Jared Kushner: Palestinians Have Never Done Anything Right in Their Sad, Pathetic Lives

The guy whose idea of a charm offensive is calling the Palestinian leadership "hysterical and stupid"

Last June, more than two years after his father-in-law assigned him the task of bringing peace to the Middle East, Jared Kushner held a big kickoff conference in Bahrain to unveil the economic portion of his plan—and it did not go well.

For starters, Palestinian leadership boycotted the entire event, feeling that the plan was missing a few key details, such as, just as an example, solutions for control of the West Bank and Palestinian statehood.

Kushner, ever the real estate agent, gave a speech in which he spoke of transforming the Gaza Strip into a touris whoset destination, failing to mention Israel and Egypt’s 12-year blockade of the Hamas-controlled territory, in addition to Israel’s 52-year-long occupation of the West Bank, which restricts trade and labor movements.

When the Boy Prince of New Jersey touched on politics, it was to offer the savvy take that if everyone just stopped “doing terrorism,” it would “allow for much faster flow of goods and people.”

Not surprisingly, the whole thing was panned by experts, one of whom described Kushner’s plan as “the Monty Python sketch of Israeli-Palestinian peace initiatives.”

Undeterred, Kushner got on a call with Arab and Israeli reporters and, putting on his salesman cap, explained that his vision was 100% workable if Palestinian leadership would stop being so “hysterical and stupid.”

Was this the greatest way to convince people to get on board? Probably not! Yet, incredibly, Kushner apparently thought it was exactly the right approach, and we know this because on Tuesday, after the White House unveiled its full vision for peace in the Middle East—which calls for no evacuation of settlements, limits Palestinian presence in Jerusalem, and includes no path to statehood beyond the vague mention of a “future State of Palestine”—he repeated it again, except this time he cranked the a-hole from a 12 to a 45.

Appearing on CNN, Kushner told Christiane Amanpour that critics of his plan—of which there are a comically huge number—must “divorce [themselves] from all of the history” and focus on the deal he has outlined for them.

And speaking of history, Kushner posited that if this whole thing fails, it’s not going to be because a glorified slumlord somehow didn’t get it right but because Palestinians are morons who don’t know what’s good for them. Sayeth Kushner:

You have 5 million Palestinians who are really trapped because of bad leadership. So what we’ve done is we’ve created an opportunity for their leadership to either seize or not. If they screw up this opportunity—which, again, they have a perfect track record of missing opportunities—if they screw this up, I think that they will have a very hard time looking the international community in the face, saying they are victims, saying they have rights. [So after this the Palestinians no longer have rights, LOL?] This is a great deal for them. If they come to the table and negotiate, I think they can get something excellent.…

The Palestinian leadership have to ask themselves a question: Do they want to have a state? Do they want to have a better life? If they do, we have created a framework for them to have it, and we’re going to treat them in a very respectful manner. If they don’t, then they’re going to screw up another opportunity like they’ve screwed up every other opportunity that they’ve ever had in their existence.

Don’t worry, there’s footage of Kushner making this statement, so it can be played back for all eternity:

Oh, and lest anyone start dredging up that tired argument that maybe a guy who has screwed up nearly every job his father has ever given him or paid for him to land, and who couldn’t obtain a security clearance without his wife begging her dad for it, wasn’t qualified to take on this project in the first place, KNOW THIS:

Also, this:

No further questions.

Source: Vanity Fair

  1. Paulo Henrique says

    The puppet (doll) of Zion…

  2. CHUCKMAN says

    All the arrogance and prejudice come through so clearly.

    Fear and loathing in support of “peace.”

    It is sad that we live in a world now where such qualities are often overlooked because the drives of empire and the protective cover of the press allow no room for noting them.

    All that counts is what powerful people want, and such shabby words go largely unchallenged.

  3. Trap Is Not Gay says

    But Palestinians are wrong anyway.

    They fight because of beliefs, and the Pentateuch (or Old Testament), says the land belongs to Israel.

    It’s a matter of reason in this case.

    1. SuperMaranatha1 says

      Biblical isreal is gone. What we have today is a Nazi colonialist settler terrorist country, pretty much like the US.

      1. Frank Williams says

        But then there is no such thing as a “Nazi” that is just annuda kosher fairy tale like the Holyhoax. This tends to undermine your statement.

        “About five months ago I posted a blog piece entitled ‘Exposing the “Nazi” Epithet – Who started it, why, how, and who benefits‘ and I made the point that the National Socialists never called themselves “Nazis”, and that it was created by the enemies of the NSDAP. Who were those enemies? It should come as no surprise when I say that it was primarily self-described “International Jewry.”


    2. Canosin says


      1. Trap Is Not Gay says

        Just read the Pentateuch (or at least Leviticus and Deuteronomy).

        1. Brion Adair says


          Also known as The Book of Genocide.


    3. Brion Adair says

      They are nothing but a bunch of Ashkenazi land thieves posing as the original Israelis. The scam has already exposed for the fraud it is. The only one’s hanging onto this scam are those who benefit and the incredibly stupid.

      Which one are you?

      1. Frank Williams says

        Yes, absolutely correct. Even if the Palestinian kosher land grab was being spearheaded by Sephardic jews, that still wouldn’t make it any better. Imagine someone showing up in your neighborhood and saying, “You have to move. My family lived around here 2500 years ago and now you must get out immediately or we are going to kill y’all wholesale.”
        That’s the krazy kikery land grab scheme in a nut shell.

    4. B Wilson says

      Who reprinted the Pentateuch lady ?

      1. Trap Is Not Gay says

        Those that have altered the word of God were all killed, as God said in the Pentateuch.

        Jesus (killed), his followers (all killed), Muhammad (killed), etc.

        The real prophets died old, not killed (as it was said it would happen).

        1. B Wilson says

          I think there is sufficient evidence to suggest anything written has been propagandized to support an agenda.
          Enter bernays.
          No offense but it kind of sounds like you are a tool for those that deceive.

          1. Trap Is Not Gay says

            The “mess” around is not evidence for disproving the Pentateuch.

            The situation doesn’t disprove (or prove) the Pentateuch.

            1. Frank Williams says

              Why do you keep referring to “the Pentateuch?” The Bible is a complete work, both the OT and the NT make up The Bible. You cannot have an understanding of the Bible by isolating segments that suit your agenda. It’s like saying that you only believe in the first five chapters of “War and Peace,” you’re missing the point. Without reading the whole story, you won’t know how it ends.

            2. Trap Is Not Gay says

              The “New” Testament was made up.

              Jesus did not fulfill prophecies, so there’s no “New” Testament (new of what?). You need a Messiah to make a new Testament. When the Messiah comes people will no longer die (prophecy), and people still die nowadays (no Messiah).

        2. Frank Williams says

          You should study some real Biblical scholarship by William Finck – much will be revealed:


        3. Eileen Kuch says

          You forgot one vital thing .. Jesus Christ rose from the dead on the 3rd Day, after having been crucified and buried in a new tomb for 2 days and a night.
          Before His death, Jesus rightly prophesied the total destruction of Jerusalem by the Romans which, btw, was done in 70 AD.

          1. Trap Is Not Gay says

            But Jesus was killed – as it was prophesied by God about false prophets. Also his disciples were all killed, and Paul of Tarsus (the creator of Christianity) was killed as well. Muhammad (of Islam) was killed as well, now take your conclusion from it.

            1. Frank Williams says

              Yashuah The Christ is still alive. You are living, or failing to live, based on kosher lies. Satan loves to trick silly gurls, it’s so easy. “Honest honey, I’ll love you forever if you just let me….”

    5. CHUCKMAN says

      Perhaps, if you figure it out, you could explain what it is that you mean.

      Sorry, but it makes absolutely no sense.

    6. Frank Williams says

      Please: (1) provide the Biblical quote promising the land to Israel and (2) define who Israel is.


      1. Trap Is Not Gay says

        In Deuteronomy (or Leviticus, I don’t remember) it’s said to Jews to first expel non-Israelis from Israel, and if the non-Israelis refuse to leave it’s literally said to kill the non-Israelis habiting Israel (the new country in the land of Israel).

    7. Jonny Aimless says

      My God doesn’t believe in the Pentateuch! God knows that it is all lies
      written by the Israelites ( Is-Isis/Ra-Sun god/el-the Sun)
      all adopted from the Egyptian Book of the Dead. Adapted by the Hyksos,before they were driven out of Egypt.
      All Zionists worship Moloch, with the star of David (false) really the star of Moloch!
      The Star can be seen on statues of Baal! Jesus was correct when he called
      them ‘The Synagogue of Satan’!

      1. Trap Is Not Gay says

        Because of irrational people like you we got to this point.
        You just ignore the Pentateuch and claim whatever you want.

        1. Jack says

          The Jews never received the covenant. Manasseh (USA) & Ephraim (Briton) received the Davedic covenant.The birthright was given to Joseph & his decendants. Not the Jews.

  4. P J. says

    It is incorrect to call the state in the Middle East, Israel. Jacob who was renamed Israel consists of 12 Tribes. Those ruling this state are referred to in Revelation Chapters 2 & 3. Revelation 3:9 Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee.

    They will be livid that I have exposed them yet again, as I have done for many years. They are the people who are calling the shots all over the world, as most believe their lies. In ignorance they believe that all Arabs are to be killed, and this will hasten the return of Christ. This is absurd. These people made out of dust like the rest of us,
    cannot force the Eternal God to do a single thing. He will act when He determines.

    We are also told that if Christ does not intervene, ‘No Flesh will be saved alive’

    Matthew 24:22 And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect’s sake those days shall be shortened.

    We are also told that the whole world is deceived. Revelation 12:9 And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.

    Many including ‘Christians’ avoid the book of Revelation. Most U.S. churches

    including the evangelicals get financial benefits not to say anything negative about the government. They get pensions paid without making contributions. If they mess up, their pensions are stopped and they have to pay back any money they have received . I think that it is regulation 501C. There is a very basic problem, that does not have a solution.
    The false Health and Wealth gospel preachers tells their followers just pay up and you will become rich etc. The ministers become not just millionaires but some billionaries.

    It is in the media all the time. Every abomination known to man is practised by the Political, Religious, Rich. and Super Rich. They believe that they are invincible, and even above the Eternal God. We can see that everything is falling apart

    Christ never promised wealth as a goal/objective.

    The mess has started to hit the fan, this is just the beginning of sorrows

    Christ said: Matthew 6:24 No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon. (wealth). You can easily figure out the simple problems,which result from these verses.
    These are dangerous times

    1. CHUCKMAN says

      You are of course free to do so, but it makes little sense to others to quote scripture.

      There are many different scriptures, and many ill-intentioned people in Israel quote their scripture in this matter.

      We are concerned with a terrible situation of real people in a real place.

      1. Brion Adair says

        “The devil can cite Scripture for his purpose.” From Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice which somehow seems most appropriate with Kushner in the starring role of Shylock.

        1. Frank Williams says

          The devil can read from history books, dictionaries, and legal documents, hell he can even post on the internet. So what’s your point?

      2. Frank Williams says

        Which is why it is important to seek The Truth, there is no two state solution, only a One God solution. For those who do not understand that the current situation is a confrontation between good and evil, misses the entire point of the geopolitical upheaval going on around “US.”
        Scripture is uncanny accurate while, even well informed, political analysis is mostly a bunch of bunk because it’s founded upon human folly – on all sides.
        Of course The Truth is going to be twisted and perverted by those with evil intent (The Synagogue of Satan), in fact the Bible says as much. (((Those with bad intent))) will alway pervert the Truth because “There is no truth in them” – you couldn’t find a better example of this than the guy in the article, (((Jared Kushner))).

    2. Frank Williams says

      Yes, all good except for the fact that God’s covenant was/is exclusive the descendants of Jacob/Israel (who btw ARE NOT jews who are Canaanites) and not with a bunch of dust. So when Yashuah returns, first order of business is to separate the wheat from the chaff with the chaff destine for the fire.


  5. Séamus Ó Néill says

    So the Palestinians are morons with a history of screwing things up, this coming from an apartheid loving, political midget. If he really wants to see a moron in action. I suggest he either glances in the direction of his father-in-law or even better still, look in the nearest mirror. His “plan” drawn up solely by the Zionist Nazi’s occupying Palestine will be a recipe for change in Palestine all right, but not as he or his satanist friends imagine.The Israeli ordered murder of Qassem Soleimani, Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis and others, had the opposite to the intended effect. The ME is now galvanised in the effort to permanently remove the genocidal US and its lackeys from the complete sphere of influence and corruption in the whole area. Iran has effortlessly demonstrated its efficiency and prowess in the theatre of war and Israel, without America, wouldn’t last a week. Israel is surrounded by forces loyal to, or in agreement with Iran, in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan etc. If Kushner, Netanyahu, Trump or any of the rest of these psychopathic imbeciles had any semblance of intelligence, they’d be encouraging Israel, post haste, to seek a permanent, amicable and mutually consensual solution with Palestine ….if not the future is dire, with Israel probably not surviving many more years. Henry/Heinz Kissenger alluded to this as far back as 2012, but he thought that Israel wouldn’t survive beyond 2022.

  6. Steven says

    Jews have no real empathy for anyone outside of their tribe and even the Jews are not safe from the Jews. So how is it possible for non Jews to have any peaceful dealings with Jews? They couldn’t even get along with God so how can they get along with other peoples? The answer is that they don’t have what it takes.

    1. Bob avlon says

      This is the thing. Especially seeing God gave up on them in the end. Your my people as long as you follow my rules. Never happened, then or now. Jews seem happy they can’t get along with anyone.

      1. Frank Williams says

        Actually, God’s covenant is with the true Israelis which most certainly are not jews – Yahsuah called them out as “The Synagogue of Satan” (Revelation 2:9; 3:9). Yashuah said, “43“Why do you not understand what I am saying? It is because you cannot hear My word. 44“You are of your father the devil, and you want to do the desires of your father. He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth because there is no truth in him. Whenever he speaks a lie, he speaks from his own nature, for he is a liar and the father of lies. 47“He who is of God hears the words of God; for this reason you do not hear them, because you are not of God” (John 8:43, 44 & 47).
        The whole “jews are God’s chosen people” THING is just annuda kosher lie, like the holyhoax but BIGGER.


        1. Bob avlon says

          Thanks Frank

    2. Frank Williams says

      “They couldn’t even get along with God so how can they get along with other peoples?” GOLD!

    3. Jack says

      The Pharisees ordered the death of Jesus and since then have been known as “Jews” (no temple, no book). The Jews rejected LOGOS, the order of the universe. Thus they became revolutionary’s to this very day.

      1. Frank Williams says

        “The Pharisees” were Canaanites (not Judea), the seed of Satan, not of Adam and therefore NOT descendants of Abraham and not “The People of the Covenant.” They are “The Synagogue of Satan” (rev 2:9 & 3:9) according to Yashuah The Christ. I dunno about you but I believe Christ over a pack of lying jews any time all the time.


        1. Jack says

          Jesus was speaking to the Jews when he claimed they were of “The Synagogue of Satan” Jews never received the Davidic covenent. Joseph did.

  7. Mike S says

    Jared Kushner’s many, many scandals, explained

    From the Russia investigation to the security clearance troubles to loans to his family business.


  8. Jozo Magoc says

    I think,the world should start assassinate these ashkeNazi murderers and war mongers! Otherwise,sooner or later,all goyim shall be killed by the satanic Zio-Nazi khazars!!!

    1. Frank Williams says

      Good idea on paper…so what’s your plan?

  9. Brion Adair says

    Ah poor Kushner. Maybe he’ll be so broken up that he’ll do us a favor and throw his sorry racist lying ass into the Potomac taking his Zionist Whitehouse JAP with him.

  10. Tick Tock says

    I heard he has a tight posterior sphincter. Likes it Black without creme. Kinda doubt The Donald is the Father.

  11. Ger says

    They (Palestinians) have been busy fighting terrorism since Moses. Not to mention they were there when God created Adam…….

    1. Frank Williams says

      Yes, there were tares among the wheat from the beginning:
      Matthew 13:24–13:30
      24He put before them another parable: “The kingdom of heaven may be compared to someone who sowed good seed in his field; 25but while everybody was asleep, an enemy came and sowed weeds among the wheat, and then went away. 26So when the plants came up and bore grain, then the weeds appeared as well. 27And the slaves of the householder came and said to him, ‘Master, did you not sow good seed in your field? Where, then, did these weeds come from?’ 28He answered, ‘An enemy has done this.’ The slaves said to him, ‘Then do you want us to go and gather them?’ 29But he replied, ‘No; for in gathering the weeds you would uproot the wheat along with them. 30Let both of them grow together until the harvest; and at harvest time I will tell the reapers, Collect the weeds first and bind them in bundles to be burned, but gather the wheat into my barn.’”

  12. Feudal Peasant says

    For some reason, every time I see that lead photo, I instantly see him in a WW II Nazi uniform.

    1. Brion Adair says
      1. Frank Williams says

        I see you are still lost in a fog of zionist propaganda…I dunno who’s worst, the zio-judaeo-commies or their millions of zombie followers drunk on kosher kool-aid….

  13. Richard Wahd says

    What else can we expect from Netanyahu’s lap dog… Oh! Ever notice how carefully Jared pronounces “Netanyahu” – Neh-TAHN-ya-hu – typical teacher’s pet syndrome …. Most news anchors pronounce it “Netinyahu”

  14. thomas malthaus says

    The Palestinian leaders didn’t attend the Washington farce. Unless their absence was contrived theater, Abbas and associates don’t appear to be willing participants in Tel Aviv’s game to squash their own.

    Not everyone is a Jew, Jared. Not everyone trusts a Jew, Jared.

    Why this “deal” was proffered boggles the mind. Legal Palestinian settlements are being bulldozed.

    Was Netanyahu hooping for a bump in his third election against Benny Gantz? Gantz thinks alike, so what does it matter?

  15. W0X0F says

    Trump, like the last several USA administrations, are all Israel Firsters!
    Even tho rank and file Americans, want America First, not Israel First!

  16. StupidNet says

    Kushner is a goddamned moron, he’s been taking stupid lessons from his corrupt father-in-law. Expecting this rich insensitive asshole to come up with a peace plan is like expecting Trump to start respecting women. Not going to work, and we all know it. Nothing this clown show is doing is “working”, except for their incessant propaganda and lies – that part is working quite well, but the rest of the world that doesn’t fall for this garbage, it’s a nightmare we definitely would like to see end.

  17. Howard Lewis says

    Kushner can’t help it. He is a swine. He refuses to eat pork out of professional courtesy. Bill Gates and company sent a patented virus, a patented cure for that virus, and patented vaccine for that virus to China’s biowarfare laboratory. It is a corona virus with 4 AIDS virus genes attached to it. It is a man made virus. And now it is infecting and allegedly killing people. It was released less than a mile from the Chinese biowarfare laboratory just 2 weeks after Gates’ delivery. When criminality is outlawed, only criminals will be criminals. Wakeup, maggots.

  18. Jack says

    Palestine is occupied territory. Either give Palestine back their land (1967 borders) or let Putin nuke Tel Aviv & Hiafa. Deadline: May 1, 2020

    1. Frank Williams says

      Here, here!

  19. pinOKYO nOSE says

    jared should run for POTUS in 2024.
    he would be a shoe-in.
    anyway, thanks to this “plan” trump can probably
    build a golf course/tower in the west bank.
    courtesy of US tax-payers.

  20. Padre says

    Palestinian are so“hysterical and stupid” that they even think he is even greater idiot than his father-in-law!

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