Joe Rogan Criticized as ‘Anti-Science’ for Surviving COVID

"Despite not agreeing 100% with everything the left believes about the pandemic, lockdowns, vaccines, mandates, and masks, Rogan survived"

Progressives have expressed their anger across the country as another person, Joe Rogan, recovered from COVID and did not die, harming their preferred narrative about the deadliness of the virus and what kind of treatments should be used.

He has been called “anti-science” and “a purveyor of misinformation” for not dropping dead. Despite not agreeing 100% with everything the left believes about the pandemic, lockdowns, vaccines, mandates, and masks, Rogan survived and is reportedly feeling great, doing incredible damage to all the progress we have made getting people to believe the science.

“It’s straight-up anti-science is what it is,” said Huxley Burnsides of Portland, Oregon. “We should outlaw people surviving from COVID, especially those who disagree with me.”

At publishing time, the author of this article was praying he does not regress and die because that’d be really embarrassing and also people dying is bad.

Source: The Babylon Bee

  1. Raptar Driver says

    He did not survive covid. As there is no such thing.
    What he did survive is probably either a cold or influenza A&B.

    1. GMC says

      Agree – I had the Russian version and it took me out for almost 2 weeks, with another week of residue. Of course I’m a lot older since the last time I had the flu but if you get a real blown out flu – it doesn’t last just 3 days. I average a bout of influenza , every 10 or 15 years apart. Plus, I didn’t read where he lost his taste or smell senses for a couple of weeks. That was one of the different symptoms I had. He must know someone , otherwise he would have been whacked for being a non believer. lol Showbiz.

      1. Moron Hatr says

        russian version=moron

        1. Russell Merritt says

          Ah Karen you’ve been busy

    2. Moron Hatr says

      Covid19 as fake as your intelligence

      1. john says

        self hater again

  2. Raptar Driver says

    Good to see that you got over your cold.

  3. Kieran says

    unfortunately, the Bee did not mention Joe Rogan took ivemectin, a cheap generic over-the-counter medciation that’s smashing the COVID or whatever waves in Indonesia, Mexico, India, Botswana, and maybe even Japan. the WHO, FDA, CNC and all their medical cohorts and bribed governments are desperate to downplay the role of ivermectin and Big TEch media is busy scrubbing all news and info on ivermectin simply because acceptance that COVID is curable with a cheap generic drug with mnimum/no side effects would NEGATE THE EMERGENCY AUTHORIZATION USE for vaccines and stop the gravy train in its tracks. so every iota of news on ivermectin is being scrubbed by the mainstream media. never seen such a blatantly servile and dishonest media as this in all my life.

    1. yuri says

      treatment is more accurate than cure—iver, chloroqinine apparently reduce symptoms and hasten return to normal …according to many….smoking tobacco also reduces risk for the virus—as Gabriela Segura has documented

      1. Moron Hatr says

        why even waste YOUR time coming here writing tripe

        1. Russell Merritt says

          Ah Karen Karen Karen

          1. john says

            she`s a self hater…she was born that way

      2. john says

        no virus, shlomo

  4. Mr Reynard says

    Satire ?? Hmm ?? Don’t think so !

  5. yuri says

    2 friends had covid–they claimed more debilitating than ordinary flu–but in 1 week to 10 days they returned to normal

    1. Voz 0db says

      That’s just their brains pretending!

    2. Corn Julio says

      I got the flu about 12 years ago. It kicked my but. I thought I was going to die (not really but it sucked). 10 days later and 20 lbs lighter and I was back to work

    3. john says

      they had common cold

  6. Voz 0db says

    I know a person that the other day that was upset because someone in the office he works went to play the PCR LOTTERY and won a sticker! He was told to also play in the PCR LOTTERY.

    I was talking to him before he played the PCR LOTTERY and told him “well if you OBEY and play their game I’ll see you in 10/14 days (the STILL mandatory house arrest for modern moron slaves that win the PCR LOTTERY sticker).

    A few days later I got info that we played and won!

    Another few days later I was again talking and laughing with him. <strong>He didn’t took any drugs.</strong> He is against the MIRACLE JAB (like me) so another non-intoxicated uman that survives the PCR PANDEMIC… Go figure!

    He just got a few extra days of “vacation” and that was it!

  7. Voz 0db says

    Another COLD/FLU survivor! A true miracle indeed!!!

    1. Moron Hatr says


      1. Russell Merritt says

        Ah Karen you going to be okay?

      2. john says

        that`s called “self hate”

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