Just 23% of Belarusians Are Double Jabbed and Yet There Is Zero Talk of Coercion

What an incredible "dictator" Lukashenko is

The “dictator” that…leaves you alone

Here is one Belarusian state media report on the progress of Belarus’ vaccination drive from start to finish:

MINSK, 29 October (BelTA) – More than 2.845 million people in Belarus have got the first shot of a COVID-19 vaccine [30 percent], of them over 2.178 million have been fully vaccinated [23 percent], BelTA learned from the press service of the Healthcare Ministry.

The regional breakdown of people who got the second shot is as follows: Brest Oblast (over 267,700), Vitebsk Oblast (over 228,800), Gomel Oblast (over 398,400), Grodno Oblast (over 258,100), Minsk (over 440,300), Minsk Oblast (over 263,400), Mogilev Oblast (over 264,700).

More than 56,400 employees of various organizations and departments have been fully vaccinated so far.

Notice one thing absent from the report? There are zero state officials detailing repressive measures that ought to be taken against the unvaccinated portion of the citizenry to “speed up” the campaign.

This despite the lowest fully-vaccinated rate in Europe, lower even than Romania’s 30 percent.

What a “dictator” Lukashenko is. Let’s urgently sanction and regime change him to pave the way for “democratic”, “liberal”, “right-thinking” leadership that would “responsibly” and “compassionately” unleash vaccine passport hell and turn Belarus into another colony of the global virus cult.

To be honest as recently as June 2021 Lukashenko stated that in certain circumstances he would not hesitate to order forced vaccination, something Anti-Empire covered at the time, so there isn’t an iron-clad guarantee. Nonetheless, Lukashenko continues to be adamant that there is no need for any such move, and to pooh pooh attempts to overdramatize Covid in general and in Belarus specifically.

The “dictator” has gone as far as to say:

“It’s just over the top to send police to track down those who aren’t wearing masks. We aren’t the West.”

How horrible!

Can’t he be more like Trudeau, Macron, Biden…and Putin?

  1. ken says

    Like here in free Florida -so far- Desantis has little problem with Biden,,, his main problems arise from the Commies in South Florida that want a covid hell especially for their beloved children where skools are now detention centers for indoctrination. Even the cops participate which is why I am not overly enthused by the $5000 offer to other states fired cops. We have enough non productive government people,,, invite the nurses and doctors and other productive people that can add to the economy.

    Lukashenko is now surrounded by the cult. Russia was the last hold out. He will be attacked relentlessly. He needs to be careful. There were two African holdouts that were ‘dispatched’ by the cult.

  2. Islander says

    Long live Lukashenko !

  3. silver9blue says

    The missing facts are Belarus has about 4,600 deaths and the USA 740,000 and UK 140,000. A medical journal asked, how come Belarus has one of if not the lowest death rate in Europe. Good question

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