Joe & Jill Biden Wear Masks Outdoors on the Way to the Carters but Take Them Off Indoors While Meeting the Elderly Couple

Somebody explain the science here?

While walking alone outdoors on the way to the Carters in Georgia:

While meeting the elderly couple (96 and 75) indoors and practically sitting on top of them (photo released by the Carters):

(Image looks funky because of the wide-angle camera used but is legit.)

Somebody explain the science here? Biden has been vaccinated since January.


PS.: Wonderful work how Biden was able to have a photo-op with a person that makes him look healthy and energized by comparison. And he only needed to meet with a guy close to 100 to do it.

  1. Sally Snyder says

    Here is a prime example of how the mainstream media is lying to us about the pandemic:

    If there is one thing that the world has taught us in the past year it’s that we are living in a post-truth era where the mainstream media has become a big part of propagating a false, government-created narrative that is being used to stoke fear and keep us all in line.

  2. Geraldo says

    Be great if dopey Joe and Glamorous Jill gave them the death lurgy. The whole thing looks photoshopped to me! Although I always quite liked Jim Bob, he was one of the less bloodthirsty of the US emporers genociding their way around the world

    1. Jerry Hood says

      Je went to the Iranian desert to ” liberate” the ” hostages” in the CIA embassy… We all remember how it ended…Every demon-rat is specific rat..

  3. L Garou says

    I think there’s a medical term or two for that..

  4. StanCrawford says

    Did Jimmy Carter ask racist Joe why he didn’t support the Black members for integrated school busing policy he proposed?

  5. Phillip says

    When did they change their clothing? They are wearing different clothing between getting off the aircraft and at the Carter’s. Are the photos from the same trip?

  6. Ken says

    The photo was Photoshopped. Note the size discrepancies between the Carters and the Bidens. If photoshopped Joe or his wife tried to sit in those chairs, they wouldn’t fit.

  7. Jerry Hood says

    What do you expect from the senile and illegal squatter in the vaginal= Oval office, like Beijing Biden???

  8. yuri says

    “there is no functioning democracy in amerika. it is really an oligarchy where political bribery determines the nominations and selections of all presidents governors senators congress members”. Jimmy Carter

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