I’ve Had the COVID Jab — and All It Cost Me Was My Freedom

"The New Jerusalem, in which we allow the state to boss us around even more, in the name of our own good, is now coming into being"

So sorry, Your Majesty, but I have had my first Covid vaccination for wholly selfish reasons. I did not do it for the good of others but for my own convenience. And I will have my second for the same purpose.

A very important part of my family now lives abroad and I am deeply tired of not being able to see them. I get the strong sense that any sort of travel, and plenty of other things, will be impossible if I don’t have the necessary vaccine certificate.

I hope it becomes known as the Blair Passport – as it is largely the warmongering Creature’s idea and people will come to hate it, as they have come to hate so many of his actions.

So I have been more or less forced to have an immunisation I would not normally have bothered with.

Don’t, if you are wise, dare call me an ‘anti-vaxxer’. I have, in a long life, been injected against tetanus, smallpox, TB, polio, diphtheria and yellow fever. I’m a fiend for preventive medicine and the precautions I take when I’m in malarial areas are so elaborate my companions laugh at them – from swallowing horrible protective medicines to blasting my hotel room with ultra-strength death sprays to exterminate any possible mosquitoes. These are all terrible diseases and I think it’s wise to do this.

And if you think Covid is as dangerous as them, I certainly don’t want to put you off the jab. Indeed, I don’t want to put you off in any way. It’s your business, not mine, and not even the Queen’s. I dislike her growing habit of getting involved in politics and I’d feel the same if she supported any cause I liked.

Of course my selfish injection didn’t hurt. I’m a blood donor (so also please don’t call me selfish), used to far bigger needles in my arm, for a lot longer. But I did feel a pang of regret and loss. For me, the vaccination was a gloomy submission to a new world of excessive safety and regulation. I’d tried to fight against it but I lost.

The New Jerusalem, in which we allow the state to boss us around even more, in the name of our own good, is now coming into being.

And so we are just going to be under surveillance a lot more, recorded a lot more and bossed about a lot more. I’m reminded of the great Edwardian satirist Saki’s bitter 1913 novel When William Came about an imaginary German invasion of Britain.

Its hero returns to a transformed homeland from a long expedition to Tsarist Siberia (during which a fierce marsh fever has laid him low and left him in a coma for weeks).

When he finally reaches his London home, his wife apologises that she has to fill in a long police form to report his presence, explaining that it is ‘a stupid form to be filled up when any one arrives, to say where they come from, and their business and nationality and religion, and all that sort of thing. We’re rather more bureaucratic than we used to be, you know’.

Well, and so are we, and it will now get worse, because we have been through a revolution, in which we gave up real freedom for the illusion of safety. For me, almost all I need to know about it is that Mr Blair likes it so much.

Source: The Daily Mail

  1. ken says

    For me, the vaccination was a gloomy submission to a new world of excessive safety and regulation. I’d tried to fight against it but I lost.”

    Well submission is their goal and as you say,,, it’s your business.

    The problem is,,, with so many cowards out there ‘submitting’ to the tyrants and their lust for control of everything we do,,, we that do not ‘submit’ are being ostracized for our courage because the tyrants say we are the reason we cannot return to normal.

    Assuming vaccinations work, (which they don’t), exactly how can we infect anyone vaccinated?

    And why should anyone be forced to take any experimental concoction? They hung the Germans at Nuremberg for doing the same.

    1. BTDT (been there done that) says

      True, but the folks that were tried at Nuremberg lost the war and to the victor(s) always go the spoils. Same as, stand on railroad track, never look back, get run over by a train. If one feels railroad tracks vibrating, do not keep standing on them. There was nothing righteous about those trials. The Germans were only standing in front of an oncoming locomotive and could not jump off the tracks. Nothing right or wrong about it, just nature doing it’s thang. Watch out for trains!

  2. Vonu says

    Sounds like he needs to get a World Service Authority passport and birth card and work his way back to his family, although it seems to be a difficult way to secure ones freedom.

  3. Jerry Hood says

    ” plandemia and holyhoax” you never discuss!

  4. Jerry Hood says

    Russian vaccine,Sputnik V creates immunity, but the judean Western vaccines from aborted fetuses and other junkies create only resistance to the coronavirus, but not immunity, and this shall make you after vaccines the supercarrior of the virus with various mutations!!!

  5. Mark says

    The UK has tried for at least 20 years to get a national ID card into being, and this is nothing more or less than their latest attempt after numerous public rejections. Once everyone has been made to accept the Public Health Identification Card, you will find you have to swipe it into a reader for virtually everything; shopping, travel, anything that titillates HM Government’s fascination with American-style massive personal data collection. Certain governments are never statisfied that they know enough about their citizens’ private lives, loves and movements. And once it is a standard, you will find you cannot do anything without it. England has tried for a long time to tie it to the ability to travel, so they’ll always know where you are, when you left and when you come back – which they could already find out from a passport – but, more importantly, so they can deny you freedom of movement both internationally and domestically if they choose, for reasons of their own. If you need the card to do anything, well, when they take it away from you or void its functions, you can do nothing.

  6. Rabbitnexus says

    What a pathetic suck-hole.

  7. GMC says

    I’m betting these guys higher up the ladder are using Sputnik V or a normal easy going virus vax, or none at all, because they know that the rRNA – DNA mover might screw them up. But – I’m hoping – I m wrong and they or their family get totally screwed up by Phyzer and Moderna. If I get my Sputnik jab – I’m going to sew a Red Star on my jacket – not a Yellow one. lol

    1. Ron says

      The “higher ups” are using NOTHING because the SARSCOV2 is a hoax. NO ONE has isolated the virus, it doesn’t exist….same for HIV, SARS1 etc…people get sick and die because they live an unhealthy lifestyle or their immune system is done (old age).

  8. XSFRGR says

    I have good news, and bad news. The bad news is that I’m slowly dying of Agent Orange related conditions (heart, diabetes, stroke). The good news is that I don’t have to take the WooHooFlu vaccine to add to my problems. They told us that Agent Orange was perfectly safe, and only killed plants. They are telling us that the WooHooFlu vaccine is perfectly safe, and only kills………………….?

  9. David Allen says

    Well, that’s Mr. Hitchins’ credibility blown. Let’s hope we have no more of his railing against the authoritarian state now that he just rolls over at their slightest coercion. Wimp.

    1. Randy Ice PT, CCS says

      Totally agree……..complete pansy ass with no credibility left.

    2. Josep says

      I have long disagreed with his views on the metric system and decimal currency. Those eventually became small potatoes compared to his description of China as authoritarian (and Russia as well to a degree; it was weeks ago when he also described Putin as a tyrant) and the Britain as a benevolent force (as if e.g. Hong Kong protestors waving Union Jacks are indicative of the ‘superiority’ of the British way). Maybe that’s just me, but yeah, I’ve been deciding to stop reading his blog even before this column of his.

      1. Maiasta says

        Bad-mouthing governments that the West doesn’t like is par-for-the-course amongst western journos, so that aspect of Peter’s has never surprised me. This latest idiocy though, is one step too far. He gets the jab “to see his family”? You can’t see your family if you’re dead or crippled with some auto-immune reaction. Really, this is naivete at its highest expression.


    “I’ve Had the COVID Jab”….you’re an idiot

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