Lavrov Regrets US Diplomacy Has Been Reduced to Ultimatums and Threats

The global hegemon believes it is so powerful it needs to do nothing but issue demands and make threats

Poor Lavrov, an actual old-school diplomat who has to deal with nothing but buffoons on the US side

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov lamented the adversarial style of the current US policy towards Moscow, saying Washington shows no intent of seeking compromise contrary to what diplomacy is supposed to be about.

“I don’t see anything coming from the US diplomatic corps except ultimatums and threats to impose sanctions unless the demands are met. All other tools have vanished from the arsenal of American diplomacy, and that is sad,” the Russian minister said in an interview for an upcoming documentary, which was partially published by the ministry.

The sentiment came in response to the latest threats coming from Washington over Russian policies in Ukraine and Venezuela. Lavrov said US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo tones down his rhetoric when speaking directly to him, compared to his public statements on Russia, but the essence remains the same.

“When we talk on the phone… he speaks in a correct manner. Understandably, we disagree on virtually everything. And the threats are voiced all the time,” he said. “If you head a diplomatic agency, you are supposed to seek diplomatic solutions for various problems.”

When asked about US President Donald Trump recently ordering Russia to get out of Venezuela and whether he found such language acceptable, Lavrov said he “didn’t discuss manners.” Trump’s words were said in reaction to Russia sending some military personnel to the Latin American country under a long-standing agreement on defense cooperation.The Russian minister suggested that the US should search for new approaches in its foreign policy.

Source: RT

  1. skinner15 says

    Does anyone but the retarded listen to the US anymore?

    Empty vessels make the most noise.

    1. CHUCKMAN says

      It’s not quite empty, and that is the problem. It still has a lot of power which it is willing to use more than ever to abuse others and get its way.


      1. Donnie Palmer says

        Absolute power is not power at all. It is mindless brutality against a defenseless opposition – so get your definition straight please.

      2. skinner15 says

        The US is powerless Chuckman, so much so, that the Chinese are sending troops to Venezuela.

        When the Chinese send 120 troops into the backyard of the US, then the writing is on the wall.

        All the US have is a fatboy who can’t find a suit to fit him, Pompeo, and his empty threats.

        1. silver749 says

          Venezuela is hardly a back yard i.e. neighborhood or district only proximity. US troops 200 meters from Russian boders is in its backyard. But the US only ever talked bible verses in their favor ommitting the other 1000 against their actions.

          1. skinner15 says

            The backyard terminology is US origin, don’t you listen to Bolt-on or Fat Mike?

            Rubbing it in to these muppets that the Chinese and Russians have troops in their “backyard”, shows how far the US has fallen.

            Russia shares a border with the US, so Russian troops are also metres from the US.
            Russian troops also hold Kaliningrad, set within NATO lands.

  2. Séamus Ó Néill says

    After the US aided and abetted in the collapse of the old USSR , it had an opportunity to be a force for good in the world . But true to form and predictably , because nothing has really changed in 240 years , the US , set out to be the planet’s military dictator , to be the supreme bully , ignoring international law and treaties , invading countries , genociding their populations and stealing their wealth. Regime change , as they euphemistically called it , was the order of the day and the slaughter of millions ….maybe billions didn’t matter….totally irrelevant , as long as everyone bowed to the American Satanic God. ……but they took their eye off the ball , quietly and steadfastly Russia and China began to rebuild , invest in 21st century technology …..because they knew that eventually the demonic forces would be coming for them…..they are now superpowers and it’s checkmate ….just waiting patiently as the bankrupt empire of evil collapses in chaos !! Game over for the US of A !!

  3. CHUCKMAN says

    “Poor Lavrov, an actual old-school diplomat who has to deal with nothing but buffoons on the US side”


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