Jared Kushner Taunts Palestinians Because He Wants Them to Reject His ‘Peace Plan’

Written to be rejected

It is true that Jared Kushner’s father had to give Harvard a $2.5 million bribe to get him admitted there, but the younger Kushner isn’t actually stupid. The internet is abuzz with comment about Kushner’s interview with CNN’s Christiane Amanpour, during which he disrespects Palestinians. As one commenter noted acidly on Twitter: “How to Negotiate A Peace Plan Step #1: Insult One of the Parties.”

In fact, Kushner is deliberately taunting the Palestinians because he wants them to reject the Trump/Netanyahu “peace plan.” In the interview, which has already been seen 1.9 million times, Kushner first says that the Palestinians “have a perfect track record of missing opportunities,” followed by a smirk. Then, a couple minutes later in case we missed the point, he repeats “ . . . they’ve screwed up every other opportunity that they’ve had in their existence.”

Kushner’s gibe is not original. Back in 1973, Abba Eban, the longtime Israeli foreign minister, said, “The Arabs never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity.” The insult has been a staple of Zionist discourse ever since, although it sounded more convincing in Eban’s cultured British South African voice than in Kushner’s monotonous flat tone. Maybe Kushner came across it in one of those 25 books he said he read to prepare his “peace agreement.”

If Kushner really wanted to reach a deal, he wouldn’t talk that way. But there’s a clue to his true intention, uncovered by Dylan Williams of J Street. It turns out that Kushner copied parts of his proposal nearly word for word from a book “by” Benjamin Netanyahu — a man who surely has never wanted to genuinely negotiate with the Palestinians.

Once again, you can skip right past the New York Times and go straight to the independent Israeli newspaper Haaretz for the real explanation. Amir Tibon, a 31-year-old Israeli journalist, is not afraid to state squarely that the Trump/Netanyahu annexation plan “was written with the clear intention of getting the Palestinians to reject it.” The scheme’s real aim, Tibon says, “will lead to Israel gradually taking control over the entire West Bank.”

So Jared Kushner’s anti-Palestinian nastiness is not an accident or a blunder. It’s just part of the annexation plan.

Source: Mondo Weiss

  1. Roger Bratt says

    I support BDS.

    Boycott DIAMONDS = Boycotting Israel !!!

    “As of 2016, cut diamonds constituted 23.2% of Israel’s total exports and they were the country’s biggest export product, amounting to 12% of the world’s production.”


    The “2 month Salary Guideline” (used to justify diamond expenditures) is just another Jewish Con.

    1. Nick Rhynes says

      Can you imagine what 2 months of salary would mean local food banks or homeless shelters? But no, let’s invest in a shiny rock to be worn on one’s finger.

  2. David Chu says

    Excellent analysis! These people are very nasty . . .

  3. Mary E says

    Kushner is working straight out of the Israeli playbook…those aren’t his intelligently made ideas…he is a know nothing real estate cheater like his father in law. They are owned by Israel ….Apartheid is illegal, folks, but what does that have to do with them?
    They follow no rules.

  4. Robert Mcconnell says

    It’s breathtaking, the arrogance of the entitled jew. There is one smug Jew York face I’d love to punch.

  5. watcher12 says

    The practical solution – publicly review the offered contract. Then counter offer with everything they want including return of those forced out of Palestine and independence without any supervision and a full port in Gaza with shipping and receiving rights equal to any sovereign nation. All walls to be removed and Israel settlements in West Bank and Jerusalem must pay rent and no further expansion anywhere. You see, by common contract law and offer, if refused even to consider it is equal to an acceptance. But a counter offer forces the other party to refuse it and puts them in a negative position. A simple rejection is a sign of diminished capacity and publicly puts the rejector in a poor public image. Turn the bait around on Kushner and put him in the fail to accept seat!

  6. B Wilson says

    I am 61 years old and hereby challenge jerry kushner to duel in hand to hand combat, his choice of weapons.

    1. Mary E says

      He doesn’t look like he could fight off a 5 lb dog

    2. Robert Mcconnell says

      I’m seventy and happy to kick his balls pre your combat.

      1. Mary E says

        Thank you!

        1. Robert Mcconnell says

          You are more than welcome Mary E!

  7. watcher12 says

    Rejection may not mean loss but it shows no public hand – carefully read and then counteroffer with everything a sovereign nation should have including control of formerly and illegally occupied territories. Have fun with the Trumplets.

  8. Brion Adair says

    Hard to imagine the pathetic loser read a book then we find out they were the wrong ones if one actually wanted peace in the Middle East. More arrogant racist Zionist trash.

  9. altCensored.com says

    29K+ YouTube Views, then placed in Limited State/Hidden/Censored, then Deleted w/Channel ‘Brother Nathanael’:
    Dangers Of A ‘Jewish’ State

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