Kazakh Troops Spotted Manning Anti-Protest Checkpoints in UN Helmets

Not exactly anti-globalist of them?

Is there a helmet shortage?

Kazakh state media caused a stir after it photographs of state security forces wearing blue UN helmets at a checkpoint in Almaty on January 9.

Last week Kazakh President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev called in Collective Security Treaty Organisation (CSTO) peacekeepers from Russia and the other member states to quell violent protests that threatened to topple the government, and blamed international terrorist groups. However, this was not a UN operation nor was the UN approached for help, raising the question of why are the Kazakh troops wearing the trademark UN blue helmets?

Experts quickly pointed out that the soldiers were part of KAZBAT, a peacekeeping military unit in Kazakhstan’s army trained to United Nations standards. However, despite their training, KAZBAT is not authorised to wear UN insignia unless they are on an official UN peacekeeping mission.

A UN spokesperson told Germany’s Bild newspaper: “United Nations troops and police stations may only use the UN badges if they are performing their mandated tasks within the framework of a United Nations peacekeeping operation mandated by the UN Security Council.”

Alongside the CSTO peacekeeping forces headed by Moscow, KAZBAT soldiers were deployed to quell last week’s demonstrations caused by a sharp fuel price increase. Disenfranchised citizens organised strikes and street protests, and even stormed government buildings. More than 10,000 people were arrested and over a dozen were killed, according to the authorities during the unrest.

In response to online criticism, the Permanent Mission of Kazakhstan to the United Nations released a statement that “measures were taken to prevent the use of any equipment bearing the UN inscription” but the mission failed to explain why the helmets were being used.

Source: bne IntelliNews

Editor’s note: The article goes on to claim that Belarusian troops in Kazakhstan were also spotted wearing UN patches, but as even Meduza explains this is not true. The Belarusian peacekeeping patch is visually similar to the UN patch, but not the same.

The patches have the inscription “Peacekeeping Company” in both Belarusian and English. Like the UN emblem, the insignia of the Belarusian Peacekeeping Company depicts a map of the world surrounded by olive tree branches. However, it also includes crossed swords.  


  1. TZVI says

    Ugg, most likely left over from some peace keeping mission, it also might keep some from shooting at them…or it might just make for more visibility and a better target with the “safety Blue”.

    Personally a can of spray paint would be in order…I have heard to many tales of Red cross emblems making it easier for Snipers to hit that mark, so too with the bright blue and white…

    1. Jerry Hood says

      That’s wjat the zioNazis are dping in Palestine!

  2. ken says

    Whether true or not doesn’t matter. The UN was founded to be the worlds government. It needs to be dissolved just as the League of Nations. 90% of the worlds woes today are born from the United Nations.

    Anytime you have a place for politicians to easily come together and conspire you can expect trouble. Agenda 2020, 2025 and 2030 and on and on. Besides that they simply soak up taxpayer money and contribute nothing.

    As seen in Kazakhstan the UN was not needed. Aggressive countries use the UN as a proxy such as Korea.

    The UN along with the billionaire clubs are the enemy of freedom and liberty. The UN needs to be abolished…

    1. Helga Weber says

      Could not agree more.

  3. Helga Weber says

    Since the whole world is upside down, bad is good and good is bad, it does not really matter.
    I am all for recycling, reusing.

  4. Adam says

    Those “Blue Helmets” suggest some kind of deception (Globalist). So once you notice
    a violent takeover of your country (any part of Eastern Europe). They just maybe those little green men wearing those blue helmets sent by a Mr. V Putin (Someone who means the UN). Only if you believe it.

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