Judge Reinstates Novak Djokovic’s Visa — Cancelation Was “Unreasonable”

Judge: "What more could this man have done?"

In a sensational twist, Federal Circuit Court judge Anthony Kelly has ordered the immediate release of tennis star Novak Djokovic from detention after overturning the federal government’s decision to cancel his visa.

The judge told the hearing that the decision to cancel the temporary visa was ‘unreasonable’ and will be quashed with the respondent, the Minister for Home Affairs, to pay his costs and to take ‘all necessary to steps’ to release Djokovic immediately and return his passport and all other personal effects.

Proceedings regarding Djokovic’s visa application were rushed through in the hope that he will be able to defend his title and compete in the Australian Open.

A failure to succeed in this case could have caused Djokovic significant problems in accessing other countries for ATP tournaments and impact his ranking as Number One.

The hearing got off to a slow start, with the court suffering repeated interruptions – first from users gatecrashing the online event with inappropriate content, and then again as the bandwidth for the hearing was exceeded.

Lengthy delays in streaming service was more than just an annoyance for the public trying to watch, with one lawyer commenting that there was a concern about ‘open justice’ if the public could not access the feed.

“But the risk is high that if the technology [for streaming court hearings] fails, you have zero open justice, you have secret justice. And in a case like this, that can lead to rumours, speculation and innuendo about what’s really going on,” said Thomson Geer lawyer, Justin Quill, who is representing several media organisations.

The need for ‘open justice’ is even more important, as the Djokovic case has international interest, particularly from Serbia.

During proceedings, Judge Kelly appeared as frustrated as the Djokovic team, at one point declaring, “What more could this man have done?”

It has already come to light that Tennis Australia, responsible for organising the visa, had repeatedly asked the Department of Home Affairs to check that everything was in order for their players before they boarded their aircraft to Australia. The request was refused by department officials, setting in play the diplomatic mess unfolding in Victoria.

The denial was issued by the Federal Minister for Health and Aged Care, Greg Hunt and addressed directly to Craig Tiley, CEO of Tennis Australia.

“Health and Home Affairs are unable to provide or review certificates. Certificates are reviewed at check in,” said the letter.

From the correspondence detailed in court, the paperwork appeared to be in order as far as Djokovic and Tennis Australia were concerned. When Djokovic’s arrival became public, a storm of angry public opinion took over the conversation in Victoria, with blame directed at Premier Daniel Andrews and the inconsistency of health orders between sports stars and the general public.

Source: Rebel News

The Telegraph:

Novak Djokovic will not be re-arrested in Australia tonight after winning a court battle on the revocation of his visa, but still faces the threat of deportation in the coming days.
According to Australian media reports, the government has decided to allow a four-hour time window, during which it could have detained the tennis star once again, to elapse.
But the immigration ministry says it is still considering the use of discretionary powers to deport Djokovic later this week. 

  1. ken says

    Well he’s still alive,,, better than those others that died on the court after the vaxx and got a line or two in the obit column.

    Why he would want to stay in that POS country is beyond me. Mixed up priorities.

    A couple of years ago none of this would have happened. Today people accept this covid crap as if normal. Millions dead, injured, and/or dying with cancers and diseases cause by the unsafe and ineffective poison gets zero attention or it’s all a damn coincidence.

    Australia is a preview,,, a microcosm of the demonic world we are leaving for our children. Hope they don’t mind.

    1. Raptar Driver says

      Agreed, I would have exited stage left.
      But perhaps he is trying to send a message?

    2. Ron says

      Novak needs to break the “shared” record of most Grand Slam Wins ever by Male (20 wins). He is the GOAT and needs this last one to solidify this fact.

      You would agree a man that does not bend to the corrupt authorities is deservedly GOAT; unlike the other 2 who are cowards and bend at the knee the first sight of controversy.

      1. Kieran says

        fully agree. by his actions Djokovic has proved himself far ahead of his peers if not by titles then by his strength of character showing the Australians how to put the COVID fascists and bullies in their place

    3. Ultrafart the brave says

      “Today people accept this covid crap as if normal.”

      Maybe that’s true where you’re living, but not where I sit.

      And that’s the exact reason all of the Australian governments, both State and Federal, are going full retard on the Australian population.

      They’re already way behind schedule. The official government propaganda spouted 24/7 by the Globalist controlled Australian media claims over 90% of all Australians are “double vaccinated”, but word on the street is that it’s maybe 40% – and most of them were forced against their will.

      Klaus is not pleased.

      And lying scheming Satanist arseholes like Hill Song paedophile Morrison and all the State Premiers are shitting themselves right about now. If you take a big fat bribe from the Satanic Globalists and don’t deliver, watch your back.

      1. Mr Reynard says

        “Today people accept this covid crap as if normal.” ??

        When they teach in Universities for a Degree in Mathematics that 2+2=5 ?? Then I’m not surprised at all …

        1. Chacko Kurian says

          The dumbing down of the human mind started aeons ago. When they reduced science to a purely material basis that accelerated the process. The human becomes a vast array of computer like components interacting in harmony. So we have pseudo scientists and computer experts all hell bent on creating external components to interfere with the human psyche. The satanists sell it to the public by claiming they will be able to eradicate diseases, create Einsteins, Mozarts, Beatles, whatever you want. The average human, already conditioned by education, media, selfish desires etc has already swallowed these lies and won’t have any issues. But, like what happened in the Tower of Babel, when man/woman swallowed Satan’s lies, all will come crashing to the ground.

  2. Ultrafart the brave says

    “The request was refused by department officials, setting in play the diplomatic mess unfolding in Victoria.
    The denial was issued by the Federal Minister for Health and Aged Care, Greg Hunt and addressed directly to Craig Tiley, CEO of Tennis Australia.”

    … and surprise surprise, guess who graduated from Klaus Schwab’s School for Globalist Psycopaths way back in 1993?


    That’s right, Federal Minister for Health and Aged Care, Greg Hunt, is a Satanic Globalist WEF-trained stooge planted into the highest echelons of the Australian Federal Government to do Klaus Schwab’s bidding in the relentless push for the Great Reset.

    The Federal Minister for Health and Aged Care, no less!

    It also helps that Greg Hunt’s entire family has vested interests in Big Pharma gene-therapy and other related ventures. From Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates viewpoints, what’s not to like?

    Meanwhile, here’s one of the few voices of sanity left anywhere in the Australian government, Craig Kelly of the United Australia Party, giving his thoughts on the whole fiasco around Novak’s detention and release…


    Of course Hill Song paedophile and closet Satanist Morrison and his Satanic underling Hunt and any other complicit politicians and beauracrats won’t apologize or resign for their part in this propaganda exercise.

    They’ll do what they always do – they’ll double down and maybe spring a new “deadly Corona Chan outbreak” or some other false flag BS in the middle of the Australian Open – and then blame the “unvaccinated” and declare martial law to lock down the country, suspend any elections and forcefully inject every living thing on the Australian continent with those 300 million Pfizer doses already purchased by arsehole Morrison using Australian taxpayer money.

    Why the hell not? They’re already injecting the children all the way down to 5 years old (newborns soon to come!).

    It’s what they do – they’re on the clock, and Klaus runs a tight schedule, after all.

    1. Chacko Kurian says

      He will leave politics soon and be on the board of Pfizer. Satan rewards his flock too but warning to Hunt, Scomo etc, do you know what it means to have Satan own your soul?

  3. HaraldBreen says

    Why are we quoting Avi Yemini when there are hundreds of equally inane tweets by people who aren’t fascists to chose from

    1. Ultrafart the Brave says

      By slandering Avi Yemeni (a self-professed Jew and down-to-earth true blue Ozzie universally loved by the common working class folk while also being one of the most racially inclusive people-power investigative reporters on the planet) as a “fascist”, you’ve identified yourself as a controlled mainstream media stooge. (Some would just call you out as a troll, but I wouldn’t be so direct).

      Next thing you’ll be telling us that he’s a “white supremacist” or even an “anti-vaxx terrorist”.

      Maybe you can do us all a big favour and point out all the “fascists” in this working class crowd chanting support for Novak Djokovic…


      After all, we can’t be too careful about anyone who might question the motives or actions of the fascist Victorian police, can we?

  4. Juan says

    According to Australian media reports, the government has decided to allow a four-hour time window, during which it could have detained the tennis star once again, to elapse.

    How noble of them huh, disgusting swine.

    1. Kieran says

      the sleazebags can look for their political brownie points in some other issue

  5. Kieran says

    Djokovic and Irish Australian Judge Anthony Kelly have dealt a huge blow for not only the antivaxxers, but for the rest of the world that believe in the rights of the human individual to choose not to be forcefully vaccinated.

    importantly, there are several court cases being pursued worldwide in India for instance, against the fascist tendencies by governments to enforced these experimental vaccines on the unsuspecting populace and this decision of Djokovic will be a boost in their struggles

    this judgement also serves to cut down to size the budding fascist tendencies of the government. lets hope Australians give acknowledgement and gratitude to where it is due by supporting Djokovic in all the matches he plays in his quest for World #1 but in my opinion he is already the all time GOAT, title or no title

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