John Bolton: ‘When Has the Government Ever Lied About Attacks on Ships in a Gulf Somewhere Just to Provoke War?’

Or lied about anything?

After top U.S. officials claimed Iran attacked ships in the Gulf of Oman this week, John Bolton held a press conference where he asked when the government has ever lied about something like this just to start a war.

“When has the government ever lied about ships being attacked, say in a gulf somewhere, for the purpose of getting involved in another foreign conflict?” he asked. “Can you point to a single time a lie about a minor attack resulted in a major unnecessary war? No, I didn’t think so,” he said.

“These attacks in the Gulf of Tonk—er, I mean, the Gulf of Oman, excuse me—were definitely carried out by Iran, and we need to invade immediately before people start doubting the narrative.”

The nation believed Bolton’s account, reporting it had no reason to doubt, as the government would never lie about attacks on ships in a gulf on the other side of the world.

“When has the US government, supported by the media, ever lied about an unprovoked attack on ships in a foreign gulf somewhere just to provoke war?” asked one journalist after writing a piece that didn’t question the official U.S. narrative at all. “This has literally never happened before in the history of our nation, so why would they start lying about this kind of stuff now?”

Source: The Babylon Bee

  1. Tom Tremaine says

    Remember the Maine ….

  2. Greenstone says

    Err when have they told the truth ?

  3. Palichamp says

    Uh…Gulf of Tonkin non-incident that was false pretext for US full-scale invasion of Vietnam. US coverup and complicity in Israel’s false flag attack on USS Liberty. Uh..The sinking of the Lusitania …Uh…Nevermind.

  4. Aen RaBeon says

    USS Liberty is one example .
    So he really consider Americans as that stupid. Are you guys really so?

  5. CHUCKMAN says

    “These attacks in the Gulf of Tonk—er, I mean, the Gulf of Oman, excuse me”

    Perfect line.

  6. David Bedford says

    Plenty of comments under this article, normally not many comments but this is a rare exception

  7. Max Glazer says

    That was a really nice Freudean Slip lol

  8. Greenstone says

    Unfortunately yes and same in Australia and New Zealand but slowly people are waking up

  9. Jedi says

    I had a laugh at this article but I wish that Checkpointasia would at least put in brackets that Babylon Bee is a satire site. Not everyone is aware of that.

  10. silver749 says

    Clever move Batman. Never lied about ships but sure Bush and Blair lied about Iraq to start the war. Iraq had no missile to hit the US or GB and had no atomic plant to make a nuke. NATO knew this but still Nato countries went to war.

  11. Dale Ferguson says

    Iraq’s “Weapons of Mass Destruction” was a “LIE”! But Bolton knew better to just ask if the US has ever lied to start a War. He had to add “Attacks on Ships”

  12. Canosin says

    good irony….. well done 👍🤣😂😅

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