Lavrov Has Had It. Proposes Russia Stops Talking to the West

Sergei Lavrov is a man of no gimmicks–if he says something, that means he means it. By definition it also means Kremlin means it. So, today, he says it as it is at Valdai Conference:

“Те люди, которые отвечают за внешнюю политику на Западе и не понимают необходимости взаимоуважительного разговора, — наверное, мы должны просто на какое-то время перестать с ними общаться. Тем более что Урсула фон дер Ляйен заявляет, что с нынешней российской властью геополитического партнерства не получается. Так тому и быть, если они этого хотят”

Translation: Those people in the West who are responsible for foreign policy and do not understand the necessity of mutually respectful conversation–well, we must simply end communication with them for a while. Especially since Ursula von der Leyen states that geopolitical partnership with current Russia’s leadership is impossible. If this is the way they want it, so be it. 

It is my long-standing contention that any professional discussion between Lavrov and former gynecologist such as von der Leyen, including Germany’s Foreign Minister Maas, who is a lawyer and a party worm of German politics is a waste of time. Western “elites” and “intellectuals” are simply on a different, much lower level, than said Lavrov.

You do not negotiate with monkeys, you treat them nicely, you make sure that they are not abused, but you don’t negotiate with them, same as you don’t negotiate with toddlers. They want to have their Navalny as their toy–let them. I call on Russia to start wrapping economic activity up with EU for a long time. They buy Russia’s hydrocarbons and hi-tech, fine. Other than that, any other activity should be dramatically reduced and necessity of the Iron Curtain must not be doubted anymore.

I reiterate, there is nothing in common culturally between modern Russia and the West and the gap is growing. Europe is being primed for cultural and demographic suicide, not to speak of institutionalizing degeneracy both in art and in real life, plus the US needs to eat someone to extend its agony for a little bit longer. It is totally logical, and if I need to see Renaissance art, Hermitage gives Louvre a run for its money. EU is a cemetery and one doesn’t do business with cemetery other than burying.

Lavrov’s statement today is important in that it shows that Kremlin has written the current EU off. As I have stated for years, observing events in EU, when I have the time, I totally expect a stream of refugees from Europe to Russia soon, because many still sane Westerners will be faced with a terrifying choice: either adapt to living in Orwellian reality including a fairly fast (in historic term) transition to third world economies and standard of living, or making a decision to regain personal liberty and common sense, and economic stability and opportunity in Russia and those East European nations which will maintain strong economic ties with Russia.

Boy, come to think about, writing this now–how did the times change. Who would have thought that for many even today Russia becomes a shining city on the hill. Don’t believe me? Go to comments to any Voice of Europe videos, among many–scores of Germans, Belgians and even English people leave comments there that they seriously consider moving. Some decry their inability to do so immediately.

We don’t know real numbers of Westerners who are already in Russia on permanent bases, I know that there is a vibrant American community in Russia, how large? I don’t know but American expats moving or living in Russia resource is updated regularly. I would love to stay in the US, but the way thing are going not just politically (unlike EU we have guns and we may yet reclaim some of our freedoms) but economically–401K, Social Security, don’t bet on it–it is all going down the drain as I type it, but we’ll see. After some time in Russia, I still begin to miss ocean and Cascades of Washington, Idaho or Montana, I also miss Oregon’s coast.

As for Germans. Many Germans already are in Russia, especially from East Germany. I know scores of Russian Germans are moving back. We are just at the beginning of a process which may take decades and as I pointed out on very many occasions, Putin’s talk at Valdai in 2017 WAS about Russia effectively getting ready to become the Arc for whatever will be left of White Christendom in Europe, the rest, can go to hell–they earned it. EU has no subjectivity and as such is not agreement-capable. This is exactly what Lavrov said: ” We should stop to orient ourselves toward European partners and care about their assessments.”  Exactly, the time has come.

Source: Reminiscence of the Future

  1. commonsenseadvocate says

    It’s not hard to understand that the U.S. and E.U. are cooked. The U.S. national debt stands at over $27 trillion and growing exponentially. Throw in all the unfunded liabilities which total tens of trillions more and it’s not difficult to see that collapse is not that far off. Meanwhile Russia has the lowest debt burden of any industrialized country.

  2. John D. says

    Russia has for much too long tried to be the friendly teddy bear, showed patience and hoped the West would let them play along. The teddy has been betrayed, blackmailed, lied to and insulted since German reunification on a daily basis. I have never seen a rational explanation why they wouldn’t hit back like they did when Turkey shot down the SU25. It’s high time they shift their attention to the East. It’s where the Belt & Road comes from, where the economic and technological future lies. Let’s hope the Empire doesn’t start WWIII in it’s agonizing decline.

    1. itchyvet says

      My thoughts exactly.

  3. thomas malthaus says
  4. itchyvet says

    As a German born Australia, and a Vet as well. I must concur with Lavrov, though why it has taken so long for them to see the light, I don’t know. My Dad told me many years ago, when I asked him why he decided to turn his back on Germany, his reply was, ” These people are all insane, they can’t see the wood for the trees and will always, cut off their noses to spite their faces, there’s no hope for a bright peaceful future for us there”. That was way back in the mid 60’s, appears my Dad knew what he was talking about.

    1. joey n says

      Mmkay. So then, what did/does Australia have that Germany didn’t/doesn’t?

      1. itchyvet says

        Lots of iron ore for starters, and a bunch of Idiots in Canberra who mostly have European heratige, specificly from U.K. establishments. And the weather is a dream, not to mention the wide open spaces where you can hang out without seeing or hearing a human soul.

    2. Josep says

      Mmkay. So what exactly does Australia have that Germany doesn’t?

  5. cechas vodobenikov says

    Lavrov is only expressing what has been explicitly known for decades…Heidigger observed that it was not “Russianism” that would destroy Western Europe, but amerikanism, which he described as “putrefaction”

  6. thomas malthaus says

    Nothing of a sincere nature toward peace has ever emanated from Washington.

    Thank God for small favors. The end is rapidly approaching.

  7. Billo says

    I agree with Larov.

  8. 14th Troll says

    Russia Elites would do well to stop pushing their Atheism. To be Christian in Russia is still look at as second class. And, A city sit on a hill can not be hid, ie “shining city on a hill” Is found in the Bible and is speaking of followers of Jesus Christ. When Russia becomes one Nation under God, (America is Only in word, not deed.) Russia will then set themselves above all other Nations, as a master fallen to a servant.

    1. Mychal Arnold says

      Huh? There is no separation of church and state in Russia unlike the Great Satan!

      1. Mish says

        Correction: the church and the state are separate in Russia. But the comment above yours is pure unadulterated bullshit. It is perfectly natural to be Orthodox Christian in Russia. The church is respected and churches are full. It is also perfectly fine to be an atheist.

        1. Mychal Arnold says

          Correction the people in Russia do not view the separation as you should know. Guessing reading comprehension is not your strong suite as what I said is not bull but a reality!

  9. Bob says

    To bad. I kind of liked the old fella. Are the Russians going to attack now?

  10. mijj says

    western politics is all about conjuring illusions to serve the interest of some powerful influence or other. (Ie. a dollar democracy). The western “democratic” politicians have evolved to be fancy packaging with no content.

  11. Raptar Driver says

    Why did it take so long to come to this conclusion?
    Does it matter what he thinks? Isn’t it Putin that is in charge?

    1. Mike says

      I think that because there are so many countries in Europe, Russia needs to play its cards right all the time as they are always labelled the bad guys by a handful of them. That’s where things can take time as what they gain on one side is lost on another. The main problem/enemies that Russia have are England, Poland and Ukraine (all supported by the US) but England is the number one. Everything starts with England as they say whatever they want and are fully supported by NATO hence others will repeat whatever diatribe they have against Russia.

      Again, it’s just a handful of people. Get rid of them and the problems will slowly go away.

      1. joey n says

        And speaking of England, some have argued that England has schemed against any agreement between continental powers that it deemed threatening to the hegemonic interests of the British Empire. One example is the Russian-German economic alliance advocated by Otto von Bismarck that never came to be (rumor has it that WWI was started by Britain to prevent anything of the sort). NATO’s policy to “keep the Americans in, the Russians out, and the Germans down” appears to be a continuation of England’s traditional policy of keeping the continent divided and weak.

        This recent spat shows how successful the Anglo-Americans have been in creating a wedge between Europe and Russia, especially in their attempt to sabotage Nord Stream 2. Bismarck must be turning in his grave.

      2. Ronnie&MargaretInDementia says

        Yup, pity the propagandised British population can’t see it. A handful of desperate public school boys at the top and a few military throw backs who live and fight like it’s still the 20th century. Sadly British people have become slaves and have no idea how to protect themselves or their best interests, thus a cabal of neoliberal retards get to run the country into the ground and blame it on the Russians (or the Arabs or China) I have no sympathy, if you can’t be bothered to inform yourself you deserve the clusterf*ck thats coming.

        1. disqus_3BrONUAJno says

          How does one defend oneself from a government which one has allowed to disarm oneself?

      3. Raptar Driver says

        I agree in general however the Russians seem to be a little slow in their reactions.

      4. joey n says

        So in other words, a few bad apples spoil the whole barrel/bunch. Something like that?

        1. Mike says

          It’s unfortunate to say, but yes, exactly like that.

    2. Wayne Scott says

      Some of us in America recognize the master plan for the extinction of “western culture and people.” Several factors are at work, not the least of which is the drive by some for Jewish revenge. Decades ago David Ben Gurion said “In the long run I look to China to be the best ally of Israel”. This accounts for the German Jew, Kissinger, to push America into giving its technology and trade to China.

  12. plamenpetkov says

    not quite right. The EU is once again plying Game Theory, hoping Russia closes itself to the West, the way USSR did.

    And we know what occurred as a result: USSR collapsed about 20 years later, in 1989. As a Slav who lived under socialism, I have studied why exactly Socialism collapsed. and one of the main reasons is that it couldn’t complete with the West economically and technology yet it chose to close itself in the 1960s. I trace the decline of Socialism beginning from the early 1970s, right when I became aware of the world around me.

    Russia shouldn’t totally close itself economically and technologically, that is exactly what they want Russia to do, it should just stop talking to them.
    But yes, Russia should have done this several years ago, when it should have been clear to them that Germany/Merkel has NO desire or inclination to make Ukraine fulfill its Minsk II obligation. The Russians are just too damn polite. NIce guys finish last is the American saying.

    1. Padre says

      How the mighty have fallen!You really think that the west has something of value to offer to the rest of the world?

      1. itchyvet says

        Padre, what exactly do you think the West has to offer to the rest of the World, other than more bloodshed, pillaging of resources and driving a wider gap between the haves and have not ?

      2. Raptar Driver says

        Even a rotting corpse has value to a vulture.

    2. Mish says

      The decline came not as a result of Russia closing itself off, but as a result of Khrushchev denouncing Stalin (this is loss of face, which undermines people’s trust in the government, no matter how “bad” or whatever Stalin was) plus Khrushchev equating communism with “meeting all the needs of the people to the fullest extent”. Once that aim is declared, it means that the communist ideals have been subverted (communism was never about food and junk) and the Soviet Union now has to play against the west on western turf and by western rules – centralized economy could not compete with consumption-driven capitalism as Soviet economy was all about reasonable sufficiency – no fooling, no nonsense, no constant “creation” of more and more “needs”. It was a lean economy that worked very well. As for “closing off”, i am all for it. and the sooner the better. Actually (i almost forgot), it was not the sealing off, but the gradual opening up of the Soviet Union that corrupted its elites, then a critical mass of the people, and eventually ended it. In the early 70s the soviet union got the oil pipeline to western europe. Some real money started flowing into the country. There and then, corruption began on an industrial scale. Plus the Soviet Union allowed itself to be inveigled in some dubious initiatives of the Club of Rome. The merger of the two germanies was negotiated and agreed on as early as 1979.

      1. itchyvet says

        What corrupted the Russians was the Western Capalistic influence after the fall of Communism. Every one of those oligarchs that ripped off their own people, sought refuge in the U.K. who welcomed them with open arms, PROVIDED they stashed their ill gotten gains in U.K. banks.

    3. itchyvet says

      Russia can close it’self off from the INSANE Idiots in the West easily. Russia today, is not the Russia of yesteryear, something Americans, and Brits find extremely disturbing. Russia can easily align it’self with Asian nations, after all it share geographical boundaries with them. There is enough economic opportunity there for them to develop as they see fit. It is Europe that will suffer the consequences, and IMHO, serve them right.

  13. Mike says

    The western world is on a path of self-destruction because they constantly elect extremely stupid people or because they have a well-known name or money. Even worse, they elect lawyers who are the worse of them all as they are mostly crooks to begin with. The notion of electing people for the people is long gone. Now, the elected are easily bought and paid for to become monkeys for the top 1%. Just look at the US…Trump or Biden? Two crooks, two liars, one who is clearly an imbecile while the other is losing his mind. There’s your choices for becoming the most powerful man on earth. That is impressive stupidity.

    The western world will die because people are just too stupid. Even when they have all the power, they continue to play and accept political games that affect their lives. Idiocy at its very best!

    1. itchyvet says

      Mike, sadly I have been saying the same thing now for many years. Amazing how folks can convince themselves otherwise. Especially the Americans, it’s as plain as the nose on their faces, they are being had big time, yet they flock to play the game, l oblivious it’s all pointless. INSANE.

    2. Ronnie&MargaretInDementia says

      I thought the movie Idiocracy was a comedy the first time I saw it, these days it’s looking more and more like a documentary.

  14. Mary E says

    Well, Mr Lavrov, you may have some company that you really do not want in Russia:
    Trump, so far, is losing his re-election campaign and most likely will not retain his
    authoritarian position as president of the US – and he mentioned at a rally recently that he might just leave the US if he loses. Of course, he has to go somewhere that will protect him and not let him be pursued by American authorities because he would spend so many years in prison for all his crimes…in and out of government.
    He will most likely choose Russia where he owes lots and lots of money! Maybe he will have to pay them back – somehow….who can guess how they will get that done.
    He will be a Wanted Man by FBI and the state of New York!
    I’m sure the rest of the US expats will love it if he goes there to hide out! NOT!

    1. Mychal Arnold says

      More misinformation figures as you are an american. Common core is a failure no critical thinking! Trump is not an idiot no more than the c student Bush and the war monger obama or the hentai clinton. Russia will out why because they are the elder statesman and have way more experience and love of people. Putin is a very intelligent man whereas the west leadership is run mostly by gender equality! Why do you think the demonization is in full swing because the west knows the rise of a holy Russia will become the world leader. What did master Oogway say from Kung Panda. So true!

    2. itchyvet says

      Mary E, Why is Trump being singled out as the criminal. His previous cohorts are also criminals. as are many of their associates that were in power at the time. Maybe you could explain to us all, why Trump is being hounded, and his previous cohorts get a free pass, despite murdering millions ? If you wish to single out Trump, you must also include Cheney and the Bushes/Obama as well. So why are they getting a free pass ???? Goes to show how totally corrupt the whole nation is, allowing such criminals their freedom, whilst scape goating Trump. Maybe such a nation does deserve what’s coming down the track ?

      1. Eileen Kuch says

        You forgot to mention Hillary Clinton, who’s the worst of the lot, itdhyvet. Trump isn’t the criminal here; Hillary, Obama, Biden and his son, Hunter, have the most blood on his hand. The New York Post has Hunter’s emails and photos – and, if published, would scare the hell out of most US citizens.
        I’m glad you mentioned Cheney and the Bushes/Obama, who have the most blood on their hands regarding the Middle East and Afghanistan. Cheney was the criminal who ordered NORAD to stand down on 9/11/01.
        I have a great deal of respect for Russian FM Sergei Lavrov .. And, if I ever have the chance of meeting him, I’d tell him just how much I admire him. He’s the perfect diplomat, the exact opposite of Fat-face Pompous, who should’ve stayed in the CIA as its Director.

        1. itchyvet says

          Eileen, I stand corrected. There are so many of these criminals, it’s difficult to keep track of them all over the years. I suspect they count on that, hoping folks forget about them, instead of chasing them up and making them accountable. Let’s face it, in the U.S. the Media seems to consider them heroes, and constantly places them on T.V. talking heads to justify such actions. What a sick country.

      2. Mychal Arnold says


      3. Raptar Driver says

        Agreed, they are all criminals!

    3. mick says

      Trump will get a second term… mediocre is the new American standard.

  15. RoyDSkeptic says

    No more cigarettes for you Mr Lavrov. You can puff a Cuban cigar but don’t inhale, please.

    1. cechas vodobenikov says

      While amerikan smoke les than in nearly all European, Asian, Arab, S. amerikan nations, USA is the only industrialized nation where life expectancies are declining—Russian males smoke more than any European, and the life expectancy has increased from 65 to 75 in only 20 years…Japanese smoke 3 times more and their life expectancies r 10 years more than american

    2. itchyvet says

      What, are you implying Russia is incapable of manufacturing it’s own cigarettes ??? That is precisely the mindset I’d expect of Americans. Always judging others by your own mindset, completely ignoring the fact that very few people outside the U.S. think as Americans do.

      1. Mish says

        I love Lavrov’s pics with cigarette and the way he smokes! To be this photogenic with a cigarette is a gift.

        1. itchyvet says

          Just hope he doesn’t contract lung cancer.

      2. Mychal Arnold says

        No he is joking!

  16. 1unglow says

    Lavrov at the end of the day is another puppet of Pootin Putrid Putin and for a supossably clever man comes across like the pathetic man he is, the pathetic man who would be better off writing comedy scripts because that is all that comes from the mans mouth ludicrous lies i don’t know who the best liar is between Pootrid and Lavrov the are both pathetic people evil bastards who think Russia can rule rough shot through the world taking what ever the want. Lavrov should apply for writing for the Beano or Dandy we laugh our bollocks off at these Russian idiots and all the shit that spews out of their ugly mouths( as ugly men go Russia take the biscuit never seen so many face challenged ugly bastards in one place millions of them , they could turn a tide around with just a grin seaward they were truly pulverised by the ugly stick),any way when we look at Russian news we fall about laughing at these collective fucking morons and their account of what Russia actually does , that as we all know is kill and murder as all TERRORIST STATES LIKE RUSSIA DO. How they they can spew the shit that comes from their filthy mouths lie after lie and keep a straight face is beyond me, truly a barbaric people asians who care not for any one that is TERRORIST RUSSIA FOR YOU A NATION OF WALTER FUCKING MITTEY@S and scum of the universe .

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