Latvia Lockdown Resistor Fights Two Cops, Blows Up Own Car Trying to Evade Capture

Salute to resistance hero

The new normal goons were trying to repress him for the horrible “crime” of being outside at 1am

In Gulbene district, a driver blew up his car during a police inspection, injuring two police officers, and then attempted to steal the police vehicle and escape with it, the State Police (VP) informed LETA October 30.

At around 1:00 a.m. Saturday morning, during supervision of the current curfew, police officers noticed a Volkswagen vehicle driving on the road. Law enforcement officers turned on their lights and stopped the vehicle to check the reasons why the person was outside his residence during the curfew.

When the officers approached the car to check the documents, the driver handed his documents to the police through a narrow window and immediately closed the window. The police wanted to find out more information and the reasons why the man was outside his place of residence, but he no longer cooperated with the police.

The police then smelled gas. At one point, the driver suddenly turned in the car, started a fire and an explosion occurred when the man blew up a gas cylinder in his car, law enforcement officers inform.

As a result of the explosion, the police officers were thrown away from the car, while the driver himself was thrown out of the vehicle. However, the man was able to use the situation to get into the police car and tried to steal it.

One of the police officers, who had suffered minor injuries as a result of the explosion, noticed what was happening and hurried to stop the man. The man at that time attacked the police officer [aka the goon trying to repress him for the horrible “crime” of being outside his residence], also trying to take away his service weapon. The police officer managed to repeatedly notify colleagues that assistance was needed.

A fight then broke out between the police officer and the man, which started in the police car, then continued in a ditch. At that time, the other police officer, who had suffered a serious facial injury as a result of the explosion, had also recovered and helped his colleague to restrain and detain the man.

The nearest police crew soon arrived at the scene. The Emergency Medical Service and the State Fire and Rescue Service were also called to attend.

One of the officers was taken to hospital, while the other was released with less serious injuries.

The detained man is currently in temporary custody, and a decision on security measures will be made. According to police, “apparently the man’s actions were deliberate.” The man’s motives are still being determined, but he initially explained that he had decided to do so in connection with ”Covid-19 and vaccination”.

This case will also have serious consequences for the future life of the man and his family, the State Police points out, adding that the unnamed individual has not previously had any run-ins with law enforcement.

A criminal process has been launched, and if convicted the man could face a jail term from two to 20 years. The man has also been fined the maximum penalty for violating curfew restrictions – EUR 2,000.

Source: Public Broadcasting of Latvia


The head of the police Armands Ruks points out that it is understandable that currently the general situation of a part of the society in connection with the pandemic is quite upset. “It is difficult for everyone at the moment, but looking at the global context, the situation in the country, including with restrictions, is not so bad – elsewhere people live in war conditions. In such a situation, putting other people in danger, criminal liability is inevitable, ”Ruks noted.

The Guardian:

“Our health system is in danger … The only way out of this crisis is to get vaccinated,” the prime minister, Krišjānis Kariņš, said on Monday evening at an emergency government meeting. He said the country’s low vaccination rate was to blame for the surge in hospital admissions.

“I have to apologise to the already vaccinated,” Kariņš said, adding that only essential manufacturing, construction and critical jobs would be allowed to continue in person.

  1. Raptar Driver says

    Mass resistance is the only way now.
    Who has the balls to actually do it?
    Most people just want to be chewing the cud.

    1. Mark Vedder says

      Nicely, nicely, please. There are ways of resisting that are far more effective and completely non-violent, though a certain attraction does accompany this ‘flair dramatique’.

      ‘Toxodendrin Radicans’, a lovely plant with medicinal applications can be extracted and gently applied as a balm on otherwise neglected surfaces such as police station urinal handles and gavel handles in courtrooms.

      Creativity and a sense of life can not only progress the cause of freedom, but provide stimulating entertainment.

      1. Raptar Driver says

        The time for nice resistance is long over.
        The gauntlet has been put down, it’s do or die time.

        1. ken says

          Yeah, I don’t get it. While the police are beating and kicking the shit out of people,,, Fining and jailing over ‘rules’,,, firing rubber bullets knocking out eyes and whatever, while your being fired for not taking their kill shot,,, kicking in your front door, dragging you out because you said a not so nice thing about them on the internet,,, arresting you for being out longer then your dictator allows,,, and so on…..

          YOU on the other hand should be nicey, nicey,,, smile and be courteous!

          What’s wrong with this?

          1. edwardi says

            Unless this is just simply what it seems, the deliberate and enforced extermination of people, world population reduction exercise already simulated and now being implemented. The New World Order, or the Great Reset is looking ahead to catastrophic climate change and exponential rise of population over the past century or so, and evidently this is their solution. Not very elegant, but so far, fairly effective. It is estimated from data that everyone jabbed will lose 100% of their immune function after one year, and start then dying off from a wide variety of secondary sources of infections no longer kept in control by a non existent natural immune. The Super computer simulations quickly told them that they couldn’t spread the vaccines if people just dropped dead on the spot, though some do just drop to the floor in epileptic spasms and die, have you seen the videos, so they have devised for us all a slow death and now the pudding heads who don’t want to just drop dead and die for the supposed goals of a New World Order are resisting. However Bill Gates and Charles Schwabb say that Resistance is Futile, and they have that all gamed out on their Super Computers. Now hopefully, I do not know this, the Chinese and Sputnik jabs are more well intentioned and less lethal and problematic, but from the reaction of the Russian public at least, they seem to be as generally skeptical as are many in the West.

  2. Malatok says

    How can you have a barbie without burned, crispy bacon?

  3. Malatok says


  4. ken says

    “Our health system is in danger … The only way out of this crisis is to get vaccinated,”

    What a spinless piece of work. Why are we letting these lunatics run (ruin) our lives?

    Look at that bottom pic closely. Is that moron someone you would want leading government? Notice he’s giving you the finger on his right hand.

    What a pathetic looking example of humanity much less leadership,,, and they all look like they’re right out of the asylum!

    Democratic elections today!

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