It’s No Coincidence That COVID-19 First Popped Up in Wuhan, But Not in the Way You Think

Pulmonary patients are studied more closely in Wuhan than almost anywhere else in the world

The American/Western conspiracy theory is that COVID-19 is an “escaped bio-weapon” which found its way out Wuhan’s biosafety level 4 laboratory which is only one of two such institutions in China.

The corresponding Chinese conspiracy theory is that COVID-19 is an American “bio-weapon” spread by the US delegation to the 2019 Wuhan Military Games.

Why someone would use a virus that is as good as spreading as the common cold, and equally unlikely to make a healthy person significantly ill as a “weapon” is unknown.

And yet it’s not a coincidence that the virus seemingly first popped up in Wuhan as a German doctor explained more than six weeks ago (starting at 2 minutes 10 seconds):

Wuhan is home to China’s largest and most advanced virology center. As such it’s full of medical researches looking into all sorts of things, and running tests, surveys and trials on the local hospital patients all day long.

When a new disease appears it’s eventually going to be first discovered somewhere. But not every geographical location has the same odds of being the first where that happens. Obviously places that are home to massive centers of virology learning have a far greater chance of being the first.

The Occam’s razor explanation is that this is what happened in Wuhan. The city probably did not even give birth to the virus. Instead, owing to its horde of researches constantly doing work in the local hospitals it was simply the first to discover and map the new infection.

(Incidentally, a new infection that is no worse than any other virus causing influenza-like illness but for which we have a test (which is not true for most of them) allowing ourselves to scare ourselves with numbers devoid of context.)

  1. cechas vodobenikov says

    regardless the origin of c19, it is a formidable weapon–not the virus, but the hysteria and fascism that it has generated….those ruling oligarchs and their minions can be quite creative w their social experiments

  2. ke4ram says

    Ever wonder why the USA is counting almost everyone dying as Covid to get the number high enough? What better excuse could they have….

    From China to USA: You brought the disease to us during the Military Games.
    From USA to China: We have the highest death rate of all,,, do you actually think we would kill ourselves!

    1. David Bedford says

      I think it is the deep states third attempt to oust Donald Trump, like Chuck Schumer said the CIA have seven ways to Sunday of getting back at you.

  3. Mike says

    I feel the need to re-post something to make things a bit clearer for some. Here goes:

    “Here’s some interesting facts: “The U.S. axed CDC expert job in China months before virus outbreak. Several months before the coronavirus pandemic began, the Trump administration eliminated a key American public health position in Beijing intended to help detect disease outbreaks in China. Dr. Linda Quick, was a trainer of Chinese field epidemiologists who were deployed to the epicenter of outbreaks to help track, investigate and contain diseases.”

    Why would the US remove a key figure in China who would have been able to detect the virus, track its origin and pass along the information back to the US? That makes no sense whatsoever unless they wanted to hide something.

    Of course, the ABC article claiming that the US warned Israel and NATO back in November of a virus “cataclysmic event”. How did the US knew that it would happen even before the Chinese? Sure enough, the US denied it but when Israelis were asked the same question, all they got
    was crickets.

    Interestingly enough, the 4 first countries to be badly hit with the virus were either enemies of the US (China and Iran) or NATO members who are helping Russia (Italy and Spain), isn’t?

    I don’t believe in so many coincidences. The US is clearly behind this attack on the world. Killing their own is nothing to get what they want. This attack on the world to mainly stop China’s growing
    popularity in Europe, their strong GDP, a powerful military progression and at the same time, go after Iran and two countries that dared to go against what the US and NATO wanted in regards to Russia.

    The thing with viruses is that you cannot control it once it’s out there.”

    Why is it that the virus was so violent in some areas and next to nothing elsewhere? When you look at China, Iran, Italy, Spain and the USA just to name a few, all major attacks were in the same areas where 5G was turned on. In Quebec, Canada, Montreal was badly hit and strangely enough, most coming from the same areas where they installed 5G last November and December. We already know how 4G is bad for us. There’s countless amount of research about it. As for 5G, it’s even worse hence all those with pre-existing health issues, particularly those prone to have pneumonia, will for sure, end up in a hospital. The same goes for low immune systems.

    Why is it that YouTube bans all videos done by researchers and doctors that points at a different possibility? What is Google trying to hide? Think about it!

    1. David Bedford says

      Italy also has the most US military bases in Europe which is where some people say it was released from.

      As or America killing their own, about 30,000 people die each year in America due to a lack of healthcare insurance, now they are classifying those deaths as Covid 19 casualties (and probably more) whether they die of heart attack, lung cancer, or any other deaths, when they are tested for Covid 19 after death and Bob’s your uncle they are added to the casualty list

  4. chris chuba says

    It’s an excellent bioweapon, look at the damage it has done to the various world economies. I’m not saying that it is one but the often used argument that the only good bioweapon is one that kills young people on contact is fallacious.

    I doubt it was one, especially of U.S. origin, if for no other reason that even we aren’t stupid enough to unleash one and then let it gut us like a fish. The only angle would be a last ditch effort by Neocons to start a Cold War on China.

    1. David Bedford says

      I think this is the deep state in collusion with the media trying to paint Donald Trump in a bad light again, the CDC now classing most deaths as Covid-19.

  5. Ilya says

    The American ‘out of Wuhan’ is a conspiracy hypothesis, or at least much closer to that than the rest of World’s US spiked China conspiracy theory.. There is no anecdotal evidence for out of Wuhan, just finger pointing.

    As for the Americans doing it their hotel was the first cluster, time and place is great for maximum impact, the November reports by the US and Israel that they knew something was up in China, before the Chinese, and the CDC not looking for their patient zero (who is likely before the first Wuhan case), and its general behaviour.

    All anecdotal of course, but this smells like typical US action. Maybe they didn’t build it, but isolated it and threw it at the Chinese like the old catapults used to throw animal carcasses into fortifications to bring in a bit of pestilence for the defenders.

    1. Séamus Ó Néill says

      ….yes, you only have to refer back to America’s genocide of the original inhabitants with their generous offer of poisoned meat and disease-ridden blankets during the harsh winters. There’s nothing, absolutely nothing America would not stoop to !

  6. jm74 says

    Stop finding alternative excuses; US/UK did it. Period.

  7. hoyeru says

    what a silly “article”. Come on, the author is playing at being oh so innocent.

    The very timing of the virus’ appearance makes it pretty obvious its a bio weapon aimed at china. USA has been attacking China for several years now. Must I remind the writer? The Hong Kong “riots” that we have solid proof were instigated by USA, the fake news about 1 million muslems detained in China, the trade war against China and the tariffs imposed on China are all part of the war USA has waged against CHina.

    And teh 2nd paragraph is even more ridiculous: Why someone would use a virus that is as good as spreading as the common cold, and equally unlikely to make a healthy person significantly ill as a “weapon” is unknown.

    Is the author even serious? Where has he been living all his life, in a fairy land? USA will lie, cheat and steal any way they can. Has the author lived under a rock for the last decade? hasn’t he witnessed the relentless propaganda war USA waged against Russia? Must I remind him of all the lies USA said abut Iraq, Saddam, Osama bin Aladdin, Afghanistan, Syria, Assad, Iran?

    Truly anti empire is getting to be as bad as zerohedge
    If you gonna post ridiculous and stupid click bait articles, Im outta here.

    1. Séamus Ó Néill says

      …..and the sudden appearance of a devastating swine fever and voracious Army worms in their two major sources of protein and carbohydrates….all in the midst of a trade war with the most belligerent psychopathic “nation” this earth has ever witnessed…a trade war which America has most certainly lost !

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