Just 6 of Empire’s 61 B-1 Bombers Are Combatworthy

Blowing up Afghan shepherds for twenty years has taken its toll

At the Senate confirmation hearing for Gen. John Hyten on Jul. 30, 2019 it was disclosed that the U.S. Air Force has only six fully mission-capable B-1B bombers.

The B-1 fleet is in the midst of an intensive slate of maintenance work and upgrades. Of the 61 jets, 15 are in depot maintenance and 39 aircraft are down for inspections or other issues, Sen. Mike Rounds, a South Dakota senator, said during the hearing.

As reported by Air Force Magazine, in response, Hyten implored lawmakers to provide B-1 maintenance funding to reverse the fleet’s problems.

“We were just beating the heck out of them, deploying them, deploying them,” Hyten said. “We had to pull back a little and get after fixing those issues. The depots can do that if they have stable funding.”

The House Armed Services seapower and projection forces subcommittee hinted at the issue in legislation earlier this year. House lawmakers asked the U.S. Air Force (USAF) to report back with a readiness recovery plan for the conventionally armed bomber. Long known as a workhorse overseas, the B-1s were grounded for nearly four weeks this spring due to issues with ejection seat.

According to the subcommittee’s version of the 2020 defense policy bill, Senators want the Air Force to take more responsibility for solving the problems. “The committee is concerned B-1 readiness does not have the priority and resources to improve B-1 mission-capable rates,” the report states. “This is evidenced by fully mission-capable aircraft currently in single digits and aircrew being rerouted from flying the B-1 to other aircraft due to lack of B-1 aircraft for training.”

The Air Force also grounded B-1s in June 2018, after the wing of an aircraft from Dyess AFB, Tex., caught fire during training—and the ejection seat would not budge.

Gen. Timothy Ray, head of Air Force Global Strike Command, has acknowledged B-1 inspections as necessary for the aging fleet despite affecting readiness. The Boeing-built B-1s entered service in the 1980s, but didn’t fly their  first combat mission until 1998. Since then, however, it’s been a workhorse.

“It’s not a young airplane,” Ray said. “Wear and tear is part of the things we find.”

Source: The Aviation Geek Club

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  2. CHUCKMAN says

    “Blowing up Afghan shepherds for twenty years has taken its toll”

    That brilliant line says it all.

    And it’s not just sarcasm, it is brutal truth.

  3. Nick Rhynes says

    6? Isn’t that the same number of su-57’s available to russia?

    1. alfa1 says

      They have 12 now, but it only takes one Mig31 to take out all six of the B-1’s

  4. Séamus Ó Néill says

    Don’t you just love it, only 6 of these “harbingers of death” are now capable of doing Satan’s work. The infrastructure, all over America, is crashing down around them but their ultimate priority is to make sure that as many death machines as possible are still working. The meltdown and collapse of the most demonic regime in world history is now clearly visible. In its dying throes it’s lashing out but its most recent malevolent efforts in Venezuela, Iran, Ukraine and Hong Kong have failed miserably. Its vassals are finally turning their backs on the regime with only that insignificant little lackey, Britain, still prepared to lick ass. With all respect, or admiration, for America, vanished completely, it’s only a matter of time until the inevitable bankruptcy steamrolls this iniquitous mess into the annals of history !

  5. JustPassingThrough says

    It is becoming more evident every day that the emporer has no clothes, no air force, no navy, no army, no foreign policy, no trade policy, no viable govt. and no contact with reality.

    It is also becoming more evident every day that the empire’s social structure is collapsing, its cities are collapsing, its health system is collapsing, its education system has collapsed, its middle class has collapsed and its food supply is either poisoned or under water.

    It is also becoming more evident every day that the country is in a civil war, its citizens are comprised of 7 genders, porn hub is the new adult sesame street, opiate addiction is the new free ride to paradise and pedophilia is a new career path.

    It is also becoming more evident every day that the powers that-are have conquered most states and are reducing the population to slave status with soft and hard drugs, chemically laced food, pedowood blockbusters, MSM freak shows and laws banning anti-khazarianism.

    …pass the popcorn

    1. Nick Rhynes says

      What color is the sky in your world?

      1. JustPassingThrough says

        oh nicky you’re so clever.
        wake up.

        1. Nick Rhynes says

          I’d be behind ya on some of your points if you could back off the extremes. Not everything is ‘collapsing’ and as dire as you describe. Though the ‘pedo as a career path’ mad me lol

          1. JustPassingThrough says

            what is not “collapsing” in your view?
            what is not “dire” in your view?
            which of my points is at the “extreme?”

            1. Nick Rhynes says

              Well, for starters, we aren’t embroiled in a civil war. And clearly the educational system hasn’t ‘collapsed’.

              Most of what you say has merit but you just multiply x1000 🙂

            2. JustPassingThrough says

              i started off this post by plugging in a number of links and the decided that you seem to be intelligent enough to do that for yourself. if you are interested.

              as for your x1000 opinion, i’m just as convinced that you apply /1000 to what you see.

            3. Nick Rhynes says

              Fair enough, we’ll talk again soon, I’m sure 😀

    2. All_has_An _END_. says

      The Empire is so broke and in huge decline indeed

  6. John C Carleton says


    Less working aircraft USA/Washington DC/Tel Aviv have on hand, the less murders of innocent folks they can do.

  7. thomas malthaus says

    Probably should congratulate the Taliban to have had deep earthen bunkers or caves able to withstand America’s golf course bunker construction from above.


    The US has taken more civilian lives than the Taliban.

  8. Undecider says

    The budget is larger and larger every year yet no money to be found. Maybe Rumsfeld can give a hint as to the location.

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