Junior Empire’s Balkan Poodle Gets Kicked in the Teeth, Suddenly Discovers Love for ‘Brotherly’ China

Serbia's President is an opportunistic self-interested snake, Beijing should trust him only as far as they can throw him

Getting a pat on the shoulder by the butcher of his people

Editor’s note: For years Vučić has been following Brussels’ diktat on Kosovo doing everything he can to undermine and abandon Serbia’s claim to its sovereign territory under international law, short of outright officially recognizing the Albanian NATO-sponsored government in Priština as the rightful sovereign which is a political impossibility for an elected Serbian leader.

Seeing he has committed treason over and over again to endear himself to his Western puppetmasters he thought he had earned himself a little credit with the EU, but that isn’t how the West — whether the Empire or the Junior Empire actually operate in the Balkans. Doing their bidding doesn’t buy you any credit, it just ensures you get a new list of demands.

The visibly distraught Vučić is for the moment talking of “brotherly China” however Serbia is thoroughly penetrated by Western NGOs, media and intelligence. He will quickly again turn back (of course he will) or he will be quietly regime-changed.

Serbia’s President Alexandar Vucic blasted the European Union for lack of solidarity with his country, and for allegedly blocking the export of medical equipment from the union. At the same time, Vucic praised China and “brother” President Xi.

In his announcement of the emergency situation in the country yesterday due to coronavirus, Vucic stated that “European solidarity does not exist, it was a fairytale,” and that the Chinese are “the only ones who can help us.”

Vucic alleged that the EU had banned export of medical equipment:

“As of today, as you know, we cannot even import goods, according to the European Union’s decisions, Ursula von der Leyen said this a while ago, we cannot import medical equipment from EU countries,” he said.

Vucic slammed the EU for “giving lectures” to Serbia in the past how they “should not buy Chinese goods”, while the union allegedly showed no solidarity to Serbia in this time of need.

He informed that he had written to President Xi of China instead to ask for help:

“I sent a letter to President Xi, in which for the first time I officially called him not only a dear friend but also a brother, and not only my personal friend but also a friend and brother of this country,” Vucic said.

He added that Chinese nationals are the only ones that can freely enter Serbia during the state of emergency, and promised that China will send Serbia “everything” the country needs to face the coronavirus outbreak.

“I say to foreigners: don’t come to Serbia, except for the Chinese who are called upon to come, their doctors, the people who help us,” Vucic said.

However, in the video message that Vucic was referring to, President von der Leyen did not announce a ban on exports of medical equipment but rather the need for regulating exports according to EU member countries’ needs. She explicitly said exports to non-EU countries can still be made with an authorization by each EU government.

“Such medical goods can only be exported to non-EU countries with the explicit authorization of the EU governments. This is the right thing to do because we need that equipment for our health care systems,” von der Leyen said.

Following the publication of President von der Leyen’s message, Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama stated that “the EU cannot and should in no way exclude the Western Balkans from trade access for these essential goods for the health of our people.”

The Chinese government reacted swiftly to Vucic’s call by promising to “stand firmly” with Serbia and providing all medical equipment needed:

German Minister for Europe Michael Roth expressed bafflement at Serbia’s choice between the EU and China:

Contrary to allegations of some of the Balkan leaders, the European Commission held a videoconference with prime ministers of these countries, organized by Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurtz.

Commissioner for Enlargement Olivér Várhelyi stated the EU’s support for the WB during the coronavirus outbreak, and informed that they’re exploring the best ways to help the region.

Source: Exit.al


  1. Padre says

    Well, if anybody knows, it’s Albanians!Think of it, Albanians giving advice to China!

  2. Jihadi Colin says

    The doublespeak from Michael Roth was more ridiculous than Vuciç’s “for the first time I officially called him not only a dear friend but a brother”. I can see Xi, whose country’s embassy in Beograd was bombed by that same EUNATO Vuciç is a house slave of, shaking his head over it.

  3. Brion Adair says

    Yes with “friends” or is it fiends like the EU who needs enemies. Wasn’t it NATO the North Atlantic Terrorist Organization that bombed Serbia for 81 days. A record that was only broken when the Atlantic Imperial terrorists bombed Libya.

    Personally if I were the Serbian prez I’d tell Europe and Uncle Schmell to go phuk themselves and embrace Chinese help.

    1. Jihadi Colin says

      As my Serbian friend Mirjana tells me, Serbia has been gutted by the Vuciç regime. It’s only waiting for the opportunity to recognise “Kosovo” and immediately join the EU and NATO.

  4. nick1111 says


  5. isaac says

    “I guaranteed to him our eternal and iron gratitude.” WTF is serbian gratitude? A palm out for gibs on one hand and a knife to back stab you in the other?

  6. cechas vodobenikov says

    how can a German say “strange choice”—it wasn’t the Chinese that murdered 750,000 Serbs in WWII—it was the Germans and Hrvatska…it wasn’t the Chinese that destroyed Yugoslavia…it was the amerikans and Germans….apparently this is freedom and democracy for this German

    1. Jihadi Colin says

      And I remember the bombing of the Serbian television station and the Chinese embassy by Amerikastan.

    2. isaac says

      Wikipedia tier “historical information” ain’t going to cut it. Perhaps if the Tito led communist slavs in the made up country of Yugoslavia had not have marginalized and attacked the Danube Swabian Germans, they would not have gotten their asses rightfully handed to them by Der Führer…keep dreaming those kosher tainted slavic dreams of a NWO ruled by your jewish masters.

      1. Rayy Mann says

        What the hell are you yapping about? Those Danube Germans aided Hitler when he invaded Yugoslavia, and that ended in a way that 200 000 of them were exiled by the comunists and lost everything they had

        By the way, this is an albanian article,and thus garbage by definition

        1. joey n says

          By the way, this is an albanian article,and thus garbage by definition

          Can you explain? If it’s been discussed before, then I must have missed it. Thanks in advance.

        2. Digby says

          By the way, this is an albanian article, and thus garbage by definition

          How so? (Not trolling or anything; just asking)

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