Lavrov Brilliantly Replies to Mark Esper’s Comments Calling for Russia to “Behave like a Normal Country”

If it means US-style bombings, coups ,and millions for subterfuge in other countries then Russia will have to remain ''not normal''

As newly appointed US Defense Secretary, Mark Esper, was reported to have claimed about wanting for Russia to ”behave like a normal country”, Sergey Lavrov urged for him to clarify what he means by ”normality” during a press conference in the Russian capital; if Russia was to behave like the US, it would have had to bomb Iraq, Libya, supporting an armed, anti-constitutional coup in Kiev, and allocating millions in the interference in the affairs of other countries, as in the ”promotion of democracy” in Russia. Sergey Shoygu did not have much to add, but what he did add could not be clearer: Russia will probably have to remain being ”not normal”.

  1. CHUCKMAN says

    Lavrov is simply as good as they come.

    1. MTMT123 says

      and the US has to make do with a pompous pompeo …

      1. Mary E says

        Unknowledegable, pompous Pompeo!

  2. Jose Fonseca says


  3. Mary E says

    Excellent and appropriate reply to the absolutely abnormal US..

  4. Natural_Texan says

    Love it.

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