Just a Photo of the Chinese Para Ice Hockey Team Arriving in Sweden

Brainwashed much?

The World Para Ice Hockey Championship of the lower B-Pool division will be held in Sweden’s Ostersund from September 17 to September 22.

One of the teams participating is China:

This is a photo of them after touching ground in Sweden:


I understand that as invalids you technically have comorbidities, but you’re athletes for god’s sake.

Are you going play the matches with the muzzles on as well?

  1. Raptar Driver says

    Never understood the Chinese, not just their language, their culture, the way they think.
    They are like aliens, kind of like the Borg.

    1. Blunt says

      Do you know why? Because you are an ignorant D*** A** Boak Bollocks.

      1. Raptar Driver says

        Fuck you asshole!
        Screw your whole stupid little island!
        Are you sore over Hong Kong little bitch?

        1. Dong Feng says

          Borg? Aliens? Sounds more like you white faggots, always projecting and blindly believing whatever anti-Chinese propaganda that your LGBT loving politicians spew out.

          We are the American Borg! You will be assimilated with “freedom and democracy”! Resistance is futile!

          Too bad you just got your ass kicked out of Afghanistan lol, resistance is definitely not futile!

          You sound like a little bitch yourself, so angry that nothing you white cucks done have stopped China’s rise. Death to you and your sick degenerate western culture!

  2. Ruan Gong says

    Yes China is a bit over the top when it comes to Covid-1984. Aren’t they vaccinated? If they are vaccinated then what are they worried about? They can just stay home if they are that worried. However, I don’t care what China or Chinese people do. That’s their business. I just don’t want Australia to be crazy about Covid-1984. At the moment, Australia is the hellhole when it comes to Covid-1984. Nothing makes sense here.

  3. Dale says

    Another recent I’m reluctant to believe that Covid is a Chinese psyop. They’re clearly terrified of it.

    1. Leisure Larry says

      The communist assault is and has always been a cloaked Jewish race war against Whites.

    2. Steve Kastl says

      It seems just a bit over the top to wear hazmat suits on an airplane. Otherwise, China and Russia seem less hysterical than the Western dunderheads.

  4. Divelto says

    I live in Japan, all of the Chinese people I know here are 300 percent unquestioning covid fanatics. The brainwashing via Chinese media must be brutal.

    1. Maiasta says

      In this context, though, an official team representing the country could hardly express a contrary view, even if they had one.

  5. ken says

    This is photo shop, yes? Maybe a Bee keepers convention?

    Surely no one is this stupid!

    If this is on the up and up then we are burnt toast….

  6. Ron says

    People reading on this site are NOT in China or likely have never been to China. Getting all your facts from “media” and believing it 100% just proves you have brain damage. The people in China have been free from any Covid hysteria since May 2020. There is NO forced masking, social distancing or closing of businesses. To wear a mask is by choice. The vaccine rolled out in China is the old fashion “dead virus” vaccine and NOT the new untested “gene therapy” forced in the West. Regardless, there is NO such thing as an infectious virus. It’s ALL a hoax but there is a difference in regards to which toxic cocktail your governments are pushing and the societal control being forced and implemented.

    1. Raptar Driver says

      That maybe so but you do realize a dead virus can’t stimulate immune response?

      1. Maiasta says

        Viruses are neither ‘alive’ nor ‘dead’ in any conventional sense. They are simply RNA or DNA vesicles inside capsids. In sum, they are just genetic information, and as ‘Ron’ says (above) they do not ‘infect’ anyone either. Endocytosis and exocytosis are two normal cellular functions that occur constantly.

  7. Godfree Roberts says

    A recurring source of Covid infections in China has been international air travelers and crews. Hence the precautions taken by these vulnerable young people.

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