John Bolton and Iran Escalation With Guest Joanne Leon

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Editor’s note: Kyle Anzalone is a friend of the site and an Empire-hater, and this is his podcast.

FPF #367 is a roundtable discussion with Joanne Leon of the Around the Empire podcast and Kyle. They break down the dangerous situation that has been escalating between the US and Iran. Joanne and Kyle uncover the war hawks who are pushing this war the hardest.


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  1. John C Carleton says

    Bolton is a Non Semitic Russian Expat and spawn thereof Khazarian Mafia member, (Israhell “citizen”, how does one become a citizen of an illegal crime cabal?).

    The Israhell Non semitic Rat run Khazarian Mafia, has been screaming for America to fight a war with Iran for Israhell for at least forty years.

    So the Israhell “citizen” , personal coward Non Semitic Khazarian crime cabal member Bolton, is trying to get American children to murder, and be killed, using American workers fruits of their labor, (American treasure), too take out Iran for Israhell.

    Who would have thought it??

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