Kherson Remains Part of Russia, Despite Withdrawal – Kremlin

Russia says has lost a Russian city to a country 25% its size

Source: RT


The withdrawal of Russian forces from Kherson has no effect on the legal status of the region, Moscow insists, as it was officially incorporated into Russia last month after a public referendum.

Speaking to journalists on Friday, Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov stated that “Kherson Region remains part of the Russian Federation, and this status is legally fixed and defined, and there can be no changes to this status.”

His comments come after the Defense Ministry announced that Russian forces had completed their redeployment to the left bank of the Dnieper River on Friday without suffering any loss of personnel, weapons, or vehicles.

The ministry also noted that all residents who wished to leave were also provided with assistance and safely made it across the river despite attempts by Kiev’s forces to disrupt the movement of civilians with artillery fire.

Earlier this week, Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu ordered Russian forces to withdraw from the provincial capital of Kherson in order to avoid unnecessary deaths and to take up a stronger defensive position. The decision, which was described as “difficult” by military officials, has left the city exposed to capture by Kiev’s troops.

Kherson Region officially became a part of Russia last month, together with the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics as well as Zaporozhye Region after a referendum. Kiev called the vote a “sham” and has pledged to keep fighting until all land that it considers to be rightfully Ukrainian is taken.

  1. Blackledge says

    I don’t get it. RF rushes to hold a referendum, announces “the people have voted to join Russia,” then evacuates, taking said residents with them. The people in the Kremlin appear to be suffering from something broken between their ears. There won’t be any Russian return to the west side of the river, via military force or diplomatic agreement. “Russia is here forever” turned out to be an empty pledge.

    Defeat and retreat is all they have.

  2. YakovKedmi says

    >>>> “Kershon remains part of Mother Russia”
    And Crimea remains eternal part of eternal Ukraine.

    How about Port Artur ? Is it still eternal part of eternal Mother Russia ? Is Gruzia still eternal part of eternal Russia ? or Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia ? How about the Indian ocean ? is it still Russian territorial water ?

    With its present inhabitants, we really don’t want California to remain part of Mother of all Russia.

    Originally Rostov country and Krasnodar country were part of eternal Ukraine —and Kiev government has as much right to claim them as to claim Karpathia or Bukowina, or the sea-coast of Moldavia.

    1. Yuno says

      Statists long for “eternity” as a cloth to wipe away the bitter truth that all ’empires,’ ‘power blocs,’ ‘reichs,’ & so on have expiry dates sewed right into the fabric. “Eternal” Tatary would take the bulk of what is now known as “Russia,” (the neo-Turanists presently posing as Russia’s good friend and ally across the Black Sea are working on that right now!)

      “Eternal” Han ephemeral Sino-empire would gobble all the Siberian sector and probably cross the Pamirs in search of old treaty lines. With such a display of nascent imperial ambition, the dark heart of the “Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth” would probably awaken to seize ‘it’s destiny’ in the form of BelaRus and the Baltic strip.

      Ukraine was the Pandora’s Box that the judo-champ couldn’t refrain from opening – due to his binding ties to the people who decide how and when ’empires’ die. The Rus you thought ‘eternal’ is slipping away faster than an icecube in the Death Valley desert.

      Speaking of which – a parallel process is underway in erstwhile ‘competitors’ homelands. The neo-Hispanic imperium eyes its former colonies of Kalifornia, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Tejas, and Colorado with motherly affection. Even a dying/drying Mississippi is pining for it’s old ‘fur trade’ owners to return.

      The powers of ‘dissolution’ are near their peak. Yet out of ‘chaos’ comes ‘order.’ Gezer Galicia – the Yiddish Imperium stretching from the Oder to the Danube, has wakened to it’s fated future – a new “unholy land” arises out of the ashes of a self-immolated slavic heartland! Edom will wear rags as a beggar at the court of the shetl kings – whose ‘revenge’ against the hated czar has now been realized.

      1. Blackledge says

        As always, you raise excellent points. For some time now I have wondered if the long-term goal of the global finance-capitalists isn’t merely regime change in Moscow, or to break Russia up into smaller, more “manageable” pseudo-states, but rather the complete dissolution of all of the last remaining large nation-states: Russia, China, the USA, and perhaps even India.

        Yugoslavia was broken up, and none of the constituent parts is very strong at all. Taking that outcome and scaling it up would be a logical step for parties pursuing a One World/Global Governance regime.

        Please correct me if I am off base.

        1. Yuno says

          Seems like a solid enough premise. At one time, great attention was paid to the so-called ‘non-aligned movement’ that Yugoslavia was a premier ‘partner’ within. Yet when ‘the forces of dissolution’ decided that creature of their own making was no longer a useful foil – it was all gone in the blink of an eye.

          Should we wonder that such a demolition would take place under the aegis of Bill “Rhodes Scholar” Clinton? As always, those who refuse to ‘follow the money’ when pretending to analyze geopolitical events get mired in endless cul de sacs far from ‘probable cause;’ “Resource extraction” has been a profitable pastime for untold millennia – the use of both populations and raw materials to enhance the wealth of those who create and overthrow ‘kings & emperors’ at the drop of a hat

          has strange parallels to those stories of “annukis” & extraterrestrials supposed to have ‘created’ us as a slave race. Seems we don’t really need go “off planet” to zero in on our ‘spec-ial’ malaise however. Whatever the true antecedents of the ‘moneymasters’ we are all enthralled to, we can be sure that their love of lucre and hate for ‘our kind’ is the guiding force in all this imaginary “human action” the media inveigle us into believing is taking place –

          instead of simply the routine overthrow of handpuppets who’s use has expired, and the setting up of a new group of dogsbodies. I rather suspect that their new AI toy is the ‘gamechanger’ here. Could be that they are finally convinced that we can be [almost]entirely dispensed with – without terminal damage to their pocketbooks. The Kovid-Kaper certainly points in that direction. What do you think? Are we now ‘expendable’… a la “Yuval Harari?”

          1. Blackledge says

            Have we become expendable? It would seem so. The ending of the various debt bubble-cycles – each one larger and more systemically dangerous in turn than the one that preceded it – with no way to restart them – would appear to have made billions of human being superfluous to the global money-power. Are “useless eaters” now slated for a Great Purge, then? It increasingly looks that way …

            1. peterinanz says

              There is a caveat in dissolution of all nation states. Commerce, or security of trade lines. Somebody has to keep those safe so the goods and services can flow to the top. The only entity capable of that is US military, as we speak.

              I believe the objective is to have US nation state as hegemon, some as weak/weakened vassals, the rest as, now when you used Yugoslavia as example, something as current Bosnia. Managed entities in all but name.

              Finance power, by CBDC, on the top; managerial state, highly centralized, as executor of their will.
              Some high tech version of Tolkien One Ring.
              Putin, still, hopes to be one of the Nazgul there. Cut some deal and survive within his own fiefdom.

              As for purging, the lifestyle in the developed world and increased poverty in the rest will take care of that.

        2. Pat says

          And yet they are creating a culture-less European super state !

          And perhaps a nafta north American super state

          On the way to a world government which would require in effect a one world superstate .

          1. Blackledge says

            Not superstates, but 10 regional spheres. Per the Club of Rome:


      2. Oscar Peterson says

        “Statists long for “eternity” as a cloth to wipe away the bitter truth that all ’empires,’ ‘power blocs,’ ‘reichs,’ & so on have expiry dates sewed right into the fabric.”

        What do you long for?

        1. Yuno says

          Prolly what Kerouac was always nibbling around the edges of, without the use of the bottle to get illicit glimpses… Totally outré places and faces, long abandoned by the thinking classes… that’s where to look me up!

          Did you know that Oscar’s last masterpiece – the album done in the Black Forest Studios with Klaus Oberman and the orchestra – contains the keys to the stars? His version of Jobims “Wave” takes off from where Bill Evans left things with that final live take of ‘Turn Out the Stars’ – and continues on to a place beyond where mere mortals can travel… except for a moment, with such astral gods as those two geniuses were indeed>? Lands beyond longing, those be.

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