zelensky.

“To what extent does this reflect real politics? And to what extent does it pursue the goal of solving Zelensky’s problems within the country with a drop in the rating? I do not know if this is a bluff or concrete plans,” the Russian Foreign Minister added.

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on Tuesday adopted a statement in which it demanded that Russia “immediately cease hostilities and unswervingly observe the ceasefire, fully fulfill its international obligations and withdraw from Ukraine its army, mercenaries, armed formations, which it leads, provides and finances.” …

Source: Interfaks

  1. Jerry Hood says

    Russian military will have to clean KUrvaine from all the nazis and ashkeNazis! I pray that Russian army once again,liberate Prague and Berlin!!! And Kurvaine join Russian Federation for the next 5,000 years!!

    1. Frank says

      Russia blundered badly by allowing ﹰGerman re unification.

  2. ken says

    The breakaway provinces had the Ukies on the run. They likely could have marched into Kyiv,,, but Putin stopped them, Come up with a ‘peace’ treaty. Now the Ukies are fully armed with American equipment,,, better trained by American service men, better tactics, better everything. They’ll for sure try to overrun the Donbass and they may be able to now.

    Will the Russians ever learn. I doubt it. They’re too into this international law crap while the West ignores all law. While Russia asks the West to play nice the West is doing everything to destroy Russia.

    Russia is either going to have to get tough or sign their nation over to the West and be done with it.

    1. Mark says

      Oh, I don’t know. That’s what the Georgians’ American instructors said, too, pre-conflict – “Man, these guys are real fire-eaters; I don’t think I’ve ever seen guys so eager to get into combat”. And they ran like rabbits. And before they did, most of them threw away their M-16’s and went back to the AK, because they knew it. Post-conflict, shaken American instructors said “No way were these guys ready”. Really? That’s not what you said a couple of weeks before.

      A hot war would give Zelensky the perfect opportunity to throw the ‘volunteer battalions’ like Azov into the front lines. They would be annihilated, but that would be a win/win because he is afraid of them anyway. He could stop everything and plead for a cease-fire, if the State Department would let him.

    2. Mychal says

      I am tired of hearing warmongers like you! You do realize that children will die in the thousands right? And where will you be? At the front lines? Send your kids to the front lines? Get It! You are tired of Russia trying to maintain peace? Do us all a favour and shut up and think! And maybe grow up! Putin will and is trying to stop a world war you dunce! With your naïve and puerile thoughts we would suffer so much more! Again, leave the conversation to the big Boys. You Child!

      1. Kev says

        Meanwhile Russia gets walked over again and again.

      2. Bill Jackson says

        Regardless of what you say, US is killing civilians daily around the world. No amount of diplomacy is going to stop them. If Russia doesn’t take a stand now, they will have to take a stand later. It’s time that the schoolyard bully learned he’s not the only tough guy in the yard.

    3. Frank says

      Paul ﹰCraig ﹰRoberts repeatedly voices the same frustration with ﹰRussia. Always giving the west a free pass with their constant provocations like in ﹰSyria too. And talking crap about “our partners”.

    4. Andra says

      Sorry Ken. The Americans are experienced occupiers…but totally deficient closers.
      Numerous examples of their “solutions” exist….with tragic consequences for the war torn countries and their innocent people.

  3. yuri says

    doubtful the ukropinazis are stoopid enough to invade donbass, certainly never Crimea—they are fully aware amerikan cowards will betray them when their unmotivated conscripts are obliterated….essence of time and Sparta alone will send the nazis back to Kiev

  4. GMC says

    Thanks Anti Empire for being a voice in the Donbas conflict – even RT won’t report on it .

    1. Bill Jackson says

      RT is becoming a tabloid

  5. nnn says

    Zionist scum pulls the strings

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