Kremlin Removes Victoria Nuland From Sanctions List, Welcomes Her to Moscow

"In exchange, the United States removed one Russian official from its sanctions list."

US Under Secretary of State Victoria Nuland was removed from the Russian sanctions lists because of her official post in the Biden administration, a high-ranking source told the newspaper, noting that the diplomat was previously blacklisted when she worked for an NGO.

On October 11, the diplomat arrived in Moscow where she will hold talks with Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov, Deputy Chief of the Russian Presidential Staff Dmitry Kozak, Kremlin Aide Yuri Ushakov and others.

Given her past experience as the Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs during the Obama administration, a lot of attention during her talks in Moscow will focus on the settlement in Ukraine.

According to Director of the Russian Center for Current Policy Alexey Chesnakov, it is necessary to keep in mind that the US possesses strong mechanisms of pressure on Kiev while Moscow has a clear agenda regarding Ukraine, adding that no constructive dialogue is possible between Moscow and Kiev.

According to former Russian Ambassador to the US and First Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council’s Committee on Foreign Affairs Sergey Kislyak, Nuland’s visit is an important event since both Moscow and Washington accumulated a large number of issues that need to be discussed “and where we have disagreements and this is not just Ukraine.”

“The very fact of a dialogue is a step in the right direction on our part. Essentially, this is the first working contact at this level after Joe Biden’s administration came to power, so such contacts usually cover a wide range of issues,” the diplomat said.

Source: Izvestia

In exchange, the United States removed one Russian official from its sanctions list.

The Russian official was not officially identified, but Russian media widely reported on October 10 that it was the acting deputy director of the Foreign Ministry’s department for nonproliferation and arms control, Konstantin Vorontsov.

  1. ken says

    No surprise. Look up her tribe.

    And look at her! 21st century American woman! Diabetes and heart disease special. Obviously been at the taxpayer feeding trough too long.

    1. Leisure Larry says

      She was central figure in the (((State Department))) overthrow of Ukraine.
      She and VP Biden were tasked with lighting off a NATO-Russia cataclysm by genociding Russophones on Putin’s border. Only the brave defenders of Donbass prevented WWIII.

      RIP Givi

      1. Raptar Driver says

        If I recall correctly Givi was ethnically Georgian.
        All Russian in his heart.

  2. Pablo says

    And so a Warmonger and War Criminal has the sanctions imposed on her removed. Sad news. She should be facing War Crimes charges at The Hague.

    1. Leisure Larry says

      There are thousands of (((them))) in D.C.

      A dramatis personae of the rape of Ukraine reads like a Tel Aviv phone book.
      These are the creatures who knocked down the airliner to blame Putin.

  3. guest says

    “I am for a government rigorously frugal and simple …
     I am for free commerce with all nations; political connection with none; and little or no diplomatic establishment.” —wrote Vice-President Thomas Jefferson on January 26, 1799.

    Russia and everyone else should learn from experience; what ambassadors, embassies, diplomats and diplomatic relations lead to.

  4. Rebel Forever says

    Ms Nuland, please stay in Russia…we don’t need your warmongering ass back in the U. S. What an absolutely pathetic excuse for a human being.

    1. Mr Reynard says

      Rebel Forever, why to hate Russian ?? What did they do to you, that you wish them to have that reptilian hag in their country ?
      I think that the correct place for her is in Tartarus !

  5. yuri says

    a comic book character impersonating a diplomat….text received from Austrian friend, “famous comedian in Vienna—‘the study is from USA…why do we need to listen to the most unconscious'”

  6. joeg says

    Fatty who serves Israel – not the American people.

  7. geo says

    The power of the Sabbatean Frankist sect – false Jews, pretending they’re Jewish only.

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