Just Three Years Ago This Third World Governor Was Bragging His State’s Economy Was Larger Than Russia’s

But in Russia they don't go to the pre-electric age because it got cold

The Russians are too polite to point this out so somebody has to do it for them

Greg Abbot in 2018:

Gov. Greg Abbott boasted about Texas’ economy by comparing it to Russia and joked it made him “more powerful” than Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“In Texas, we don’t compare our economy to other states,” Abbott said to a cheering audience. “We compare our economy to other countries!”

Texas, with its annual GDP of $1.7 trillion, is ranked the 10th-largest economy in the world.

“By comparison, the Texas economy is larger than Canada, it’s larger than Australia,” Abbott said. “And get this. The Texas economy is even larger than the economy of Russia. That makes me more powerful than Putin!”

He almost certainly got this information from the media, specifically Forbes’ Frank Holmes which had made the comparison a month before Abbot: Which Has The Bigger Economy: Texas Or Russia?

The information is true if you hold to the quixotic notion that when you sign up for a $60 internet subscription in Texas you are contributing three times as much to the economy as you would if you subscribed to the exact same internet speed in Russia for the ruble equivalent of $20.

There are other differences.

For example, in Russia people don’t start freezing in their homes because frozen water fell from the sky. They have this thing called electricity to keep themselves warm. It was discovered over a hundred years ago. Apparently, Texans are also somewhat familiar with it (less so these days), but not to the extent that they would know how to make it work when it gets cold (aka when you need it).

In the most run-down, and coldest places in Russia that can only laugh at Texas’ sorry excuse for a “cold front” the stuff still works.

Notice that’s an electric display

Hey, it happens. Sometimes you get caught by surprise. But a little less bragging and a little more winterizing of the power grid wouldn’t have hurt. If you’re going to brag about how much more developed you are –> then better make sure you don’t make yourself look like the Third World less than 1000 days after.

An estimated 2.8 million households across Texas remain without power as of 9 a.m. Wednesday, according to ERCOT, the company that oversees the state’s electric grid. It marks some improvement over the 3.7 million outages reported the day before.

For the record, Texas has just 20% of Russia’s population but pumps 50% as much oil. All that energy and still can’t keep the lights, or heat, on.

Who’s the Nigeria-with-snow now? I won’t even say “gas station masquerading as a state” because the gas stations I know don’t freeze up.

  1. ken says

    The US has nothing left to brag about so they’re left with bragging about years past accomplishments when its population wasn’t whining about more stimulus checks and free everything, but were WORKING to make to make a better home for their families,

    Today the USA cannot make a toaster oven or anything else they need. That comes from those countries they look down on.

  2. GMC says

    Loved the story / article – spasiba

  3. Andrew Ho says

    Ok, I’m from Texas, and quite frankly, there’s no need for this when ordinary citizens are suffering because their leadership failed them. Maybe this will be their wake-up call that putting all their eggs into green energy is a bad strategy. Maybe Russia can even offer her help. It would be quite a spectacle for Texas to thumb her noses at Washington and accept Russia’s help.

    1. XSFRGR says

      “In a democracy the people receive the government that they deserve.” I have no sympathy for my fellow Texans.

      1. Bill Jackson says

        Dude, you don’t live in a democracy. That’s just your ego talking.

    2. Romeo Leblanc says

      You along with many others are believing FAKE news again, green energy is not the reason for this but the need for businesses to increase profits by not investing in proper maintenance for cold weather, why? they don’t want to spend their profits

  4. XSFRGR says

    Covid hysteria induced inflation will tank the U$D, and when it does the economic ladder is going to be kicked out from under Texas, and the rest of the U$. It’s going to be a long fall with a hard landing.

  5. Mr Reynard says

    Humm IMHO Loonies are in charge of the Loony Bin called USA !

    1. eduard says

      Amerikans voted for a pedophile for a president. How low can a country sink.

      1. Mr Reynard says

        eduard. American DIDN’T voted for the paedophile, the Media did & the Dominon voting machine with the help of psycho-scums subhumans did !

        1. geo says

          Did vote and let it go.
          Accepting the biggest fraud just prove the Americans are no longer Americans.
          This gives the Marxists courage to destroy the country.

  6. yuri says

    soon ukraine and Texas will crate a new nation, texukropistan; this will solve their problems

  7. SteveK9 says

    The Greta’s have done in Texas. Tons of useless wind and no money to maintain the parts of the system that actually work all the time.

  8. Jacques Devin says

    Russia/China are having the last laugh, with d umm y Biden and his H o Camel_a Harris the US economy is going down the drain just like in third world shi te hole banana republic..

  9. Jame Parker says

    Maybe if corporations were not asset stripping Texas, they could have themselves a first world grid. Then they could make an attempt at honest elections.

  10. George W Obama says

    This is why Texas received their one star rating. And Texans brag about their Lone Star?

  11. yuri says

    Berdayev, Celine, Heidegger, Hertzen, Marx, Mumford all observed that the west was obsessed with a lower form of development that degraded the human personality while Russians celebrated, freedom, justice, individuality, a higher form of development. It appears amerikans do poorly in both. By GDP Russia now ranks #5, Germany #6, China #1, USA #2–rigged by fake numbers–debt and imports…”Man desiring no longer to be the image of God becomes the image of the machine”. N Berdayaev
    “only in amerika do people act like machines are treated like machines and only in USA are machine metaphors used to describe human behavior”. Geoffrey Gorer

  12. Afshin R Nejat says

    The important matter is that the ignavi are just running in circles, playing games of “you’re it” and “tu quoque”, but they never leave the ignoble condition of being led around by demons with false flags of meaningless devotion, to clash back and forth vainly and for nothing other than the suffering and hypocrisy of their condition. Russia is only better off to the extent that it extricates itself from this immoral immaturity, and learn that an honor-based mentality can sometimes border on a childish ineffectuality. That said Russia is still doing better than everyone but China these recent years, given her turmoil over the last 140.

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