It’s Called Football Because It Was Played ON FOOT as Opposed to Nobles’ Ball Sports Played on Horseback

There's nothing wrong with calling it soccer

Totally off-topic here but something that needs to be said. There’s nothing wrong whatsoever in calling it ‘soccer’ which is just short for “association football” which is what it was called early on to distinguish it from all the other footballs, which are just as much football, and just as legitimately so, as they’re clearly played ON FOOT and not on horseback.

It is actually the people who insist that is incomprehensible American football is called football when the ball isn’t kicked with the foot who are being silly. Ball sport used to be for the leisure class, the aristocracy, and used to be played from horseback. Then commoners started chasing a ball around as well but did it unceremoniously on their own two feet, which had been way too “undignified” for the image-conscious aristocracy.

Rugby football, American football, association football, Australian-rules football…it’s all football.

Sorry for the rant, now back to our usual coverage. (I want AE readers to be smart and not falling for dummy stuff.)

  1. Raptar Driver says

    That’s a good point, I didn’t even know that.
    It looks like the rich have always been dicks?

  2. dave says

    Plus: the USA is not the only country that uses the term “soccer,” too. It’s all good!

    1. Juan says

      And its subsidiaries and slaves, like the Japanese. The thing that disturb us latin fulboleros is that “soccer” sounds too similar to “sucker” for comfort.

  3. Joe says

    Football, i.e. soccer encourages manual uselessness. We should all oppose it in principle.

  4. C Denit says

    What about handball?
    It is played on HAND?
    Cheap linguistic speculation to save a stupid onomastic of a game played for commercials purpose.

    1. Juan says

      Nah, it was invented later and they had to give it a name. Don’t overthink it. The article is 100% accurate.

      Otherwise, why “basket ball”, “base ball”, “pin ball” whatever. WTF is “Badminton”?

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