Joe Biden Is Senile: Russia Delivers Its Verdict on National Television

A few days ago, I mentioned that the same-day response on Russian airwaves to President Biden’s calling Vladimir Putin a “killer” was to consider the mental health of the American president, then to conclude that he was not suffering from dementia. This rough and ready appraisal of Joe Biden was based on his not showing disorientation and his apparently still good memory.

However, on reflection, it is clear that the Russian elites have concluded that the best way to deal with Biden’s verbal aggression is precisely to cast him as senile. That resonates with middle aged Russians who remember very well their own succession of Communist Party bosses who had one foot in the grave at the same time they had one finger hovering over the Red Button of their nuclear controls.

In his last years, Brezhnev may have been only in his low 70s, but he was suffering from debilities that could not be concealed from the public: wearing a bulky and visible hearing aid, speaking with a slur that was due either to a stroke or some serious dental problem, appearing puffy and walking with difficulty, Brezhnev was carried along by his aides more for their benefit than for his.

His immediate successor, KGB boss Yuri Andropov, was seriously ill at the time of his appointment as General Secretary and held office for fourteen months before he was carried out feet first.

Then came another member of the Old Guard, Konstantin Chernenko, who was suffering from emphysema and could barely breathe when he was elevated to the top post. He stopped breathing altogether nine months later

This past Soviet experience with overaged and underperforming leaders came to an end with the installation of the vigorous and youthful Gorbachev in the mid-1980s.  It was more than compensated for by the elevation of the still younger and more vigorous Vladimir Putin at the turn of the new millennium.

This recent history was recited last night on the country’s leading weekly news program Vesti Nedeli by presenter Dmitry Kiselyov, who happens also to be the general manager of all Russian state news programming. This, to help the Russian audience understand what is now transpiring at the apex of American political life, where Joe Biden is just an old, debilitated and psychologically abnormal commander in chief.

The preceding days provided Kiselyov with a fine harvest of video images to support this case, most notably of Biden stumbling badly when ascending the stairs to board Air Force One at the start of his trip down to Atlanta for consultations over the murder of eight Asian American women in massage parlors. Then there was the video clip of Biden presenting his Secretary of Defense but failing to remember his name and coming up only with “General”…. And there was Biden calling Kamala Harris the “President,” as if he forgot or was no longer aware of who is who.

All in all, Kiselyov took about 30 minutes on air to reduce Biden to a sniveling and senile “old fart,” as the Russians like to say about such cases.

This, combined with extensive reportage on Americans who have written to the Russian embassy in Washington to apologize for the gross violation of normal interstate civility by their president, with coverage of Turkish President and other world leaders condemning Biden for his grossness, made for an entertaining evening that, exceptionally in this spring of Third Waves, was not sunk by horror stories about the Covid pandemic.

The logic of this treatment of the Biden affair is clear. By responding to an ad hominem attack on their leader with an ad hominem attack on Biden, the initiator of this exchange, presenting him as an old fool, they have taken the sting out of the U.S. president’s remarks. At the same time the anti-Americanism implicit in the report is veiled by saying, in effect to America: “we know what you have in the Oval Office since we have gone through that same patch ourselves.”

And so, Russian elites had a good laugh at America’s expense and are well prepared for a sharp cutback in diplomatic exchange with the USA.

What, we may ask, has the U.S. gotten from Biden’s verbal indiscretions?

Source: Gilbert Doctorow

  1. Jerry Hood says

    Yes,Biden is another Brezhnev in the Western Hemisphere, but also other swaps occured! Russia become the most Chfistian country in the world with St.George-the Dragon Slayer as their main patron, meanwhile the atheistic and heavily judaised( zionised) America is almost complete communist country in big decline in all spheres of life! We all heard of ” empires rising and falling”…Only few well educated in ancient ASTRONOMIES knows,that it is caused by the Tao-Path of Heavens= Precession of the Earth axis and space travel by our solar system around the center of our galaxy! The Westetn Hemisphere is on ultimate path to Dark Age and big decline!

    1. Juan says

      Nothing to do with stars ang magical thinking. This is deliberate sabotage.

        1. Edmund Roache says

          He should know. He was right in there plotting the plots.

      1. Jimmy Scott says

        Filling the USA with low IQ non whites has a price. If we deport all the non whites the USA would boom like it did before the non whites got here. You have to go back Juan.

        1. PollynKorect says

          Juan could be a White Hispanic, like most of Spain & Mexico’s upper class.

  2. ken says

    “… is just an old, debilitated and psychologically abnormal…”

    pretty much covers the US Congress, Supremo’s and Executive. The debilitated and psychologically abnormal would describe the rest of the nation.

    Thinks it’s bad for the Russian side,,, try being on the American side. Land of the Free and Home of the Brave now more communistic than communist nations.

    We now have razor wire fences up and the national guard troops defending the traitors in Congress.

    The Russians and Chinese should worry! The crazies in charge in the West are not stable. They are destroying their own nations,,, think they care about yours?

    1. Albert Nogala says

      Piglosi definitely came to mind.

  3. Chris says

    The USSR went through a similar process in the 1980’s, then it collapsed. Could the USA also be on the verge of collapse?

    1. Albert Nogala says

      No doubt about it. I hope we see secession of red states so we can move to a Constitutional republic again. Then the blue states can create a Marxist cesspool and come crawling back for good leadership when they are tired of the crime and starvation and total chaos they created with their atrocious policies.

  4. Art says

    Has anyone check out Nancy lately?

  5. Joe McCarthy says

    USA is laughingstock of the world. Obama, Susan Rice and Brennan are running the usurped government with two vile creatures playing their roles as president and vice president. The whole world knows they stole the election. And there are 100 million of us armed and angry not knowing what to do and leaderless. Not good. Dear Lord Jesus, could you intervene and give us some direction. TIA. Hank.

    1. EAB says

      Please add my name to that petition. Betsie

    2. Jimmy Scott says

      All of the people you mention are jew banker media mob puppets.
      None of them make any decisions about anything.

      1. Amanda Wilson says

        Jimmy, you are right. The people pulling the strings are Fauci, Gates, Clintons, Rockefellers, Rothschilds etc. It’s called the Cabal. Do some research on the real agenda,…depopulation of the earth and eugenics. It’s been the plan forever, but now the sheep are so confused, running from wolves in every direction, they don’t even see the real agenda….it’s out in the open right in front of us! They aren’t even hiding it any more. It’s really scary how a country doing so well under a great President Trump, can fall apart in just 3 months of Communist agenda. Very sad. But when half the people care only about their free paychecks and free healthcare and don’t want to work for any of it,….this is what you get. Socialism.
        But how do you fight liars and cheaters and all that communal FRAUD? Even the supreme court (what a laugh!) is behind the Cabal they know is funding them and keeping them rich. It’s looking pretty hopeless here unless we really have another Civil War.

  6. Albert Nogala says

    Cackling Camel will be illegitimate president soon enough, gak.

    1. Amanda Wilson says

      Yes she will. And when she is, the nightmare will really begin. She’s not demented and slow and stupid. She’s a smart opponent. We will lose if we don’t get together and fight.

      1. Eileen Kuch says

        Indeed, Amanda; Heels Up Ho Harris is surely licking her chops to gain the White House ..If we don’t stop her, we’ll lose if we don’t unite and fight.

  7. Thankful says

    Where is the video???

  8. yuri says

    the bewildered herd amerikans believe any lie they are told

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