EXPLOSIVE: “It’s All Bullshit,” Russia’s Coronavirus Information Chief Says of Virus Fears

“It’s all exaggerated. It’s an acute respiratory disease with minimal mortality. Why has the whole world been destroyed? That I don’t know.”

Alexander Myasnikov was appointed in April to his new role of informing Russians about coronavirus treatment and prevention methods and to battle “fake news” about Covid-19

Editor’s note: When you’re a lockdown government and your own COVID information tsar isn’t buying the hype, you may have a problem.

Russia’s head of coronavirus information has suggested that global anxiety over the pandemic is misplaced, his latest controversial comment after saying that the infection would kill as many people as it needs to.

Doctor and television presenter Alexander Myasnikov was appointed in April to his new role of informing Russians about coronavirus treatment and prevention methods and to battle “fake news” about Covid-19. After calling the country’s reported low death rate a “Russian miracle,” Myasnikov said last week that “those meant to die will die” from it.

In an interview that aired Wednesday, Myasnikov gestured for the cameras to stop running and said candidly: “It’s all bullsh*t.”

“It’s all exaggerated. It’s an acute respiratory disease with minimal mortality,” he told television personality Ksenia Sobchak in the interview for her YouTube project.

“Why has the whole world been destroyed? That I don’t know,” Myasnikov said, adding that he’s more concerned about a second wave that he claimed “we’re unprepared for.”

Source: The Moscow Times

  1. Richard Monette says

    I’m no genius but I have opposed this hysteria from the start….but why was it? experts are not typically as dumb as they are of late…whats the agenda? Then Kissinger say’s the solution to covid (operation covid 19?) is the NWO…there in lays the smoking gun and a testy of civil obedience

  2. wardropper says

    “Why has the whole world been destroyed? That I don’t know” … I’ll bet he does know.

  3. Savely says

    Marco Marianovich, your website has become pure crap and you just silly blogger who can nothing. Go fucking dig graves – that is your competence level.

    1. XRGRSF says

      If this site is so bad why are you reading it?

      1. itchyvet says

        It’s hard to get a laugh these days, but Marco’s site does help a little. 🙂

  4. CEjU pronounce see_eye_ae says

    Lukashenko was the only Leader not to fall for this Plandemic.

  5. Udo Bauer says

    Sobchak is the Western opposition–any interview with her is 5th column; Moscow Times is a Swedish-based disinformation rag. Marko’s site is going downhill fast.

    1. bob says

      No she’s the opposition,thats what healthy systems have, especially those calling themselves democratic,of course Russia isn’t very democratic,so your childish comment about her being part of some mysterious ” 5th column” is the usual lazy BS peddled by idiot pro Putin fan boys

      What do you want for Russia?

      Do you want it to become another failing state,because Putin seems hell bent on taking Russia back into the dark ages,with all this BS about it being some sort of unique civilisation under siege from evil western influences

      It’s pathetic,and the sign of a weak and stupid leader who has to dwell in the past with all this BS propaganda about fighting fascists,whilst he actively encourages them in Europe,basically to cause trouble,how dumb and self destructive,did the dumb Russians not learn from signing up with Nazis to divide Europe ?

      As for the Moscow Times its called a newspaper,it reports on things going wrong in Russia,who’s in charge of Russia?….Putin!!!!, so not anti Putin anymore than the New York Times writing stuff abkut Trump,its called journalism 😜

      Its no different in that respect to any other newspaper,although you probably prefer the kremlin propaganda BS like RT International or the utterly stupid Sputnik News,i know which i prefer

      As for this site,there’s plenty of anti Putin stuff,or at least that’s what some think,ie, its gone rouge, but what’s the point of these so called anti Putin stories???

      Could it be that Putin has passed his sell by date,and the stuff written in the Moscow Times is actually more truthful than you people like !

    2. fluttershield mlp says

      When I was in Moscow a few years ago, The Moscow Times was the most rabidly anti Putin weekly which was distributed free in the major hotels. Cannot vouch for it personally.

      1. ArcAngel says

        Its website is the same. Pure crap

        1. bob says

          No,its called journalism,something you’ll not find on Putin creation,RT international!

    3. IsraelDid911 says

      Swedish based but more than likely Jewish owned.

      1. bob says

        Well Putin loves the Israelis,as he goes groveling to them constantly

        Basically they destroy Putin’s wonder weapons and everyone trys to pretend that isn’t happening as its really,REALLY embarrassing for the Russian to admit their missiles are useless

        But no lets blather about who owns a newspaper!

        You should try Paul Goble,Window on Eurasia for good information on Russia

        Or Meduza -the real Russia today

        Or Riddle,

        All good sites giving you the truth about Russia,and frankly none of it looks very positive

        But I’ll leave you to marinate in pro Putin, Russian exceptionalism, and other kremlin propaganda BS

        1. XRGRSF says

          Bob, did you know that you, and I have the same name? Do you understand how powerful the name Bob really is? Do you realize that God spelled backwards is dog, but Bob spelled backwards is Bob? There’s power in the name, Bob, power in the name.

          1. bob says

            Why do you care so much about this failing Putin state,an absurdity called Russia???

            Why,its beyond me how so many have been taken in by Putin,he’s a fraud, and he’s massively failed to create anything of lasting value for Russia

            Are you Russian?

            1. XRGRSF says

              No, Bob, I’m not Russian, but I’ve studied the Soviet Union, and now Russia since I was a young captain in 1983. When I finally retired, as an LTC, and the Soviet Union dissolved I was afforded the opportunity to really delve into Russian history, and geopolitics. The simple fact is that Russia is in the ascendancy, while the U$ is going over the cliff. Putin, though I don’t always agree with him, is a brilliant leader while Trump is an ignorant Jewish stooge.

              I find it amazing that you are so ignorant of Russian history that you would think of Russia as an absurdity when Russia is as eternal as China. One of my Russia friends can access the original records of his family, in his parish church, which show his lineage back to 935; most Americans don’t know who their great grand parents were, and many don’t know for certain who one of there parents is. I don’t find Putin a fraud because frauds are discovered early in the game, and Putin has been in the game for over 20 years. Frauds also don’t earn the respect of their subordinates, but Putin’s subordinates are fiercely loyal.

              Bob, the simple fact is that your raving makes you appear foolish, and ignorant. You should learn your subject, and present your opinions in a clear manner while supporting your posts with facts rather than hysteria. I admit that I’ve enjoyed sparing with you, but this is the last time I’ll waste effort on you even though we bear the same noble name, BOB.

            2. bob says

              I’d suggest you move to Russia,you’re obviously a traitor,and a silly child who’s fallen for the Putin myth,what did you study about geo politics,the Janet and John book of Soviet propaganda

              Russia isn’t eternal,what utter drivel, Rome is though and Rome and China had a trade relationship long before Russia even existed

              China is far more important than Russia,they’ve won the globalisation game, created a dynamic economy,they’ve been smart,what has Russia under Putin done?

              It’s done nothing but go off whining about how the west plundered it at the end of the cold war,when in actual fact the ex Soviet so called communists did the looting,as they miraculously turned themselves into capitalist business men 😂😂😂😂

              The myth is Putin saved Russia,blather, Putin came to power of the back of the Moscow bombings in 1999,which allegedly was a state act of terrorism,go look up the following article

              None Dare Call it a Conspiracy,

              Or you could try David Satter for more in depth study of those events

              Russia isn’t on the ascendancy,what total rubbish, but then what can one expect from people like yourself,who’ve imbibed on soooooo much kremlin propaganda,its demographic is terrible its economy hasn’t really evolved,in short,Russia under Putin hasn’t got much to offer apart from oil,gas raw materials and weapons

              Putin wants to bust up the liberal international order,which he hates,for what purpose?

              Because he’s a failure,he hasn’t got a grip of the economy,he’s failed after 20 years and created a situation in which the average Russian lives in a country more economically divided in income terms than even America,whaaaat! Yup what an achievement 😂😂😂

              Putin’s so called leadership in global affairs is very questionable,as he’s basically invaded and partitioned Ukraine,which isn’t a part of Russia,and they don’t have any claim to be there,maybe Russia should try and claim Alaska,after all that was also once Russian territory

              Then Syria,which isn’t a regime change thing but a genuine working class uprising against a corrupt useless dictatorship,so Putin has kept an idiot in power and helped displace injure and kill millions of Syrian citizens,and for what? To create a divided Syria? Full of Iranian proxies who get Syria bombed every week! Its another fail isn’t it!

              What diplomacy,what leadership,yup your man Putin really is some sort of genius!

              Putin’s subordinates are loyal because he allowed them to loot the economy,they’re his oligarchs,thats all,and they’ve pretty much carved up the economy,there’s very little in the way of a dynamic economy in Russia,its still heavily dependent upon oil and gas,there’s no real entrepreneurship or middle class,its depending upon state enterprises and the state in general to employ people,who’ll always vote for safety,which happens to be Putin,ergo you create a vicious cycle into oblivion,what an achievement!

              The Soviets had a name for people like you, ” useful idiot” 😉,

              Incidentally what’s an LTC?

        2. che guevera says

          go spawn with mr trump. have sex with him.

    4. Ave Milagrosa says

      The relevant voice here is that of Doctor Myasnikov, not the interviewer.

      1. bob says

        No the relevant voice of someone,along with others,who are now pushing to get rid of Putin,as it’s obvious that Putin is a disaster,and to old and out of his depth to deal with a national and global disaster

        Its one thing bombing innocent civilians in Syria, and pretending he’s some sort of global leader, but obviously to much for the great man Putin to be even remotely interested in his own country,he’s finished 😵

        1. che guevera says

          Trolls. can I write f’ing trolls ? dog shit trolls. go play paddy cake with your idiot mr. trump.

          1. bob says

            Write whatever you want,but the truth hurts,and Russia under Putin ain’t going anywhere,other than into slow decline,every metric,from the structure of its economy to demographics show the same stagnation which will ultimately end in decline

            The best advice i can give to younger Russians is to leave,pack your bags and get out,because one thing is a fact,Putin doesn’t care, or want creative liberal minded people who could and should be creating a better Russia and future,unfortunately Putin is living in the past and dragging Russia down with him !

        2. XRGRSF says

          Bob, old buddy, it seems you’ve crawled out from under your rock again. Be careful out here, Bob, your BS will attract cattle, and cattle poop, and you could be under the wrong cow at the wrong time, and well……………you’re safer under your rock.

        3. Ave Milagrosa says

          And you come to this website in order to spew that shite? You must have gotten lost.

          1. bob says

            Its obvious whats going on

            Putin,he’s for the chop,he’ll get kicked upstairs,he’s apparently an ill man and the wolves can smell blood,his blood !

            1. che guevera says

              go away. horseshit bob.

  6. voza0db says

    That doesn’t make any sense! Why worry about a second wave if the 1st wave is just “an acute respiratory disease with minimal mortality“?

    1. Richard Monette says


    2. XRGRSF says

      Perhaps we should worry because of the damage done by the panic during the first wave.

      1. voza0db says

        We should just behave like we’ve been behaving during past INFLUENZA SEASONS… But it seems it’s too late for that!

  7. ArcAngel says

    Ah, the “Moscow Times” … such a “wonderful” western rag…
    So the Doc, in an interview that aired Wednesday, Myasnikov gestured for the cameras to stop running and said candidly: “It’s all bullsh*t.”
    Then says, ” “It’s all exaggerated. It’s an acute respiratory disease with minimal mortality,”
    BUT, for some reason, the paper goes on to state – “Why has the whole world been destroyed? That I don’t know,” Myasnikov said, adding that he’s more concerned about a second wave that he claimed “we’re unprepared for.”
    So the Doc states its “ALL bullshit”, “acute respiratory disease with minimum mortality”
    basically EXACTLY what the UK NHS stated on 16 march in a report.
    BUT then goes on to spew something about a “second wave and not being prepared”
    Talk about a clusterfuk.

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