Latakia Port Bombing Killed 2 People, Mainly Burned Grain and Medicine

Russia claims Syrian air defenses didn't fire because a Russian jet was in the air nearby

Overnight, Israel attacked the Syrian port city of Latakia, causing multiple explosions and setting fires around several parts of the city. Details on the attack are just starting to emerge.

Russian Rear Admiral Oleg Zhuravlev offered substantial details on the strikes, saying two Israeli F-16s fired four missiles at the city’s ports. He reported minor material damage to port infrastructure. Two people were reported killed.

As far as the fire is concerned, it appears to have mostly burned shipping containers, with Syrian reporters saying that the fire mostly burned food and medical supplies.

Potentially the most important detail was on the timing of the attack. Syria has substantial air defenses at the port, but was unable to activate them because the Israeli attack came simultaneously with a Russian flight coming into the air base at Hmeimim, just 12 miles away.

Syria wouldn’t dare risk hitting the Russian plane, but the big question is if Israel was aware of its proximity. In recent attacks Israel has used airliners as cover for their attacks, and it would be entirely possible they knew this would keep air defense off them. Israel is refusing comment, but said they won’t let Iran bring in weapons.

Attacks on Latakia alone risk provoking Russia because of how close Hmeimim is. This makes it even more likely Russia will react, and object to the Israeli strikes.


  1. silver9blue says

    Try another one. Didn’t fire because they were Israeli planes and not missiles..Sorry but makes people wonder how much Russia is on their side as they defended them before more than once although sneaky Israel does hide behind.

    1. Jerry Hood says

      Rus.Putin is hostage to the kew oligsrchs, a puppet who must do their will!!!

  2. Annr says

    Israel the Rogue State.

    1. Jerry Hood says

      Only Eat-child colony for money-laundering in stolen,occupied Palestine..

      1. Jerry Hood says

        Rat-child colony…

  3. ken says

    Israel is the only country in the world that can get away with this bs. And all because it has the US backing. So the question is:

    If the Ukraine had US backing (and maybe does),,, would Russia allow it to bomb areas in Russia? The Answer would be a resounding no.

    Yes, Like the Ukraine Syria is a backwater nation but much further away from Russia’s borders. The time to say no is when the fight is far from your borders, not next door.

    Israel and the US are making fools of Russia showing the world that Russia will not go the distance to protect a ally or themselves.

    If Russian aircraft are flying into Syria via Lattakia then it would seem any attack nearby would be considered a direct threat which Russia would have the right to defend.

    But it seems Russia pushes this off on the Syrians so they, the Syrians, have to accept a devastating bombing without returning fire to protect Russian aircraft. So the Syrians are stuck with death and destruction because their ally doesn’t want to irritate an aggressor.

    While the US is arming up the Ukraine to the hilt, Russia only allows Syria third rate defensive equipment. It would be very easy for Russia to declare Syria a no fly zone, and to warn all nations that any aircraft launching weapons in Syria’s direction may be subject to destruction.

    This would immediately help the recovery of Syria and to boot act as a bonafide threat to Israel. which may give the US reason to lower the rhetoric in Ukraine.

    Either way,,, at some point in all this, Russia is going to have to Man Up. They are surrounded,,, the West is moving manpower and offensive weapons in while the Kremlin is playing tiddly winks with an old geezer. Soon they may witness another Barbarossa and Winter may not be so helpful this time around.

  4. Helga Weber says

    There is a good article on LewRockwell, about Britain and while reading it, one gets the feeling : nothing changed, this is now:

  5. Jerry Hood says

    The zioNazis of Isrealhell claims to hit a big Iranian gun depos!!!

  6. TZVI says

    Beruit II, a smaller sequel…

    Israel is going Meshugana ( crazy), maybe too many Pfizer injections?

  7. Frank Frivilous says

    Is Israel the only country in the world that used Airliners for cover while bombing food and medical supplies?

  8. anonymous human says

    Russia’s S300 and S400 can literally see the Occupied Palestine jets on their runways before they take off and can easily follow them on their routes. They absolutely know that they are heading toward the Latakia port. Seeing as this is not the first (or second, or third..) time the jews have used this tactic, shouldn’t Russia along with Syria have come up with an interdiction plan already and create a lot of pain for the deluded ones? This smacks of Russia treating Occupied Palestine with kid gloves, maybe because they are “jewish” and thus “chosen” (?). When will Russia read the Riot Act to these wanna-be “gods” (war mongers, racists and haters) and *make* them stop?

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