Kremlin Confirms US, Russian Spy Chiefs Held Talks in Turkey

Source: TASS

Russian-US talks did take place in Ankara on Monday at the initiative of the United States, Russian Presidential Spokesman Dmitry Peskov told TASS today.

“Such negotiations did, indeed, take place. They were initiated by the US side,” the Kremlin spokesman said.

Peskov avoided disclosing the subject matter of the conversations. Earlier, Reuters, citing a White House official, reported that the director of the US Central Intelligence Agency, William Burns, was in the Turkish capital, where he had arrived to meet with his Russian counterpart.

The Kommersant daily wrote that talks were in progress in Ankara between Russian and US delegations. The director of the foreign intelligence service (SVR), Sergey Naryshkin, was reportedly representing Russia.

The Turkish authorities have not released any official comments. The NTV channel, citing sources in the Turkish special services, speculated that the meeting could be important for establishing lines of communication between Russia and the United States.

  1. Blackledge says

    Is Russia looking for a way out? Gosh, I don’t know. The battlefield is littered with burnt out and blown up Russian armored vehicles, and littered with Russian dead, everywhere. Captured Russians are dressed in second-hand clothing, and appear as homeless people in America: a rabble.

    Yet somehow, Drmity Orlov insists that all of this is “victory,” and the USA “is about to collapse.”

    Confusing, isn’t it?

  2. Yuno says

    New levels of dissimulation being reached for -and gained – in the faux journalism/gov spokesmen/shadowy ‘intelligence’ nexus which blends together the worst elements of controlled medias, puppet governments, & mafiya led ‘security’ forces/ as our ‘post-reality’ era jets further and further away from any remotely real ‘events,’ authentic ‘leaders,’ & factual reporting.

    The extreme dubiousness of this ‘report’ can be characterized simply by recognizing that the putative presence of a “CIA chief” meeting their Rus equivalent in the HQ of MIT is a marvel comics production – ever since the twin Istanbyl bombings attributed in 2016 to the usual Kurd suspects, the CIA, and it’s head in particular has been the whipping boy for the Turkish gov’s responses to domestic turmoil. A declination quietly abetted and encouraged by the Russkies – whose own ambassador was assassinated in broad daylight in that same venue short years later… with nary a ‘peep’ of public protest from the victims side!

    IN SHORT – CIA chiefs are so ‘persona non grata’ in Ankara that the idea of one appearing by invitation in broad daylight – in the bowels of Turkiyes answer to the ol CHEKA hq no less – is so ‘out there’ as to compete with the notion that Peskov & Co have sent off all their male offspring to the front lines in a frenzy of patriotic fervor!

    This is simply “Spy vs Spy” Mad Magazine territory now. Since the gullible readership will believe literally anything their media masters sell them, the ‘skies the limit’ for tall tales; starting with the other extremely dubious content the week began with – Lavrov in Asian hospital with ‘heart’ problems – mix with a sudden out of the blue REPEAT Istanbul bombing IMMEDIATELY PRIOR TO this faux ‘bombshell’ story…

    you’ve got new levels of deceit packaged as “news.”

    Looks like everyone is rushing to get the biggest piece of cheese, before the rug gets pulled… and the WHO announces the next level of lockdown madness so that the UN can place all industry/petroleum infrastructure under ‘house arrest’… and we can all get to play ‘re-enactors’ in some kind of

    gruesome repeat of the worst phases of Mao’s edition of the Holodomar – where starving families eat their own, and wretched cadres of the central gov pick out local beauties to send to imperial HQ in Beijing.

    There. Is. No. News. And even ‘the weather’ is fake. Don’t touch that dial – comin up on “news @11:”


    Neo-trot/neo cons own this whole shitshow. They are laughing at you right now… while sharing a sundowner with Epstein and Mark Rich somewhere in Haifa.

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