Jabbing the Young Is a Sign of a Profoundly Sick Society

"A society which is happy to lock its children inside and then to subject them to unnecessary medical experimenting is one with a deep sickness at its core"

Civilisation is ultimately the transmission of one’s culture to future generations. By its very nature, a healthy civilisation will want to inculcate its youth with its central values and knowledge. Only thus will it propagate itself successfully down the ages.

Conversely, a society which is fixated purely on its old is one that is ripe for the chop. A balance between the two must be maintained: aged stasis relegates a nation to inertia, but too much concentration on the youth will leave the national mind vulnerable to childish flights of fancy. It is with such thoughts in mind that we might analyse the recent drive to vaccinate British children against Covid.

By its very nature, this planned mass vaccination is an act which endangers the young for the supposed benefit of the old. It is a total inversion of the approach any healthy society should take.

For almost 100 per cent of the young, getting Covid is akin to a bad cold – if they even know they have it in the first place. Our stance should be: fight it off, develop antibodies and carry on. (It is worth noting that almost 80 per cent of 16-24 year-olds have Covid antibodies already, according to data from the Office for National Statistics.)

This is a far more preferable set of circumstances, one would think, than needlessly exposing those at next-to zero risk from Covid to a growing list of potential vaccine side-effects, not to mention those side-effects for which we do not have the long term data to know about.

But this stance is not new. The young have been sacrificed throughout this entire Covid debacle. Months of school were cancelled and our youth left to rot on the vine – lacking the education, exercise and socialising so vital to the healthy development of any young mind.

All of this was done to protect the octogenarians of Britain. The young were drilled with messages that if they left their home they might end up killing their nan. It was a sick example of emotional blackmail.

A society which is happy to lock its children inside and then to subject them to unnecessary medical experimenting is one with a deep sickness at its core. That such a thing is even being suggested is a dismal sign of the state of modern Britain.

Source: Bournbrook

  1. ken says

    “All of this was done to protect the octogenarians of Britain. “
    “The young have been sacrificed throughout this entire Covid debacle”

    Really? ,,, did the old useless eaters beg to be locked up alone in nursing homes,,, volunteer to be neglected and isolated for months,,, Cuomod by the thousands,,, given the kill shots first ,,, get the kill boosters first cuz their soooo vulnerable knowing their immune systems are weak and the kill shot will finish it off.

    As a ‘old’ person in my 70’s I was attacked by those trying to ‘save’ me for not wearing the obedience mask. I was told I was killing Grandma and Grandpa. I WAS grandpa!

    Do you realize how ironic it is for an ‘vulnerable’ old man trying to keep younger folks from killing everyone with their masks and injections!

    This was (is) allowed to continue by the brainwashed masses believing every last word spouted by government psychopaths and literally worshiping the medical nazis who were so busy they were doing daily Tic Tok shows for the public.

    Each lie spouted was proven untrue but no one paid attention,,, they still don’t. This could have been ended in the beginning were it not for the idiots brainwashed into believing a nonexistent virus was gonna kill everyone. The first lie.

    I remember when 2.4 million were supposed to die in the US alone. Another lie. Remember when paper money and gas pumps carried the disease! Another lie. How about farts spreading the disease? Talk about laughing in your face!

    Living in Florida, I am still surrounded by the masked morons masking their beloved chillldren! The big fight now is the teachers frightened the beloved chillldren are gonna give them the dreadful disease that doesn’t exist. The governor is having to threaten them with withholding their paychecks to stop the ridiculous mask mandates. Talk about a shitshow!

    Governments are passing law to allow the beloved chillldren to get the safe and effective kill shot without the permission of the parent and the parents are up set because they might have to wait to get their life ending injection.

    What I don’t see is everyone acknowledging the virus does not exist even though it has been proven in a court in Alberta, Kanada. No,,, everyone seems to WANT this fake disease for one reason or another and to hell with the old and the young. It’s all for MEEEE!!!!

    The whole charade could be stopped in days. Assholes like Fraudci, Gates, Soros, Schwab and the many, many, medical, media and corporate nazis should be incarcerated and IMO hung after a proper Nuremberg II,,, or maybe we could just pretend we held court like they pretended there was a virus!

    No,,, it was the elderly that were sacrificed on the pharma alter. They’re dead. No second chancies for them. The children are being abused but there is time to correct that. But it won’t happen so long as people keep obeying the false doctrine of the Pied Pipers.

    1. Helga Weber says

      Yes, we are in a sad state.
      At least you live in Florida. Hopefully nothing happens to your governor.

  2. Dale says

    Mother: “I would die for my children!” Lines children up for experimental gene therapy.

  3. Fred not Reed says

    This isn’t “society’s” doing. This is Jewish genocidal warfare by deception.

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