Kremlin Says Washington Must Make Its Decision Quickly, or Russia Will Make Its Own

Moscow says it will give January talks a try but not for very long.

Putin will not accept delaying tactics in negotiations on security guarantees

Russian President Vladimir Putin is calculating all the moves of foreign partners on the Russian initiative on security guarantees, but it will become clear at the upcoming talks in January whether the United States is ready to give a substantive answer to them, said the press secretary of the head of state Dmitry Peskov.

“Naturally, President Putin calculates not one move forward, not two moves forward, but calculates like a real chess player, and in such matters one must possess, probably, abilities higher than even a grandmaster. Therefore, I have no doubt that President Putin calculates everything, “- said Peskov in an interview with Vladimir Solovyov in the program” Moscow. Kremlin. Putin “of the TV channel” Russia 1 “(VGTRK).

At the same time, he added: “But we need to concentrate, nevertheless, on the negotiations that we expect will take place in January. It is during these negotiations that it will immediately become clear whether the Americans are ready to give a substantive answer, or if they aim to delay the process and initiate a drawn-out negotiation. ”

According to Peskov, the delay “will absolutely not suit the Russian side.” “And President Putin will not be satisfied, he has already spoken about this. The situation is such that a decision is needed, a quick, concrete solution is needed, and a solution that will meet our interests,” the Kremlin spokesman said.

He recalled that the President of the Russian Federation had already explained that “the security of some countries cannot be ensured to the detriment of others, and the security of some countries cannot become a danger for third countries.”

Source: Interfaks

At the same time, Putin once again repeats the formulation that Russia’s back has been pressed against a wall and that she can not take another step back:

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Russia’s announcement of “red lines” in the security sphere means that Moscow has been “pinned” to these lines and has nowhere else to retreat.

“I want everyone to understand, both in our country and abroad, our partners, so that it is clear: it’s not even a line that we don’t want someone to cross. They have pushed us to such a line, sorry for the bad manners, that we have nowhere to move on,” Putin said in an interview with the host of the Moscow.Kreml.Putin (Russia-1) program Pavel Zarubin.

In particular, he recalled: “I already said: they will put missile systems in Ukraine, four to five minutes of flight time to Moscow. Well, where do we go now?”

“They just brought us to such a state that we have to tell them:“ Stop!” That’s the whole point,” Putin said.

Source: Interfaks

  1. Cap960 says

    US ego has no limits. It does not care about Russia’s position. Period!

  2. jm74 says

    Why is it that Putin in compared to a chess player when in actual fact he is playing Chinese Checkers because he has made Russia vulnerable to attack on numerous fronts and has not solved any issues including the war in Syria where the Us/israelis attack Syria unhindered and unanswered.

    1. Raptar Driver says

      Cult of Putin.

      1. Raptar Driver says

        Thank you for identifying yourselves, cultists.

  3. GMC says

    When will Putin come out and tell the World that the USA, EU and Nato attacked Ukraine in 2014 and they have not only installed their own puppet government, but has 10,000 or more troops inside Ukraine, looking to attack Russia – next. It’s not a chess game anymore – it’s High Stakes Poker – winner takes all.

    This is the reality of the situation and since Israel’s Zionists run most of the USG, they too should be called out.

    Biden was criminally put in charge because he is mentally imbalanced and is the exact definition of a puppet, same as Zelinsky, and most of the leaders in the EU, Nato, East Europe, and Middle East – all puppets. Russia also , has some pro western puppets, but they have been kept on the payroll for some obtuse thinking, that they will be able to calm the situation down – they will not.

  4. London says

    The decision has been made for Washington by the richest families on the planet. They want the unconditional surrender of Russia and everything inside Russia unopposed for themselves and their own. Russia will surrender unconditionally. If not the families will still survive the best of all to own and lead the world. If you don’t touch the untouchables they still win, in all scenarios. So they are driving you down the path to unconditional surrender or the unthinkable.

  5. Jerry Hood says

    I want to see Russia hitting hard the ” great” USAtan!!!

    1. Raptar Driver says

      Sounds like a great title for a porno?

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