Just 15 Percent of Russians Believe Navalny’s Account of ‘Poisoning’

Most believe Navalny staged it, or he was poisoned by western intelligence services

Machine translated from Russian.

The majority of Russians (78%) are aware of the poisoning of Alexei Navalny, although they closely follow the development of events for less than a fifth of the population. The respondents name three main versions of what happened: 30% consider the incident to be a staging of the politician himself, 19% see this as a provocation of the Western special services, 15% speak of an attempt by the authorities to eliminate a political opponent.

Most Russians are aware of Navalny’s poisoning today: 17% are watching closely, 61% have at least heard something about it. At the same time, these figures have remained practically unchanged in recent months. The most informed were readers of news on the Internet.

Do you know about the poisoning of Alexei Navalny in August 2020?

Sep 20 Dec.20
I follow this closely 18 17
Heard something about it 59 61
First time I hear about it 22 20
I find it difficult to answer one 2

The respondents name three main versions of what happened. Most often (30%) people talk about staged poisoning. Another 19% consider what happened as a provocation of the Western special services. And 15% see this as an attempt by the authorities to eliminate a political opponent. At the same time, those who closely follow the case consider the poisoning of Navalny by the authorities to be the main version.

Opinions about what happened also strongly depend on the age of the respondents, the channel of obtaining information and the attitude towards the authorities. Thus, representatives of the older generation who receive news on TV and trust the television news, as well as supporters of the authorities, generally consider the incident to be a staging and provocation of the West. Young people, active Internet users and critics of the authorities are much more likely to blame the Russian authorities for the poisoning.

Different versions of what exactly happened to Alexei Navalny are being discussed, and which version seems to you the most plausible? (in %% from those who heard about the poisoning)

There was no poisoning at all, this is a staging thirty
This is a provocation of Western intelligence services 19
This is an attempt by the authorities to eliminate a political opponent fifteen
This is a personal revenge of someone from the defendants in his investigations. 7
This is a struggle within the Russian opposition 6
Health problems, accidental poisoning, common poisoning one
Other 4
I find it difficult to answer 19

Different versions of what exactly happened to Alexei Navalny are being discussed, and which version seems to you the most plausible? (pivot table)


The survey was conducted on December 21-23, 2020, based on a representative sample of the Russian population of 1617 people aged 18 and over. The study was conducted by the method of telephone interviews (CATI) on a random two-basic sample (RDD) of mobile and landline phone numbers. The statistical error does not exceed 2.4%. Data for September was obtained as a result of a survey conducted on September 25-30, 2020 on a representative all-Russian sample of the urban and rural population of 1605 people aged 18 years and older in 137 settlements, 50 constituent entities of the Russian Federation. The research is carried out at the respondent’s home using the personal interview method. The distribution of answers is given as a percentage of the total number of respondents.

ANO “Levada-Center” was forcibly entered into the register of non-profit organizations performing the functions of a foreign agent. The statement of the director of the Levada Center, who does not agree with this decision,  see here

Source: Levada Center

  1. GMC says

    Russia should send the evidence in Navalny’s criminal cases to Washington and Brussels, in order to show them – realistic evidence and what is expected in return,, before you sanction, slander, and threaten us. Russia always asks for some real evidence, as with the Skripol poisoning case, the Navalny poisoning case, the MH 17 Ukie shootdown case, as in all the other phoney allegations, but never receives any.

    1. Vonu says

      When did America become Russia’s appeal vehicle?

  2. silver9blue says

    Wikipedia is free and if one reads the effects section you can see that no Novichok was used as its 8x worse than VX. So a massive faise report program has been going on. One person in an accident was unable to walk but had lasting damage like weak lungs arms weak, kidney trouble. Its Free to read. British PM called it a catostrophiclly damaging nerve agent. Full recovery in 2 weeks is hardly possible for such a strong nerve agent

    1. Vonu says

      Wikipedia is open source. Anyone can post anything on it, and it can remove anything, without recourse.

      1. yuri says

        wiki—iron rule of oligarchy CIA site, fully controlled by 200 employees funded by 3$ donations from US corporations/CIA

  3. Oilman says

    Love the picture.

  4. Vonu says

    Like Putin said, if Russians had tried to kill Navalny, they’d have finished the job.

    1. Mychal says

      And not only that why would Putin need to poison him? The man would simply disappear like Skirpal! All lies!

  5. Jerry Hood says

    Russians should exchange that bastard Navalny for Julian Assange! That bastard face 8 more years in penal colony anyway for additional crimes he committed!

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