Komsomolskaya Pravda: “The Ukrainian Army Is Amazing”

"Very strong...truly the army of the 21st century"

Source: Excerpt from Komsomolskaya Pravda

Machine translated from Russian.

The Ukrainian army turned out to be much stronger than it was assumed, looking from Russia, and much stronger than it was seen by Western analysts. In 2014, 87% of the Ukrainian army stationed in Crimea sided with Russia, the remaining 13%, in fact, took a neutral position and refused to fight with the Russian army.

In 2022, not a single unit of the Ukrainian army switched to the Russian side, and not a single unit refused to fight. Moreover, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are engaged in such fierce battles that they forced the Russians to radically change their military strategy. So what is the strength of the army of Ukraine?

The Ukrainian army is an amazing and very strong combination of a Russian soldier, a fascist officer and an American general, in many respects it is really the army of the XXI century, and to a much greater extent than most other armies in the world. [Quite the sight to see Komsomolskaya Pravda extolling the competency of the fascist officer.]

The rank and file are Russian people; the language of the Ukrainian army is Russian. The Russian soldier for centuries is considered one of the strongest in the world. This is a soldier who is ready to risk his life, to give it up for the sake of fulfilling the orders of the commander and the oath.

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  1. oleg koshevoy says

    If the Pravda of the Lenin Youth represents the general mindset, then there is your problem of understanding and accepting reality.

    According to the diseased mindset, presented by the Pravda of the Communist Youth, something has to be wrong with a person who doesn’t want to be part of Empire Russia, doesn’t want to be controlled by Moscow. If this really is the general attitude in the Principality of Muscovy, then there is the reason for this war, and the reason for the cluster-failure of Operation Special Freedom. (Empire England had similar attitude towards America in 1776 and after.)

    Sergey Markov obviously grew up on the propaganda that Ukraine & the people in it are (and have always been) the property of Empire Russia. He never looked outside the box that was placed on his head when he was six years old; he never exposed himself to reality, ideas, concepts, world views, &c

    The Pravda of the Lenin Youth writes, that in 2014 the government of Ukraine took the national socialist children, put them into military school, and trained them up to be Wehrmacht captains and lieutenants. This is the mental contortion he needs in order to face the reality outside his box that the people of Harkov, Lvov, Odessa want no part of the government in Moscow. He has the same problem when he has to face the attitude of the people of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Gruzia, Moldova, and a whole bunch of places between Vladivostok and Königsberg.

    Sergey Markov doesn’t want to know that the people of Ukraine wanted no part of Russia, ever —they always had to be conquered through a blood-bath; they certainly wanted no part of Russia in 1945, but they had no say in the matter —they would have been better off under German occupation than under Russian occupation. In 1991 the people of Ukraine could hardly wait for independence from Russia. Since 1992 the government of Russia gave no reason whatsoever to the people of Ukraine to change their minds about Pan-Slavia. The people who had a chance to migrate from Ukraine since 1992, they migrated to NATO countries.

    Then Sergey Markov remarks that in 2014 80% of the Ukrainian soldiers in Crimea joined the Soviet Armed Forces, the rest did nothing and got themselves some other job.
    Was this the premise upon which the High Command made their grandiose war plans ?
    If Sergey knew that since 2014 the Ukrainian government has been training a national socialist Wehrmacht officer core, how come he & the high-command didn’t know that they will put up a fight ?

    “For centuries, the Russian soldier has been considered one of the strongest in the world”
    Once again, Sergey Markov is contorting because he is unable to face the reality of the cluster-failure of the Army of Russia —only another Russian can defeat the Russian Army. Really ?! The French army, the German army, the Japanese army, the English army —were they all Russians ?

    The number one thing the Russian soldiers were known in the past 200 years is that there were too many of them, and they were ill used by their commanders. In WW1 & WW2, Russian general slaughtered Russian soldiers by the million —German machine-gunners ran out of bullets before the Russian general ran out of soldiers. Another thing the Russian soldier is known for is that if you give a wounded Russian soldier a drink of water, he will stab you in the process. Another thing the Russian soldier is known for is gang-rape —just ask anyone who has ever been liberated by the Russian Army (even in France after the war against Napoleon)

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